"You see, that's what them damn fools in government back in Washington don't understand, that men like you and me, we wasn't meant to live in cages. Hell, that's why our forbearers busted away from England to begin with, so we could be free! And that's what "Turnbull Country" is all about. It's about keeping the Wild West wild."
—Quentin Turnbull to Mick Rory [sic][src]

Quentin Turnbull was the man responsible for the destruction of the town of Calvert, Oklahoma during the 19th century. A time aberration would make him a ruler of his own Turnbull Country (what would have been the entire west of the United States to the Rocky Mountains) by 1876. However, this was prevented by the Legends.


A merciless and anarchistic man, Turnbull was a man who believed in keeping the wild west wild. However, he did believe in a single form of authority: his. In his eyes, there was no need for anything or anyone who didn't serve to enforce his twisted rule of law. He held no issues with committing murder on a whim, casually killing anyone who got in his way. He also possessed an immense temper as well, turning on anyone who insulted and defied him. Overall he was a vicious, greedy, sadistic, and unpleasant individual.


Rip Hunter was sent to Calvert in 1868 on a mission from the Time Masters. He grew attached to the era, but eventually forced himself to leave. The day after he left, Quentin Turnbull and his posse destroyed the whole town.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Expert marksmanship/Firearms: Quentin was proficient with a pistol, able to kill the traitorous time pirate before the man could shoot him.
  • Leadership/Charisma: Quentin's charisma and popularity among the outlaws and other gunslingers of the Wild West allowed him to gather a sizeable organization for the implementation of his Turnbull Country plan.


  • Dwarf star alloy bullets: Finding the dwarf star ore that the time pirate told him of, Quentin created specialized bullets exploded on contact with most matter into blasts similar to those released by the A.T.O.M. Exosuit. When fired at Nate Heywood in his "Steel" form, they did not explode, but did manage to penetrate and gravely injure him.
  • Colt Single Action Army/"Peacemaker" Pistol: Quentin used this pistol, both with and without dwarf star alloy bullets.


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Behind the scenes

Turnbull Country

Turnbull Country, carved out of the USA's West Coast.

  • In DC Comics, Quentin Turnbull was an ex-Confederate plantation owner and the archenemy of Jonah Hex. Blaming Hex for the death of his son, Turnbull would stop at nothing to capture and kill the bounty hunter.


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