Power-dampening cuffs, or power cuffs, are devices invented by Cisco Ramon to mitigate meta-human powers.


The cuffs were stolen by Caitlin Snow after she and her mother couldn't find any way to reverse her developing powers. Cisco suspected H.R. had stolen them, but Caitlin later confessed and revealed her powers to Cisco. Caitlin kept them until the meta-human Shade attacked Hofherr Park, so she tossed them to The Flash, who used them to capture Shade.[1]

Caitlin continued to use them on the fears that her alter ego Killer Frost would be released.


A pendant was made for Caitlin by Julian Albert and Cisco Ramon to help charge the cuffs on the go so that she wouldn't need to sit with them plugged in to charge.

Known users


  • Eobard Thawne used similar cuffs to hold Barry Allen of 2016 to his wheelchair during Barry's trip to the past.[2]


The Flash


Season 6


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