Emily Pollard is a councilwoman of Star City.


Councilwoman Pollard opted to draft some anti-vigilante legislation for Star City, which she discussed with deputy mayor Quentin Lance. Following a vigilante attack, Pollard used it as a pretext to introduce her legislation to the council, most of whom supported it. This was opposed, however, by mayor Oliver Queen, who invoked a chapter of the city charter in order to turn the bill into a citywide referendum.[1]

Visiting the Star City Police Department, Pollard was stopped by lieutenant Dinah Drake, who gave her a CompStat from Captain Pike to review. While reading the papers, she was pushed out of the way by Drake, who noticed a sniper about to fire. That night, she returned home, nearly to be interrupted by the same vigilante she had previously been attacked by, but was saved again by Drake. Emily sat down with Jane Woods at Channel 52 to discuss the anti-vigilante referendum. The interview was interrupted as the power went out, and Pollard looked up and noticed Vigilante, causing her to run off. She was intercepted by him, but he was in turn stopped by the Black Canary, who allowed Pollard to go. Ultimately, Pollard still kept her stance on vigilantes, despite being saved by one.[2]



Season 5

Season 6


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