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Quentin Lance
Quentin Lance
Occupation Police captain
Police detective (formerly)
Police sergeant (formerly)
Police officer (formerly)
Status Alive
Family Laurel Lance (daughter)
Sara Lance (daughter; deceased)
Dinah Lance (ex-wife)
Actor Paul Blackthorne
"Lieutenant, I know he's breaking the law, but what we're up against is not about the law, it's about survival. We've got masks tearing our city to pieces and we're gonna need a mask to stop them."
—Quentin Lance to Frank Pike, about The Arrow[src]

Captain Quentin Larry Lance[1] (born January 3, 1963)[2] is one of the main characters in the TV series Arrow. He is a police captain, formerly a sergeant, detective and officer, of the Starling City Police Department. He was partners with the late Lucas Hilton before being demoted, and was a good friend of the latter. He was reinstated as detective by Lieutenant Frank Pike when Slade Wilson, a former ASIS operative, launched an assault on Starling City with the intent of destroying everything Oliver Queen loved. Quentin is the ex-husband of Dinah Lance, and the father of Laurel Lance and the late Sara Lance.

Quentin had originally sworn to take down The Hood by any means necessary, even using his daughter as bait once. After helping the Hood take down Malcolm Merlyn he began to see the law can only do so much but the Hood can go outside the law to compensate for the law's limits. He eventually began to work with him to catch criminals, even knocking out his fellow policemen that tried to attack the Hood, now known as The Arrow. He recently had a fallout against the Arrow, having held a grudge for not telling him Sara was dead and has decided he's done with him.


Early lifeEdit

Quentin was born on January 3, 1963 to an unnamed man and an unnamed woman. During his younger days, Quentin and Dinah moved into their own apartment when they were Laurel's age. According to Quentin, he repeatedly proposed to Dinah, only for her to turn him down until the right moment. Quentin claimed he spent a year with that engagement ring in his pocket waiting for her to finally accept his proposal.

Loss of his daughterEdit

In 2007 his youngest daughter Sara went on a boat trip with Oliver Queen. She was presumed dead when the boat sank. Her loss hit Quentin's family very hard, and as a result he became an alcoholic. Both he and his elder daughter Laurel buried themselves in their work, but his wife Dinah couldn't handle it. She left and divorced him.

About a month after Sara's death, a serial killer called the Dollmaker (Baron Mathis) emerged in Starling City and Quentin was assigned to case. In a way every girl Mathis murdered reminded him of Sara and how he couldn't save her. Quentin managed to capture Mathis and put him in prison.

At some point after five years, Quentin became sober and joined a support group for alcoholics and other addicts.

Season 1Edit

Around the time Oliver Queen returned to Starling City, he told the Detective about a man in a green hood who saved his life from a group of kidnappers. At first, Quentin thought he was joking around and holding something back. However, after the same individual attacks Adam Hunt and demands he transfer 40 million dollars into a specific bank account, he comes to believe Oliver and begins a mission to arrest The Hood. On the same night Oliver holds his "Welcome Home" party next door, Adam Hunt's operation was attacked by The Vigilante in the Green Hood, who forcibly removed the 40 million from Hunt's bank account. Detective Quentin and his police task force were on scene, and arrived at Adam's office in time to see the Vigilante jump out the window and zipline towards the building where Oilver's party was being held. Soon after, SCPD officers crashed the party as Quentin interrogated Tommy and Oliver about the Vigilante. The two partymen didn't know anything about the Hood, and Oliver offered $2m for anyone who could find "a guy in a Green Hood". Annoyed and insulted at Oliver's unchanged playboy attitude, Quentin, remembering that Sara fell under Oliver playboy's spell, confronted Oliver by saying "Did you even try to save my daughter?". He was immediately seperated by Lucas, and the party continued again.

A week later, Quentin visited Martin Somers in response to The Hood's attack the night before, and questioned him as to why the Vigilante would attack him. Somers didn't tell him anything useful about his confrontation. When the Detective pressed the issue, Somers threatened Laurel. Quentin assured him that he would catch the Hood, but later went to CNRI to give Laurel protection in case someone tried to attack her, as a reaction to Somers' threat. He also thanked John Diggle, Oliver's bodyguard, for saving Laurel's life from the Chinese Triad when they had invaded her appartment. He appeared at the docks when there were reports that The Hood was fighting China White, and he found evidence there that proved Somers's criminal activites.

A few weeks later, Quentin was at the scene of James Holder's death, correctly assuming that The Hood wasn't the one that killed him. At the police department, he was informed of the curare found in James Holder's system. Quentin is then seen at the Queen Mansion speaking to Walter Steele, warning him about the deaths of potential stockbuyers of Unidac Industries by an unknown shooter (later revealed to be Deadshot). Quentin is later called by The Hood, saying that he needs help to protect the people at the auction for Unidac Industries.

around christmas time, Quentin discovered Adam Hunt murdered by a black arrow. He quickly realised it wasn't The Hood, but a copycat archer. He was told he could only go after one, and so chose to chase The Hood over the Dark Archer.

Quentin discovered that Laurel stole his only contact to The Hood. He decided to let her keep the phone after placing a bug on it to trace the calls.

Quentin was seen on the television report about The Dodger robberies, giving the press the same statement as last time, "No comment".

After Thea Queen was arrested for driving under the influence of Vertigo, Laurel spoke to him about her to see if he could help get her out of trouble and possibly help her get a better deal. Quentin later led a task force that interrupted a "drug deal" between The Count and Oliver Queen. He then went to the Queen Mansion with McKenna Hall to speak to Oliver about his presence at the drug deal. Quentin and his task force responded to a call at The Count's hideout and were on scene when The Hood held The Count and injected him with "the fruits of his labour".

Quentin used the bug placed on The Hood's phone to find out when Laurel would be meeting with The Hood. When The Hood found out that he was on to him, he escapes. Quentin tried to chase him, but The Hood knocked him out. After Laurel was captured by Cyrus Vanch, he and The Hood formed a rare alliance. He attempted to kill Cyrus, but was told by The Hood to just arrest him.

Quentin was seen at the Queen's Mansion questioning Moira after the Vigilante attacked her.

Quentin questioned Roy Harper after he was caught after robbing Thea. He is then seen talking to McKenna Hall, asking her to work with him on the Vigilante case.

, Quentin was reunited with his ex-wife, Dinah Lance, who he refused to talk to initially. He was skeptical, at first, of Dinah's idea that Sara may still be alive, but he soon warmed up to it and helped her in her search. He soon learned that Dinah's evidence was based on another woman and not on Sara. He confronted Dinah, who revealed that she knew Sara was leaving with Oliver, and allowed her to go with him on the boat.

Quentin was informed by his tech assistant of a hacker who tried to use the same methods as the police technical analyst to infiltrate Merlyn Global Group. This hacker was revealed to be Felicity Smoak.

Quentin soon arrested Felicity Smoak, suspecting she was working with The Hood because of the hacking of Merlyn Global Group and the evidence trail left by the "research" Oliver had her run before he revealed his identity to her. In the middle of his interrogation of her, Quentin was called by The Hood and informed that the Glades will be destroyed by Malcom Merlyn. Felicity alluded to the fact that she knows what the call was in reference to, basically stating "Sounds like you have bigger problems then me". Despite the fact that it might endanger her later, she pointed out that her opinion of The Hood was the same as his once, but had changed when she realized he had sacrificed a lot for the city and it made him a kind of hero. This, tied to the fact that The Glades was in danger, led Quentin to inform his superiors about the Undertaking, despite the fact that it would reveal his contacting The Hood and his not arresting him. Instead of mobilizing the forces, Lieutenant Frank Pike suspended him, and the police took no action until Moira Queen held her press conference. When Diggle decideed to go with Oliver to confront Malcolm Merlyn, Oliver called Detective Quentin to dismantle the earthquake device, instead of sending Felicity directly into the impact zone. The newly suspended-Dectective Lance, along with Felicity's help, searched for, and successfully deactivated the Markov device. Nonetheless, Malcolm Merlyn hid a second device, which activated, and took out half of the Glades. Quentin rushed back through the crowds and towards CNRI, where he found Laurel barely escaping the rubble of her workplace's building. He held her back as she tried to go back in to save Tommy Merlyn, telling her that it was too late. They stood there, watching, as most of The Glades was falling into rubble and ash.

Season 2Edit

Quentin has been demoted from detective to officer. He continues to hold a better opinion of The Hood, after the attempt to avert the Undertaking and the fact that policing The Glades is a near impossible task, and the pair speak briefly when The Hood delivers his imitators to be arrested. In "Broken Dolls", he learns that the serial killer Barton Mathis, aka the Dollmaker, whom he had put in jail, escaped during the Undertaking and had begun killing again. He reveals that he has realized after the Undertaking that strict law and order can't solve all the problems in Starling City, reversing his previous position of law solving every criminal problem. He teams up with The Arrow and Felicity Smoak to track down Mathis. Eventually he is captured by Barton and forced to watch as the killer turns Laurel into a doll. Just before this happens, he and Laurel are saved by the intervention of The Arrow and The Canary.

Quentin responds to an emergency in a tunnel but is ordered not to by Frank Pike but Quentin arrives anyway, his partner Lucas tries to stop him and Quentin discovers a girl strung up like a doll and knows it to be the work of Barton Mathis who escaped prison during the earthquake but Pike has been keeping it quiet and has ordered Quentin not to get involved or will be arrested. Quentin disgusted by Pike's actions goes to the Arrow for assistance instead and tells him about Mathis and his history with him. Later Quentin and the Arrow visit Mathis' lawyer and get his location from him but arrive and discover only a phone where Barton tells them that he has another girl and forces Quentin to listen as he kills her. Later Felicity Smoak uses herself as bait to lure Mathis out while Quentin, John Diggle and the Arrow but it fails and Quentin is arrested by Lucas for obstruction of justice but is freed by Laurel who tries to convince him that the Arrow is evil but Quentin realizes that Laurel is still blaming him for Tommy's death. Later Quentin and Laurel are abducted by Barton who forces Quentin to watch as he kills Laurel but the Arrow stops him and with the help of the Canary, kills Mathis. Quentin and Laurel walk out of the facility where Laurel has a breakdown moment to Quentin believing herself to be responsible for Tommy dying.

He has become worried about Laurel when she is nearly arrested for DUI. He even asks Oliver to check up on her, confirming how far he has come in his opinion of Oliver Queen.

He is reunited with his daughter Sara and helps her fight off the League of Assassins members pursuing her. When she leaves Starling City, he agrees to keep her existence a secret from his ex-wife and Laurel in order to protect them.

Quentin arrested Roy after he was caught beating up a gang member. He then releases Roy, saying that it was a mistake after Roy bought up that he was working for The Arrow.

Quentin is seen at Queen Consolidated's Applied Sciences Division, after the break in, joining in on speculation of what happened. He questions Barry Allen's credentials along with Oliver Queen and is extremely skeptical of Barry's description of what happened, despite the evidence he presents. He takes Felicity to the side, asking her to get in contact with The Arrow, to see if he could help. She assures him with a smile that The Arrow is already on the case (as Oliver is still right behind them examining the scene.)

He is informed by the Arrow that Cyrus Gold was responsible for the break in of Queen Consolidated and warned of the threat Cyrus posed. He manages to convince Lucas Hilton to perform a manhunt for Cyrus. They track Cyrus to a warehouse but fail to take down Cyrus, instead resulting in most of the team being killed. During the fight, Quentin manages to steal a key off Cyrus, which he gives to the Arrow when he comes to visit him in the hospital.

Officer Lance leads a raid with policemen and SWAT against Hugo Mannheim. During the gun fight between the police and Mannheim's men, Quentin gets shot but the bulletproof vest protected him. The police arrests the assailants and Quentin has a talk with Arrow and Canary. He tells Canary that she can't toss a guy out of a window but she argues back, saying that the guy shot Quentin. In a brief talk with the Arrow, he realizes that it is a matter of time before The Huntress returns. During the hostage situation at the courthouse, Quentin runs to the scene and screams after Laurel but Oliver tells him she got separated from him. Fearing for his daughter's life and in his rage, he punched mr Donner and asked if the hostage situation was his idea. Officer Lance calls The Arrow and coincidently, Oliver got a call from his "mom". While Oliver walked away, Quentin started to talk to The Arrow about the hostage situation and Arrow replies that he's aware of the situation. Quentin, Arrow and Canary kidnaps Frank Bertinelli to make The Huntress release Laurel. During the prisoner exchange, a crazed S.W.A.T officer opens fire against the vigilantes and aimed his gun at the Arrow but Quentin saved him by knocking out the policeman. After the drama, Quentin quickly arrests Helena.

At the Arrow's request, Quentin arrests Slade Wilson for Thea's kidnapping but is forced to release him for lack of evidence. Because of this, he is himself arrested by his boss for working with the vigilante.

Quentin is in prison. Laurel visits him, and he denies all knowledge of the Arrow's and the Canary's identity. Later, a vengeful prisoner, blaming him and the Arrow for his arrest, manages to break into his cell and beat him up.

While visiting Quentin in the prison hospital, Laurel tells him she knows who the Arrow is, at which point he stops her and says he does not want to know. He says that knowing the Arrow's identity would compromise the Arrow's mission, that the Arrow is more important to Starling City than "the man under the hood," and that doing some jail time is the least he can do for the Arrow. Laurel later manages to get him released from prison and the charges against him dropped.

Quentin is reinstated to Detective after Slade's army attacks the city to help take charge of coordination against the Army and allowed by Frank Pike to call in The Arrow.

Quentin tries to rally the SCPD to stop Slade's army.  After a fight with one of Slade's super men, he was thrown across a room.  Later, at the very end of the episode, he is shown to have collapsed on the ground and started throwing up blood. It is revealed he has internal bleeding puncturing his lung, as he is coughing up blood and cannot breathe.

Time in a comaEdit

For some weeks following his collapse, Quentin was placed in to a medically-induced coma.[3] He stayed like this until he was visited by his daughter, Sara, somehow causing him to wake up, to the surprise of both of his daughters.[4]

Season 3Edit

Quentin was eventually promoted to captain in the SCPD.

In "The Calm", he publicly declares that the anti-Arrow task force has been disbanded. He has apparently developed a chronic heart condition as a result of the injuries he suffered fighting Slade's army, which requires him to take medication. However, he still continues to personally help the Arrow hunt down criminals, which results in him being sent to the hospital.

In "Sara",

In "The Magician",

In "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak",

In "Guilty",

In "Draw Back Your Bow",

In "The Brave and the Bold",

In "The Climb",

In "Left Behind",

In "Midnight City",

In "Uprising",

In "Canaries",

In "The Return",

In "The Offer",

In "Suicidal Tendencies",


Before the events of the series, as seen in flashbacks, Quentin was a happy and kinder person, he was a loving husband and father, but after the supposed death of his younger daughter Sara, he became an alcoholic and buried himself in his work to the point where his wife Dinah, couldn't handle it, she left and divorced him, as well as the fact that he publicly embarrass himself and his daughter Laurel, Quentin eventually sobered up but he was never the same, after Sara's supposed death, however his personality did not become as worse as Malcolm Merlyn's.

Quentin is described as a "gruff, determined city police officer" who believes true justice can only come from law and order. He is arrogant to the point where he seems to think he can go in a person's house without a search warrant or an arrest warrant when he said, "I have a badge and a gun, that says differently". He initially hates the Arrow because he believes he is strictly a murderer who doesn't answer to anyone but himself. He even once coldly used his own daughter as bait, which resulted in her getting kidnapped. While he reluctantly works with the Arrow occasionally to get cases solved, he still makes it his goal to apprehend the Arrow. possibly the reason why he help the Arrow, is because Quentin knows the Arrow stands for something, that the police should do but cannot, because they are bound to the law.

When Laurel found out that he used her as bait, to try and capture the Arrow, Quentin try to justify this action of his, as she was disobeying him, by not staying away from the Arrow, only for Laurel to correct him, when she said, "that was before you gave me the phone, that's before you realize that you could use me as bait", despite this he is not above apologising or admitting when he is wrong, evidenced by Quentin apologizing to Oliver, and warning him against dating Helena Bertinelli because of how dangerous her family is. Quentin rarely jumps to conclusions before he gets his facts straight, except when he is emotionally involved in the case. Quentin's one time when he showed only slight signs of being emotionally involved is trying to catch The Hood, despite his continued heroic deeds, he did not even consider the possibility the public did not want him to until Frank Pike brought it to his attention.

His morals and beliefs center around true justice coming from law and order, and his beliefs about the Arrow being a menace to the city begin to change after being told by the Arrow himself, that Malcolm Merlyn plans to destroy the Glades and everyone in it. In Season 2, after being demoted to a beat cop for five months after the Undertaking, seeing how powerless the police is in dealing with the various crisis in the city and knowing how effective the Arrow is with dealing with criminals, his beliefs about law and order have changed. While he still hold himself as an enforcer of the law, he now believes that the law isn't omnipotent, and that justice should prevail over doing what is strictly legal. As such, he is now more willing seek extra-legal measures to seek justice and is now pro-Arrow, especially after finding out that the Arrow is now going out of his way to avoid killing his enemies. He even told Felicity to inform the Arrow of a breakin to Queen Consolidated and even referred to him as a "mutual friend". He also defended the Arrow by asking Laurel if she was just blaming the Arrow when she said it was his fault Tommy died, a stated that later turned out to be true. Later on, when the Arrow killed Count Vertigo, Quentin apparently gave him the benefit of the doubt and assumed the Arrow didn't have a choice evidence by the fact he continued to work with the Arrow. Quentin also has developed a high opinion of Oliver Queen as well, still unaware Oliver and the Arrow are one and the same. He chooses to remain wilfully ignorant of the Arrow's identity, telling Laurel that knowing the identity of the man under the hood would endanger the Arrow and diminish his effectiveness.

Quentin is a man of honor and good morals, even during the time when he despised the Arrow, he refused to let him take the heat for a murder Malcolm Merlyn committed, even when his commanding officer gave him an order to blame it on the Arrow, even though it resulted in him being taken off the case. Even when he got demoted for associating himself with the Arrow, he never blamed him and continued to work with him, especially after the Arrow is trying to avoid killing unnecessarily. Overtime, Quentin began to realize what the Arrow has to give up in exchange for maintaining his identity a secret while at the same making Starling City a better place. Even when Laurel learned Oliver was the Arrow, Quentin told her to not speak about it and said he would rather spend 18 months in prison than uncover The Arrow's identity for his freedom even though he was attacked by a prisoner he and the Arrow previously put away. In Season 3, The first thing he did after being promoted to police captain was disband the Vigilante Task Force so the Arrow could continue his work uninhibited to make his job and life easier.

Quentin is shown to genuinely care about the well being of innocent people and catching criminals. Even after he was promoted to a police captain, the purpose of which was to remove him from the field because of the medical condition he developed from fighting Slade's army, he still continued to go on the field to help the Arrow.

Quentin is also shown to have a sense of humor. When the Arrow told Quentin he had to cut their meeting short cause he had to be somewhere, Quentin sarcastically asked if he had a hot date, which was actually true. Quentin also sarcastically asked if Oliver had a spare earthquake machine after a break in at Queen Consolidated but quickly apologize after realizing the joke was inappropriate. 

Quentin is shown to be very sharp but at the same time very dull. He was able to deduce Roy was Arsenal based on his clothing patterns and habit, but he wasn't able to tell "Sara" was in fact Laurel based on behavioral differences. He is however, shown to be quite accepting of his daughters' decisions. Although he was mad at Laurel for not telling him she was now a vigilante, he took it pretty well, only mad that Laurel didn't tell him about it.

Quentin is also shown to be highly respected even in Iron Heights Prison. When he was imprisoned for helping The Arrow catch Slade Wilson, a prison guard asked if he was comfortable, even offering to get him another blanket if he was cold and even referred to him as Officer Lance, even though Quentin modestly said to just call him Quentin.

When he found out from Laurel that Sara is dead, this time for real, he is devastated over his daughter's death, however, unlike before, he is able to handle Sara's death, he did not become an alcoholic again, although he was tempted to drink a bottle of wine, his relationship with his daughter Laurel, has become strained if not damaged do to the fact that she knew that Sara was dead, but she did not tell him, as Quentin had every right to know that Sara had died. He also seems to hold a grudge against the Arrow for this, deciding that he's done with him.


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a police officer, Quentin is shown to be in top physical condition for a man of his age. However after he was injured by one of Slade Wilson's soldiers; he has apparently developed a chronic heart condition as a result of the injuries he suffered fighting Slade's army.
  • Police training: Quentin has received training all Starling City Police Department members do.
  • Expert detective: As a police detective of the Starling City Police Department, Quentin has proven himself a highly skilled detective, unlike most of his co-workers. He rarely jumps to conclusions before he gets his facts straight, except when he is emotionally involved in the case.
  • Expert marksman/Firearms: As a police officer of the Starling City Police Department, Quentin is skilled in the use of firearms.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Quentin is shown to be a formidable fighter for a police officer, but he is not as adept a fighter as Oliver and Sara. In spite of this, he knows to take his time during skirmishes to strike where his opponent is most vulnerable, as seen when he managed to subdue a member of the League of Assassins whom Oliver and Sara were combating at the same time.


  • Guns: Quentin is very proficient in using guns.
  • Handcuffs: Quentin carries handcuffs, whenever he is out on patrol.



Season 1

Season 2

Season 3



Arrow: Season 2.5Edit


  • Unlike his DC comic version, Larry Lance, a keen supporter of the superhero known as Black Canary. Quentin Lance was, at first, intolerant of vigilantes and a vehement antagonist of the vigilante known as The Arrow but eventually he began trusting and working with The Arrow in many occasions especially after he found out that his daughter Sara is a vigilante too.
  • Quentin is quite comparable to Commissioner James Gordon, a police commissioner who helps Batman in the DC comics.
  • In "Broken Dolls", it is revealed his middle name is Larry, in homage to his DC comics character.
  • In "Heir to the Demon", it is revealed that Quentin's emergency call code is "Delta-Charlie-52". This is a reference to DC 52, the new universe in the DC comics resulting from the Flashpoint crossover.
  • Quentin Lance is one of the few characters in Arrow to not only survive an encounter with the League of Assassins but has also successfully killed a member of the League.


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Season 1Edit

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Behind the scenesEdit

In the comic books, Laurel's father's name is Lawrence "Larry" Lance, rather than Quentin. In Arrow this is referenced by Quentin's middle name being "Larry".


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