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"I know it's difficult for you to fathom, but where... when I'm from, the year 2166, you and everyone on this roof aren't just considered heroes... You're legends."
—Rip Hunter to his team

"Pilot, Part 1" is the first episode of the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow. It is the first part of its pilot. It aired on January 21, 2016.


In the year 2166, the immortal villain Vandal Savage is on the verge of his final victory – total chaos and the utter destruction of humanity. As the world crumbles, Time Master Rip Hunter takes matters into his own hands; he travels 150 years into the past to assemble a carefully selected team of heroes and rogues to stop him. Hunter has chosen what seems like an ill-matched group: billionaire inventor Ray Palmer, who has created an exo-suit with the power to shrink him to miniscule size, as the Atom; Sara Lance, the White Canary, a trained assassin; Professor Martin Stein and Jefferson "Jax" Jackson, who together form the meta-human Firestorm; Leonard Snart, known as Captain Cold, and his partner Mick Rory, AKA Heat Wave, a pair of career criminals; and Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall AKA Hawkgirl and Hawkman. Together this unlikely group will attempt to stop one of the most formidable villains of all time, while they must learn how to not only be a team, but heroes as well.[1]


Production began on September 9, 2015,[2] along with "Pilot, Part 2".[3]


Sneak peek

Behind the scenes

  • Rip Hunter mentions the time-traveling DC super-villain Per Degaton among legendary conquerors like Caesar and Hitler.
  • In the comics, Rip Hunter is the leader of the Time Masters.
  • Rip Hunter's time-traveling vehicle is called The Waverider. In the comics, Waverider was a hero who worked alongside Hunter in the Linear Men. Hunter in the comics travels using a Time Sphere.
  • Chronos is introduced in this episode. In the comics he is a long-time arch-enemy to the Atom.
    • An unnamed man refers to Chronos as Darth Vader, a Sith Lord, and Leonard Snart refers to him as Boba Fett, an intergalatic bounty hunter; both are from the Star Wars saga.
  • In the comics, Rip Hunter led the Forgotten Heroes, a team of heroes forgotten by history. (In since of humor, Rip points out that the eight he recruited are not important to history)
  • Jax and Stein have now started wearing a suit while merged as Firestorm, which resembles the outfit worn by the character in the comics.
  • The episode takes place two months after the events of The Flash's "Legends of Today" and Arrow's "Legends of Yesterday".
  • This is the last episode that Laurel and Sara interact due to Laurel's death in Eleven-Fifty-Nine, which Sara won't become aware of until Legendary set roughly a month after Laurel's death.
  • Mick Rory begins declaring his love or his hate of something in every episode of Legends of Tomorrow. Mick's declaration of Love/Hate: I love the 70's.


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