"Fear is not a lie. Fear cripples. Annihilates spirits. It is the only weapon that matters. Fear made me stronger than you. No-one is safe from it! ...why aren't you scared anymore?"
—Gayle Marsh[src]

Gayle Marsh, nicknamed Psi by authorities, is a bank robber from Skokie, Illinois, who has come to National City to continue her mass bank robbing using her incredibly powerful psychic abilities.


Gayle was living in a small town in Illinois named Skokie, where she lived a seemingly normal and calm life. One day, she snapped and started robbing banks. With her powers virtually causing everyone around her to instantly submit to fear, it allow her to nonchalantly perform her robbing spree wherever she went. She eventually set her eyes on National City, and moved there so she could rob banks there.

Once in National City, she caught the attention of Supergirl, who attempted to stop her. However, Gayle immobilized Supergirl by preying on her claustrophobia, and forced Supergirl to relieve the most traumatizing moment of her life. Gayle then attacked two other banks, but Supergirl was unable to stop her both times. She also got in a psychic battle against J'onn J'onzz, who was attempting to shield Supergirl from her psychic attacks. However, she ultimately beat him, and crippled him to the ground in pain before she escaped once more. During her biggest robbery yet, she debilitated a number of police officers, forced a construction worker to release a wrecking ball, and destroyed numerous police cars and businesses, before she was finally stopped by Supergirl who was able to overcome her fear and knock Gayle unconscious. Psi was then taken into custody by the D.E.O.[1]

Powers and abilities

  • Telepathy: As noted by J'onn, Gayle's psionic powers are very unusual. While she is unable to actually see into another's mind or control what they think and do, once attacking one's mind, she is able to instantly trigger their greatest fear. This forces them to experience such a believable illusion that it leaves them in a traumatized state. Her powers also allow her to detect the presence of others, preventing them from sneaking up on her and likewise able to repel another telepath's attack on her to overwhelm the intruder. Her powers can also unleash powerful psionic blasts, able to overwhelm beings as powerful as Supergirl, overwhelming her into being launched clear across the city block.


  • Indomitable Will: While her powers can not be blocked once unleashed, an individual with a strong enough will can overcome the psionic attacks, leaving Gayle completely defenseless as she has no other means to defend herself.



Season 3


  • In the mainstream DC comics, Psi is a human named Gayle Marsh, who at the age of twelve, developed psychic powers. She was created by Paul Kupperberg and Carmine Infantino, first appearing in Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #1 (November, 1982).