Raisa is a former employee of the Queen family, working among their house-staff at the Queen Mansion, now working as a caretaker to William.


Raisa was in employment by the Queen family in 2007.[1] She once collected Oliver from Tommy Merlyn's house with a four month old Thea in a stroller, which was the first time Malcolm Merlyn saw his daughter. [2]

Oliver's return

When Oliver returned home in 2012, after being shipwrecked on Lian Yu, Raisa greeted him warmly, and he was unaffectedly glad to see her, in contrast to his discernible reserve with his mother.

Raisa later brought him a meal, and when asked by Oliver if he seemed different to her, she told that he didn't, as he was still a good boy. Although Oliver said that they both knew that he wasn't in the past, Raisa told him that he had a good heart, to which Oliver responded that he hoped so, because he wanted to be the person she always told him he could be.[3]

Taking care of William

Raisa becomes the caretaker of William after the explosion on Lian Yu killed his mother, Samantha Clayton.


Raisa is a kind-hearted woman, who always believed Oliver had a good heart even though his behavior wasn't the best before being shipwrecked.



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