"Did you ever think about why I chose the name Prometheus? He challenged the omnipotence of the gods. You see, because, like you, they play judge, jury, and executioner. But Prometheus took away their power."
Adrian Chase to Oliver Queen on his codename[src]

The Prometheus suit was a protective suit worn by Adrian Chase as the villian Prometheus until his death.


Adrian donned the suit due to a hatred for the Green Arrow. While in the suit, he killed Lieutenant Conahan for helping the vigilante.[1] He also later hunted down Tobias Church while in the suit after the former left a club, threatening him and claiming that the Green Arrow was his to kill.[2]


  • Identity concealment: The primary use for the suit was to conceal Prometheus' identity in order to prevent his victims from knowing his true identity.
  • Voice filter: The mask can alter Prometheus' voice.
  • Armor: The suit also provided Prometheus with considerable protection for at least the torso, as shown when the arrows Artemis fired at Prometheus simply bounced off of him.
  • Quiver: Prometheus carried a black arrow container, to carry his arrows with him.

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