The Republic of Kasnia is a country in Europe. It is a possible precursor to the Kasnia Conglomerate.


In fall of 2014, various members of the Task Force X were operating in the country, killing members of the extremist sect Onslaught.[1]

During March 2015, Task Force X - led by Lyla Michaels and John Diggle - was sent to rescue United States Senator Joseph Cray, who was reportedly being held hostage by mercenaries. Upon the Task Force's arrival, it was revealed that Cray had hired the mercenaries so that he could defeat them and make himself look like a hero in order to further his political career. Though Cray commanded his forces to kill the other hostages now that they were witnesses to his crimes, Task Force X was able to diffuse the situation, with Floyd Lawton giving his life in the process. Cray later bribed those he had taken hostage in order to keep the true nature of what had transpired a secret, publicly blaming Lawton for the entire affair, Lyla Michaels attempted to set the record straight, but Amanda Waller prevented her from telling the world the truth.[2]

However, since Amanda was killed by Joyner, and Lyla has replace her as the director of A.R.G.U.S., it is very likely that the latter had exposed Joseph's crimes to the public.



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Arrow: Season 2.5

  • "Ascension" Suicide Squad: Crisis in Kahndaq

Language and Geography

Kasnia Conglomerate

Map of the Kasnia Conglomerate, depicting its location in the Balkans.

Although the spoken language has never been heard, Kasnia's written language is a variant of the Cyrilic writing system, indicating that Kasnian is a Slavic language. This implies that Kasnia is located in either Eastern Europe or in the Balkans, the latter of which is further supported by a map of the future Kasnia Conglomerate.


  • Kasnia Conglomerate is a possible future successor-state to the Republic of Kasnia, located in the Balkans region of Europe, similarly to the way it was described in its original appearances.

Behind the scenes

  • In DC Comics, Kaznia or Kasnia is a country in the Balkans region of Europe, similar to its portrayal in "Arrow" and "DC's Legends of Tomorrow". The country's history of civil wars and strife references that of the historical country of Yugoslavia.
    • Although it later appeared in the comics, the Republic of Kasnia originates from the DC Animated Universe (1992-2006, 2014), rather than the main DC comics universe.


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