"Do you have any idea what it's like to lose someone you love? It's like never being able to breathe again."
—Phillip Karnowsky to James Olsen[src]

Phillip Karnowsky is a former Navy SEAL. After his wife's murder, Phillip embarked on a killing spree on criminals released on technicalities.


After killing his wife's killer, he started looking for more targets, all of whom were criminals.

After the Guardian apprehended a target and left, Phillip killed the criminal. A surveillance camera outside a pub filmed the killing, but his appearance was foreshadowed, leading the public to believe it was the Guardian's work.

Phillip and the Guardian had a confrontation after he killed a drug dealer. The fight was interrupted by the arrival of the NCPD. Soon, he was arrested after James defeated him in battle, clearing his name in the process.[1]



Season 2


  • Phillip Karnowsky first appeared in Superman Annual Vol 2 #2 (1988) as the villain, Barrage. However, on the show he was never referred to as "Barrage". He is a villain of both Superman and Maggie Sawyer.