Peter Declan is the husband of the late Camille Declan, and the father of Izzy Declan.


Peter Declan had gotten into a heated argument with his wife after she told him the company she worked for was dumping toxic waste into The Glades. He became worried and frustrated when he found out she had told her supervisor about the incident. Arguing very loudly with her over his fear for his family's safety to the extent that the neighbors could hear, their daughter Izzy began crying and Peter's wife Camille went to stay in her room with her. The next morning when he went to apologize, Peter found his wife killed. Grabbing their daughter, he ran outside and called the police.

He was later found guilty by a jury, and sentenced to life in prison. On the orders of The Hood, Laurel Lance decided to look into the case, representing Declan. The two were later together when Jason Brodeur ordered a hit on Peter, having his bodyguard start a prison riot. Both Peter and Laurel were rescued by the Hood, and Declan was later exonerated after Brodeur's bodyguard confessed to murdering Camille Declan, after being ordered to do so by Jason Brodeur. Laurel later took him to the park, where he was reunited with his daughter.[1]



Season 1


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