The Queen's Gambit, also referred to as simply the Gambit, was a yacht originally owned by Robert Queen. It sank during a heavy storm at sea in 2007. It was later secretly recovered by Moira Queen, who was apparently involved with its sinking via explosives. She hid the wreck using money taken from Queen Consolidated, under the name "Tempest". Walter Steele later found out where it was hidden and put it in storage. Malcolm Merlyn ordered the remains to be destroyed.[1]

The Queen's Gambit's remains had previously been located under the sea, at 23°15.5'S 174°43.6'W, 15433 feet below the surface.[2]



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  • In the episode "Pilot", Tommy Merlyn mentions that he estimated that Oliver hasn’t had sex in 1,839 days. 1,839 days is equal to 5 years, 1 week, and 6 days. Since most Arrow episodes take place in real time, we can assume this episode takes place on October 10, 2012 (the day it aired) which means the Gambit probably sank on or around September 27, 2007.


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