"Either ascend to the calling of Ra's Al Ghul or you will spend the rest of your days in a cage"
—Ra's tries to blackmail Oliver

"Public Enemy" is the eighteenth episode of the third season of Arrow and the sixty-fourth episode overall. It aired on April 1, 2015.


During an attack on the mayor's office, Ray is critically injured. Felicity is pleasantly surprised when her mother, Donna Smoak, shows up at the hospital to offer her support. With the SCPD out in full force looking for the assailant, Oliver and his team work hard to stay one step ahead of the police to find the man responsible. However, things come to a head when Ra's al Ghul kidnaps Captain Lance.[1]


Preparation began January 29, 2015 and ran until February 6, 2015. Filming began February 10, 2015 and ran until February 19, 2015.[2]



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