Robert Queen Applied Sciences Center is the applied sciences division of Queen Consolidated, later Palmer Technologies. It is located in Star City.


Queen Consolidated's applied sciences division was founded to honor the late Robert Queen, it used cutting edge scientific and medical technology, its sole purpose was to make Star City a healthier and safer place. After Isabel Rochev tricked Oliver Queen into appointing her as acting CEO of his family's company, when his maternal half-sister Thea was kidnapped by Oliver's former friend and former mentor Slade Wilson, she manipulated the board of directors into removing Oliver as CEO, and making her position permanent.

Oliver and Team Arrow was forced to destroy Queen Consolidated's applied sciences division because Oliver knew that Isabel was going to use it to mass-produce the Mirakuru serum for Slade, Oliver was reluctant to press the button on the detonator to make the C-4 that him and his team planted explode, because it wasn't just a building to him, it was also founded to honor his late father Robert.

Sometime after Ray Palmer took over Queen Consolidated and renamed it Palmer Technologies, Robert Queen Applied Sciences Center was rebuilt.



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