"I see you'd like to play rough."
—Richard to Sin[src]

Richard, nicknamed the Starling Slasher is a serial killer who was active in Starling City in 2013 until he was stopped by vigilante antics of Roy Harper and Sin.[1]


The Starling Slasher

At some point in 2013 or before Richard started to kill prostitutes, slicing them with a ceremonial dagger. Operating in Glades he mainly killed in Crescent Circle. He had successfully evaded the capture and identification using his qualification and public image as a known and successful lawyer.[1]

Encounter with vigilantes

After Roy Harper become enhanced with a Mirakuru, he started a short-lived vigilante partnership with Sin, who had become his informant and informed him of The Starling Slasher.

Deciding to use Sin as a bait the pair hit the streets with Sin eventually stumbling upon Richard, who took Sin for a ride and took her to a desolated car parking, where, after a short talk, he tried to kill her with a dagger. Harper, who was following them ripped the car's door and attacked Richard, who tried to offer him money. Angered, Harper proceeded the beating before being stopped by Sin who had become afraid of the situation.

The pair brought Richard to hospital, in the care of Dr. Lockhart, where it turned out that Richard sustained severe damage of head and lower abdomen, had a ruptured spleen and a massive swelling in his brain. While his condition was stabilized, it is unknown whether he recovered. Thea Queen who helped Sin to choose the clothes for operation had become aware of the situation and later told about it to Oliver Queen who used the information to try help Harper and train him under the guise of Arrow.[1]


While being a highly disturbed individual, Richard was quite cold and calculative in his killing spree, using his public image and skills as a lawyer to avoid prosecution or even identification. While encountering the uncontrollable brutal rage of Mirakuru-enhanced person he was scared and offered money, showing his cowardly side.[1]


  • Expert lawyer: Richard is a highly skilled lawyer which aided him in avoiding prosecution.
  • Skilled car driver: Richard is a very careful and skilled driver.


  • Ceremonial dagger: Richard used an unknown ceremonial dagger in his killing spree.


  • Richard's car plate number is MLL885.

Behind the scenes

  • Richard is based on the Seattle Slasher, an otherwise unnamed serial killer from the comics, who had victimized prostitutes and encountered Oliver Queen (then residing in Seattle rather then Star City) and Shado in the mini-series Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters.
    • Richard also shares more then a passing resemblance with an another serial killer from Green Arrow's rogues gallery, Stanley Dover, Elder a.k.a. the Star City Slayer, who had a Star City-based nickname, was wealthy, used human victims to perform some magic ceremonies (while Richard used some kind of ceremonial dagger) and antagonized Oliver Queen.
  • Richard's name was only mentioned in the end credits of the episode.



Season 2


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