For his Earth One counterpart, see Oliver Queen.
For his Earth-X counterpart, see Oliver (Earth-X).

Oliver Queen (died 2007) was the son of Robert Queen, the brother of Thea Queen, and the boyfriend of Laurel Lance.


Early life

Oliver was born and raised in Starling City as the son of Robert Queen. At some point in his life Oliver met Laurel Lance and they fell deeply in love.[1]


In 2007, Oliver and his father went out to sea together somewhere in the Pacific. Somehow, their ship sank and Oliver was killed while Robert survived.[2]


Driven by the grief of losing his son Robert eventually would become a vigilante after unclear circumstances led to his return to Starling City, calling himself "The Hood" and later "The Arrow".[2] Laurel was also heartbroken and out of grief moved to Central City to start a new life. However, this tragically led to her becoming a meta-human, as her life took a downward spiral until she became the criminal known as "Black Siren".[1]

When Laurel encountered Oliver's Earth One counterpart in 2016 she told him about her relationship with Oliver and his death, admitting that interacting with Earth One Oliver was difficult because of what Earth Two Oliver meant to her. After learning of Laurel and Oliver's relationship, Earth One Oliver came to believe Laurel could find redemption and still holds this hope.


The Flash

Season 2


Season 5


  • Laurel implies Oliver was more faithful than his Earth One counterpart and didn't cheat on her with her sister.

Behind the scenes

  • This version of Oliver is reminiscent of the Bruce Wayne character in the "Flashpoint" DC comic arc, in which Bruce is killed in an alternate timeline, leaving his father Thomas to become the vigilante Batman, who utilizes a pair of handguns and his mother Martha to become a lunatic criminal Joker.


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