"Prey" is the second chapter of the comic book series Arrow. It was released digitally on October 17, 2012.


What's it like to be hunted by The Arrow? Witness first-hand from the account of Scott Morgan, corrupt CEO and the next target on Oliver's list...let's just say it isn't pretty.[1]


Scott Morgan recounted his previous night, describing how he was waiting for "company". While laying in bed, he noticed a figure, and expecting it to be the intended prostitute, he invited her in. However, the figure was revealed to be The Hood and the vigilante pointed an arrow at him, saying "You have failed this city". Morgan stated that The Hood was aware that they were siphoning off Central City's grid, causing brownouts in The Glades.

Morgan explained how The Hood had given him six hours to turn over his company's daily wattage logs to the energy commission and the police, essentially turning himself in. Scott was quick to comply as he didn't want to follow in the footsteps of Adam Hunt. He ordered employees to pile everything they had on to hard drives and then blow the plant up, detonating the explosives built in to the plant's construction. He reminisced how his bodyguard brought him the hard drive of the plant's information, albeit with a little struggle on the assistant's part. He then mentioned how he ran for his life, but was soon stopped by The Hood, having already given him his chance. He shot an arrow towards the man's head. However, his bodyguard, a former Israeli military man, caught it. The two immediately fought, but The Hood ultimately won.

Scott was prompted to hand over the USB, though before he could, the plant exploded. He ran for his life and The Hood appeared to be killed in the blast.

Back in the present day, Scott Morgan stated that he believed that the vigilante was still out there and the people he was talking to confirmed that he indeed was, as the police received the hard drive attached to an arrow. Morgan was promptly shot dead.



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