The Omegahedron is a Kryptonian device that can manipulate matter at the molecular level. It was also used as a "source of power" on Krypton and is said to be strong enough "to power an entire city".[1]


Non used the Omegahedron to reconstitute Indigo's body.[2]

Later, the Omegahedron was used to power Myriad and Fort Rozz (prison). It is currently in the possession of Maxwell Lord.[1]



Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • Omegahedron was featured in the 1984's live-action film, Supergirl, and it was created by screenwriter, David Odell. In the movie, the device is a powerful piece of technology used by Argo City, the lost colony of Krypton, as a source of power, and Supergirl's motivation to travel to Earth.