For his successor, see Susan Brayden. For the Earth Thirty-Eight United States President, see Olivia Marsdin.
"Well, finally, someone here with balls. Ike ignored all the signs and waited until it was too late. I'm not gonna make that same mistake."
—The President to Lyla Michaels's plan on the Dominators[src]

An unnamed man (died November 2016), code named Traveler, was the president of the United States, who led the country during the Dominators crisis in 2016.


At some point before November 28th, 2016, the unnamed man became the president of the United States (Earth One). During the start of the Dominators' invasion of Earth One, he was briefed by different specialists in the American government on how to handle the alien threat. Going to the debriefing point under the code name Traveler, the President listened to suggestions from the military and intelligence, agreeing with the director of A.R.G.U.S. Lyla Michaels's proposition of refusing to be passive during the alien threat, in spite of agent Smith's reminder of the casualties in 1951, when their soldiers were massacred by the Dominators for attacking first. Suspicious of four alien ships gathering intel, Traveler said that he would not want to be remembered as the leader who did nothing when the aliens were preparing to attack. However, as soon as he relayed the orders to A.R.G.U.S., the president was abducted with a tractor beam from the Dominators' mothership. He was taken to a warehouse, where he was kept hostage. Before the heroes could rescue him, he was killed by a Dominator.[1]


Traveler was a bold and uncompromising person, distasteful of inaction and approving of Lyla Michaels for having "balls". He deeply cared both for the United States (Earth One) and his own reputation as a politician, deciding that to do nothing but cover up the threat as president Eisenhower did would only aggravate citizens and allow aliens to do what they please. Despite Lyla being outnumbered among the rest of the president's advisors, Traveler gave support to her suggestion of action.[1]

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  • Leadership/Charisma: "Traveler" was a charismatic leader, who won the USA elections and kept his post. He refused to allow his advisors' to cloud his vision through quantity, choosing to go with the unpopular, but effective option.


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