The Ramon family are a family who are residents of Central City.

Known family members

Earth One

  • Abuela Ramon (Cisco and Dante's grandmother)
  • Mr. Ramon (Mrs. Ramon's husband, Dante and Cisco's father)
  • Mrs. Ramon (Mr. Ramon's wife, Dante and Cisco's mother)
  • Cisco Ramon's uncle (Mr. Ramon's brother, Dante and Cisco's uncle)
  • Dante Ramon (Mr. Ramon and Mrs. Ramon's son, Cisco's brother; deceased)
  • Cisco Ramon (Mr. Ramon and Mrs. Ramon's son, Dante's brother)

Earth Two


  • Vibe (Cisco's doppelgänger; status unknown)


  • In the DC comics main universe the Ramon family lives in the city of Detroit, Michigan. Within The New 52 continuity Cisco has two older brothers, Armando and Dante, in that order. So far only Dante has been introduced outside the DC comics.