The Prescott Sawmill, sometimes referred to as the Prescott Mill[1] or simply the Old Sawmill[2], is an abandoned sawmill in Central City. It was the site of fights between Barry Allen/The Flash, Wally West/The Flash, and Edward Clariss/The Rival.


Flashpoint timeline

In an alternate timeline after Wally West/The Flash was defeated by The Rival and thrown out of a building, Wally, Iris West, and Barry Allen went to Ramon Industries to enlist the help of Mr. Ramon and later Caitlin Snow. Caitlin used Central City’s speed cameras to register sonic booms tracking Clariss to the sawmill. Barry and Wally arrived at the mill and faced off against The Rival. After impaling Wally in the abdomen with a pipe, Barry and Clariss chased each other around the mill. Barry got the upper hand but had another memory lapse, staggering him and giving Clariss the chance to create two F3 tornadoes. Iris helped him regain some memories and he recovered. Barry then used his super speed to unwind the tornadoes. After defeating Clariss, Barry turned around and left him. Clariss used this as a chance to lunge at Barry but Joe West shot him dead. Barry and Joe then took Wally from the sawmill to Ramon Industries for medical attention.[2]

Current timeline

When Barry and Eobard partially restored the timeline, Clariss regained the powers he had from the Flashpoint timeline from Alchemy. Like his Flashpoint self, Clariss used the sawmill as a hideout where he and Alchemy ambushed Barry. However, Barry was helped by the arrival of Vibe and they were able to defeat Clariss and took him to Iron Heights Prison.[1]


The Flash

Season 3


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