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Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen
Occupation Shareholder in Queen Consolidated
CEO of Queen Consolidated (formerly)
Vigilante archer (in secret)
Leader of his vigilante team (in secret)
Captain in the Solntsevskaya Bratva (in secret)
Owner of Verdant (formerly)
Status Alive
Family Robert Queen (father; deceased)
Moira Queen (mother; deceased)
Thea Queen (half-sister)
Walter Steele (step-father; formerly)
Unknown child (child; unknown)
Actor Stephen Amell
The Arrow
The Arrow
"My name is Oliver Queen. After five years on a hellish island, I have come home with only one goal: to save my city. But to do so, I can't be the killer I once was. To honor my friend's memory, I must be someone else. I must be... something else."
—Oliver Queen (Season 2 intro)

Oliver Jonas Queen[1] (born May 16, 1985) is the main protagonist of the TV series, Arrow. A billionaire and a former playboy turned vigilante archer, Oliver is the son of the late Moira and the late Robert Queen, the older maternal half-brother of Thea Queen, the best friend of the late Tommy Merlyn, the ex-boyfriend and love interest of Laurel Lance, the boyfriend and close friend of Sara Lance, the former apprentice and a good friend of the late Shado and Yao Fei, the former apprentice and friend of Slade Wilson, the partner and good friend of John Diggle and Felicity Smoak, the ex-boyfriend and enemy of Helena Bertinelli, and an old friend and ex-boyfriend of McKenna Hall.

In 2012, Oliver returned to Starling City after being stranded on a remote island for five years, much to the surprise of everyone as he was assumed dead alongside his father. On the island, Oliver learned to fend for himself and discovered the dark secrets his father kept and tried to atone for, and so upon Oliver's return, he became a green-hooded vigilante archer known by the Starling City populace as The Hood.

Following the events of The Undertaking, Oliver returned to Lian Yu for five months, only for Felicity and Diggle to come for him when things began to go worse for Oliver's family. Cajoled into becoming the vigilante once more, Oliver is determined to "try a new way" in honor of Tommy, beginning his journey into becoming the hero called The Arrow.


Early Life

Oliver was born May 16th, 1985 to Robert and Moira Queen. He was best friends with Tommy Merlyn from an early age, and had dated Laurel Lance during his early twenties. When he was 22 years old, Laurel broached the topic of them getting a place of their own, citing that they had been together even longer than their friends who were already moving in together. Oliver initially agreed, but later panicked and tried to run away from the responsibility, going so far as to destroy his relationship with Laurel by taking her sister Sara Lance with him when he left. Oliver has stated he has dropped out of four schools before being shipwrecked.

According to Tommy Merlyn, Oliver has been arrested four times,[2] prior to his latest arrest by Quentin Lance.[3] These incidents include assaulting a paparazzi, driving while intoxicated, stealing a taxi, and urinating on a police officer.

Shipwrecked on Lian Yu

In 2007, Oliver was on the Queen's Gambit with his father and girlfriend's sister.[4] A shipwreck occurred,
Oliver shipwrecked on the island
Oliver shipwrecked on the island.
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leaving only Oliver, Robert, and one other crew member as the only survivors. As there were not enough provisions to keep all of them alive, Robert chose to give his son a better chance at survival by shooting first the other survivor, then himself, but not before telling Oliver that their wealth had been built on the suffering of others, and it was up to him to make things right and to survive. [4]

Sometime later, Oliver lands ashore upon the island Lian Yu. There, while burying his father, he finds a book filled with blank pages in Robert's pocket. Immediately after, a hooded man, later introduced as Yao Fei, shoots Oliver with an arrow in the shoulder.[5] Oliver awakes in Yao Fei's camp, where Yao Fei tends to his wound. Later, when Yao Fei falls asleep, Oliver tries to escape but was snared in a trap. Yao Fei later arrives, cuts him down, and walks away, leaving Oliver with no other choice but to follow him. Later, a group of armed men, their faces hidden, examine the sprung trap.[6]

Over the next few days, Oliver spends most of his time gazing at a picture of Laurel until Yao Fei brings him a bird trapped in a cage. He tells Oliver that he must kill the bird if he wants to eat and survive. Oliver refuses at first but, driven by hunger, he later breaks the bird's neck. Yao Fei tells him that he will be forced to take more lives and tells him to forget about Laurel, or he will not survive.[7]

Yao teaches Oliver
Oliver with Yao Fei, shooting invisible arrows.
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While hunting one day, Oliver tries to shoot Yao Fei's bow, but misses his target, a tree. He goes to fetch the rabbit Yao Fei killed, but is captured by the armed men. They bring him to their camp, and where he is interrogated by their leader, Edward Fyers. Fyers shows him a picture of Yao Fei, asking if Oliver had seen him. Oliver denies any knowledge of Yao Fei in order to protect him. Not believing him, Fyers orders Deathstroke, to torture Oliver for more information. Yao Fei rescues Oliver and brings him back to the cave. He then leaves to lead Edward's men away from their hideout, but not before telling Oliver to survive and sealing the entrance to prevent Oliver from following him.[8]

Injured and alone in the cave, Oliver begins hallucinating. He sees visions of his father telling him to survive, otherwise his father's sacrifice would have been for nothing. He also dreams about burning his father's book. When he awakens, he tears a page out of the book, but just as he was about to throw it onto the fire, the heat from the flames causes letters to appear on the paper (Note: Most kinds of invisible ink are practically undetectable until the paper they're on is heated). He proceeds to do the same with other pages, and the names of the people corrupting Starling City, whom Oliver later determines he must hunt down, appear. He promises the hallucination of his father that he will live up to this responsibility. [9]

Yao Fei returns, bringing with him a captured Fyers. He tells Oliver that Fyers had a plane that can take them off the island. They make their way through the woods until they are ambushed by Deathstroke and Fyers' men, with Fyers saying "Do you not think it convenient you captured me so easily?" Yao Fei tells Oliver to run and begins fighting the men, unfortunately, he was defeated and knocked unconscious by Deathstroke. From a safe distance, Oliver watches them take Yao Fei and runs away. [10]

One of Fyers' men continues to search for Oliver after Yao Fei was captured. Armed with only a knife Oliver was eventually forced to confront him. The skirmish results in them tumbling and falling down to a stream. The soldier lands hard on a rock while Oliver ends up in the water. He manages to get out and dons the uniform of the dead man, where he finds a set of keys and a map of the island in one of the pockets. [11]

Oliver finds his way to the camp where Fyers and his men are based, here, unfortunately accompanied by Fyers (who doesn't seem to recognize him as he was wearing a balaclava) he manages to make his way to where Yao Fei was being held prisoner, but once there, Fyers knocks down Oliver and puts him in one of the cells. He tells him he knew who he was because of his eyes, which tell everything about a person, which was the reason why his men all wear balaclavas. Fyers then rebukes Oliver for putting his trust in the wrong people, specifically Yao Fei. He motions to the soldier next to him, who had been the first to talk to Oliver upon his arrival. The soldier takes off his balaclava and reveals himself to be in fact Yao Fei, who had began working for Fyers.[12] However, Yao Fei later helps Oliver escape from the camp by using a technique to fake Oliver's death.

Oliver follows the map Yao Fei tucked into one of Oliver's pockets when he faked his death which leads him to a crashed plan where he was met by a man (Slade Wilson). Oliver tells him that Yao Fei sent him there. Slade tells Oliver that there was an air field, and he and Yao Fei had been observing it for months and they were going to get off the island together. He then throws a sword to Oliver and tells him that he thinks Yao Fei sent Oliver to him because he knew that he could not take the air field alone. Slade then challenges Oliver to a brief sword fight in order to gauge Oliver's fighting skills. He is unimpressed and tells Oliver that "it would be a compliment if someone told you that you fight like a girl". Slade then knocks him out.

Oliver wakes tied to a chair. Slade, in order to keep his location secret, decides to kill Oliver, but Oliver manages to escape his bonds by breaking his hand, and then punches Slade in the face. Amused, Slade thinks that there might be a fighter inside of Oliver after all and decides to train Oliver. As Oliver goes to choose a weapon, he finds the mask of Deathstroke, the man who had tortured him under Edward's orders. When questioned about this, Slade explained that he and his partner and friend wear the same mask, they came to the island to rescue Yao as a mission from the Australian Secret Intelligence Service. [13]

Oliver and Slade review a map of Lian Yu
Oliver working with Slade.
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The two progressively fight over an unspecified amount of time. Oliver almost gives up, though is re-motivated by Slade. When the time comes, the two of them make their way to Edward's camp, and ultimately the airstrip to a ride home. They made camp. Oliver tried to start a fire for several hours, before Slade pulled out a lighter and helped, bemused at Oliver's anger. In return, Slade reminisced about his and his partner, Billy Wintergreen's, arrival on the island.

A day or so later, Oliver accidentally steps on a land mine that is left over from what was assumed to be World War 2. Slade runs to hide as a group of Edward's men approach a now-masked Oliver. Oliver explains his situation, as Slade has deserted him, and they survey the mine. Suddenly, Slade jumps from his hiding spot, slicing through the soldiers with his sword, replacing Oliver with one of them. They continued towards the camp, finally reaching it at dark. Oliver, aided by Slade's sniping, races stealthily to the communications tower. He attempts to quietly take out the only man in there, but this only resulted in having a gun pointed at his face. He tries to remove it, but his technique fails. Luckily, Slade reaches him just in time, stabbing the man through the gut. They are able to contact the plane, allowing it clearance to land. Slade leaves Oliver on his own and Oliver, seeing his chance, grabs a phone and calls Laurel, hoping to make up for his wrongdoings. Before he could speak, Slade returns and stops him, reminding him that it could be monitored. After a short argument, Oliver goes to find Yao Fei and rescue him. Yao Fei explains that he is staying for his daughter, though she is only mentioned as a "who". Fyers and Wintergreen, Slade's ex-partner, enter the tent, leading Yao Fei to knock out Oliver. When Oliver comes to, he is forced into the middle of a circle. After questioning Fyers, he discovers that he means for Wintergreen to kill him. Before this can happen, Slade causes a distraction so that he can snipe several soldiers and Oliver can run to safety. Oliver watches as Slade and Wintergreen face off, with Slade overpowering his ex-partner and former friend. As they are leaving, Slade is shot. Oliver helps to protect them as they leave, finally knocking out his first soldier with the move Slade had shown him earlier. When they reach Slade's plane, Oliver helps remove the bullet in Slade's arm and mocks that his only friend on the island is "Wilson".[14]

Later, Oliver checks Slade's wound and finds that it's infected. He recalls the herbs Yao Fei gave him that prevented infection from his arrow wound and offers to go get them. Slade says he won't last an hour out there, and Oliver says he'll get them in forty five minutes. He then goes to Yao Fei's cave and discovers a man tied up there. The man says that he was the only survivor of a shipwreck, like Oliver, and discovered the men one of whom (Fyers) ordered him beaten and brought there. Oliver, thinking it's a trap, grabs the herbs and leaves the man there, presumably to die, and returns with the herbs to Slade.

Oliver begins working on a broken down radio transmitter to find a way to get off of the island with Slade. After working on it for a while, they are able to hear conversations between radios, but unable to communicate back. After listening for a while, they learn that Fyers had ordered the shipment of a missile launcher big enough to destroy an entire army. Oliver and Slade are able to sneak onto Fyers' compound, where they steal the launcher's ignition chip. They call Fyers on his radio and tell him that they will return the chip in exchange for a way off of the island.

Oliver and Slade meet with Fyers, who backs down from their deal by telling them that he will kill Shado, Yao Fei's daughter, if they do not give him the chip. Oliver then realizes that it was because of Shado that Yao Fei joined Fyers' cause. Oliver and Slade escape with Shado in tow, but soon learn that Fyers' men found the chip and took it back. Shado then tells them that she knows what Fyers' plan was.

Shado decides to begin teaching Oliver archery so that he will be able to help them defeat Fyers. She tells him to fill a bowl with water, and then continuously slap it. After a while, Oliver becomes frustrated and asks Shado what purpose this serves, and she shows him that because he spent so long to slap the water, he now has the strength in his hands to pull back a bow. She then tells him that he must now learn how to shoot. After Oliver learns how to shoot the arrow, he, Shado, and Slade are all surprised to see Yao Fei arrive at their compound, but soon see that he brought Fyers' soldiers along with him.

The soldiers bring the three of them to Fyers' compound, where Oliver sees that one of the soldiers was the young man who he met in the cave who claimed to be trapped there. Fyers reveals that the reason he is on the island is because he and his men were hired to shoot down a Ferris Aircraft on its way to China, thus destroying China's economy. Fyers then threatens to kill Shado if Yao Fei does not film a video taking responsibility for the terrorist attack. After reluctance, Yao Fei agrees, but subtly hands Oliver a knife. After filming the video, Fyers shoots Yao Fei in the head, killing him.

Just as Fyers and his men prepare to fire the missile, Oliver cuts himself free using Yao Fei's knife, and he, Slade, and Shado, fight Fyers and his men. Fyers, however, is able to get the missile fired at the plane, and Oliver and Shado go to manually redirect the missile while Slade covers them. Just as Shado is about to place the chip inside the switchboard, she is attacked from behind, and Oliver manages to redirect the missile, which hits Fyers' compound instead, with both Slade and Shado still there. Oliver goes to search for them, and finds Slade alive, but then turns around to see that Fyers is still alive and had Shado in his custody. Oliver finds Yao Fei's wooden compound bow and arrow and points it at Fyers, who muses about how his meticulously executed plan over the past two years undone by a shipwrecked boy and tells him that he will get him off the island if he would stop messing with him. Oliver shoots the arrow at Fyers and kills him, marking the first occasion that Oliver killed someone with a bow and arrow.

Months later, Oliver has noticeably improved in his combat tactics, as noted by both Slade and Shado. The three of them soon find that there is a group of people on the island, and go to track them down. However, Shado is abducted by the group, forcing Oliver and Slade to try and rescue her. They soon find her being interrogated by a group of pirates, who are asking her where to find "bodies". Slade tells Oliver to wait until he signals him to attack, but Oliver, not being able to watch Shado being tortured, attacks them impulsively. While Slade fends off the other pirates, Oliver brutally murders their leader out of rage, shocking both Slade and Shado.

Slade then suggests that Shado talk to Oliver, as he worries that he will lose his mind. Shado and Oliver then make love with each other, clearly annoying Slade, who tells Oliver that Shado is a distraction to him that will likely cause him to die. The three of them then find skeletons of Japanese soldiers from World War II, which they determine is what the pirates were looking for, and deduce that more people will follow. Both lead one of the bodies to the plane, and while Shado examines, Oliver and Slade, out to get a point strategic if more pirates appear. During this time Slade further emphasizes that the dating of Oliver and Shado is a distraction that led to death. When both reach the summit of a mountain next, they discover that the Pirates, have a large ship on the coast of Lian Yu, and realize that this is by shooting missiles toward the plane, doing so both depart quickly in the rescue Shado. When they approach, the aircraft are knocked out by explosions of missiles. Oliver quickly sees Slade, with his hands on fire, and then faints. He wakes up some time later, in a cell, inside a ship, along with several people.

On the ship, he is approached by the surviving pirate that interrogated Shado. The Captain tells Oliver that he wants to know who his friends are and if he knows where the graves are at. The Captain gives him two options, either he tells the Captain what he wants to know or he will torture Oliver until he tells him what he wants to know, both options ends in death. Oliver tells the Captain to go to hell and he tells Oliver he can't cuss they are already there and the Captain shoots him with a gun in the stomach. While shot he finds tools and medicinal tools to remove the bullet, he asks the man in the cell next to him why they did this to him. The man reveals it is to see if he was strong enough to survive and shows Oliver a scar from the same injury. Oliver grabs the tools and he removes the bullet in great pain. The Captain once again approaches him and when he sees that Oliver survived being shot. the Captain tells him that he is now ready to talk. The Captain reveals that he and his crew have been looking for a grave site for two years, and asks Oliver once again if he found it and if he saw the bodies. Oliver doesn't tell the Captain anything but it is obvious that he did see the bodies and reports that they are on the right island. Later, the crew bring him out of his cell and the Pirate tells him is days of screaming have just begun. They throw him into a room and a woman enters the room holding a knife. The woman is shown to be Sara Lance.

Oliver, surprised to see Sara alive, tries talk to her, but she kicks him in the stomach and says prisoners doesn't speak. A man enters the room, introducing himself as Ivo and asking for Oliver's. Sara signals him not to tell give his real name, so Oliver begins to lie, starting by giving his name as Tommy and later claiming that he was the only survivor of a shipwreck that occurred near the island. When Ivo asks him if he came by a Japanese submarine while he was exploring the island, Oliver informs him that he hadn't, and Ivo reveals that during World War II, the Japanese created a serum called Miracle that increased the physical strength and rapid cell regeneration in humans, and that the serum was transported via a submarine that came under heavy fire and ran aground somewhere in the chain of islands Lian Yu belonged to. Ivo tells Oliver that it is thanks to him that they know it is Lian Yu. Oliver angrily responds by saying Ivo killed his friends, and Ivo tells him that with his friends dead, it is up to Oliver to help him find the sub.

Later, Sara comes to visit him in his cell, telling him that if the crew learns that they know each other, they will both be killed. Oliver tells Sara that he needs to warn his friends, believing them to still be alive, so she opens his cell later that night and tells him to follow her. The man next to his cell tells him not to forget the rest of them, and Oliver promises him that he will return. Sara brings him to a room with a radio transmitter inside it and shows him she can operate it. Oliver calls for them and Shado answers, but before he can reveal his location, Sara disconnects the radio. Ivo and the Captain enters the room, with Ivo revealing that Oliver has confirmed that his friends are alive and are still a threat, for which they will be killed. The Captain says they have no more use for Oliver and points his gun at his head, but Sara stops him, stating that Oliver might still be useful. Ivo agrees, telling him that he going back to the island and calling him by his name, letting Oliver know that Sara has been manipulating him the whole time.

Oliver is taken back to the island and led to the plane wreck, where The Captain lays charges to blow up their base. However, Shado manages to diffuse the detonator in time. At the grave site, Ivo questions Oliver about the hōzen,but Oliver doesn't reply, causing Ivo to get angry and send him outside to be tortured until he tells them where it is. As the Captain is about to start torturing Oliver, Shado and Slade appear to save him, shooting one of the men and grabbing Sara and Oliver before running away from Ivo and the others. Once they were a good distance away from Ivo, they stopped and Oliver mentioned the hōzen, which Shado kept as a pendant because it reminded her of her father. They realized that the etchings on one side of the hōzen are co-ordinates to the shipwrecked submarine, where the Miracle serum is being kept. When Sara explains that the serum can save the human race, Oliver asks her whether it save Slade, who is slowly dying due to his collective injuries.

Presumably agreeing that the serum can save Slade, Oliver, Sara, Shado and Slade begin to trek through the island towards the inscribed coordinates. During their journey, Shado questions Oliver on how he knew Sara, and he admits that she is Laurel's sister. Dismayed at his response, Shado begins to distance herself from him. They eventually find the submarine and enter it, leaving a weakened Slade near the entrance to find the serum. When they do, Sara reveals that they need to give Slade a sedative before injecting him with the serum, but another scan of the area reveals there are no sedatives in the sub. Oliver makes the decision to use the serum on Slade anyway, and before he is injected, Slade reveals that he has been in love with Shado the whole time she and Oliver were together. That said, Oliver gives him the serum, and he, Shado and Sara are horrified when it only seemed to kill him faster.

Before they can even mourn Slade, Ivo and his men arrive, taking the three of them captive. Once they collected the serum, Ivo has his men take them back up the island, where Sara plays on Ivo's affection for her to cajole him into letting Oliver and Shado go. But while Ivo admits that he cares about her, he forces Oliver at gunpoint to choose who he wants to live more, Sara or Shado. Given thirty seconds, Oliver tries to get Ivo to leave them alone, but is forced to kneel behind Sara when Ivo moves to shoot her. Taking this as Oliver's decision, Ivo shoots Shado, causing Oliver to be overcome with shock and guilt. Slade suddenly appears, attacking everyone standing. Ivo runs off, leaving his men to die, and when Slade discovers Shado's body and asks why she died, Sara lies for Oliver and says Ivo shot her without reason.

Oliver, Slade and Sara buried Shado next to Yao Fei and Robert, during her funeral Oliver says that he hopes that she is with her father. Slade gives Oliver Shado's green hood and at first he does not want it, but keeps it as Slade says that he should have it because of his relationship with Shado. Later as they are walking Sara can see that Oliver is going to tell Slade how Shado really died and she tells him not to do it because of the Mirakuru inside of him. When they are following Slade they ask him where they are headed and he says that he going to the plane to get geared up, to kill Ivo and his men. They try to stop him and as a result Slade grabs him by the neck and begins to chock him and Sara could only stop Slade, by hitting him with a branch. After letting go of Olivers neck, Slade was chocked over what he had just done and Oliver says that the Mirakuru is messing with his head. Later at night Ivo contact them on the radio and tells them that they have ten days to deliver the Mirakuru to him and in return he will give the safe passage of the Island. They then discover that Slade is gone and has taken the serum with him.

Oliver and Sara finally meet up with Slade, and they plan to infiltrate Ivo's freighter. Sara tells Oliver that he needs to kill Ivo before he has the chance to Slade the truth of Shado's death. With Oliver preparing for a dangerous mission, Sara makes him take cocculus indicus, which would counter-effect the effects of sodium pentothal. Later, Oliver shoots a bonfire, in which Ivo sees and sends troops out to investigate. They see Oliver and capture him, and in order to get the truth, Ivo injects him with the truth serum. Oliver, pretending to be dazed (unknowingly to Ivo), tells Ivo that Sara and Slade are in the engine room, when they are really on the deck. Ivo sends troops out to look. Oliver is captured, but when Sara start releasing people from their cells, Oliver uses his chance to attack, run, and to find Ivo. He finds him in the freighter's cockpit and prepares to kill him. Oliver aims his an arrow at Ivo as he says it is not as easy as it looks to kill. Oliver then responds by saying like how you murdered Shado. Ivo says he didn't murder her, but admits that he may have pulled the trigger, but Oliver aimed the gun. Oliver is mad, but Slade was around the corner, and he heard everything. Slade starts to fight Oliver. Explosions on the ship interrupt the battle and Oliver runs. With a chance, Sara and Thomas jump off, but before Oliver is able to jump, Slade grabs him by the ankle, and puts him into a cell. Slade announces that he was captain now. Later Slade orders the soldiers to release Oliver, and calls Ivo and gives him a gun. He makes Ivo try to shoot Oliver the way he shot Shado. He hesitates, and has his hand chopped off by Slade and taken away. Slade tells Oliver that he wouldn't die until he has fallen in deep despair. 

While in custody Slade has Ollie severely tortured by the ship's crew and zaps him with electricity before finally branding Oliver with the same tattoo on his back that Shado had. Later as part of an exchange deal between Slade and Sara, Oliver is returned to the island with Ivo in exchange for Hendrick and is told that they will remain prisoner there for the rest of their days. Slade also tells Oliver that once his ship is moving, his family is next.

Season 1

At some point, and under yet unknown circumstances, Oliver was rendered alone on the island. After 5 years, Oliver was trained intensely having acquired high level of combat ability, and acquiring a skill and accuracy with unparalleled archery, later he managed to spot a small fishing boat, and using improvised explosive devices, draws attention of Chinese fishermen, who ultimately rescue him and take him to Starling City. Oliver is given several medical exams that reveals that he has multiple scars, burns, and bone fractures that never properly healed. He returns home and meets up with the rest of his family. Together with his best friend Tommy, Oliver is given a brief tour of the city, where much of the city in a damaged state, with high poverty and high crime. After a difficult meeting with Laurel, Oliver and Tommy are kidnapped by three masked criminals, sent by his mother. They are taken to a hangar for interrogation. While Tommy remained unconscious, Oliver freed himself and easily took out two of the criminals, and after a quick chase took out the third. He gave the alibi that they were saved by a man in a green hood to Sergeant Quentin. Oliver decides to start his fight against crime, but his mother hires John Diggle, a former soldier who now works in private security. Oliver easily escapes him, and turns the basement of the family's old factory into the Arrowcave Using his bow and a green costume, he begins to fulfill his promise. He targets Adam Hunt, a corrupt man who tops The List Robert Queen gave him. As a hooded vigilante archer, Oliver eliminates Adam's men, and forces him to transfer 40 million dollars to the city, or he would steal all of it in an unfriendly way. Adam refuses and contacts the police to help defend himself. Oliver positions his welcome party across the street from Adam's building in order to carry out his mission without anyone noticing. While waiting for the deadline he catches Thea buying drugs at his party, and explains to her some of the regrets of his former life. Once the deadline passes he attempts to sneak away, only to be caught by John, who he knocks unconscious in order to continue his plan. Oliver storms the building and dispatches Adam's security but is wounded by stray gunfire. The police arrive and attempt to subdue him, but Oliver jumps through the window and uses his bow to zip line to safety and use his party as a cover. The next day Oliver was able to transfer the money Adam Hunt, due to capacity with an arrow router which stuck to Hunt's computer. At the end of the night, Laurel has a conversation with Tommy about their relationship while Oliver as the Hood watches. The Hood goes after another person on the List, after overthrowing his men, he forces him to transfer 40 million dollars for retirees of the court to Starling. Oliver went to investigate the circumstances of his death, he also conflicts with John, due to his constant escapes.[4]

In "Honor Thy Father", Walter and Moira ask for him to take a position within Queen Consolidated, but he rejects the offer. Later, he receives an explanation from his sister Thea for her rebelliousness, justifying the alleged death of Oliver and Robert, and also is encouraged to try to get closer to your loved ones. Following this advice, he goes to the apartment of Laurel, however they are interrupted by China White and her men who invade the apartment to kill Laurel, but with the help of John who was prowling the place, he eliminated the goons, but China White escaped. Oliver has another conversation with John who begins to suspect Oliver, due to his accuracy with the knife during the invasion of the apartment. The Hood goes behind Martin Sommers, it generates a pursuit to Starling docks, but The Hood grabs and forces him to confess to being the mastermind of a man who would testify against him. However, he ends up fighting with China White. The fight is interrupted by the police that invades the place, forcing both to flee, however during the struggle Sergeant Quentin intercepts The Hood who quickly disarms and flees, leaving a device with the recorded testimony of Sommers. The next day during the public memorial to Robert Queen, Oliver appears pretending to be selfish and irresponsible, to hide his real identity, and in front of the tomb of Robert, Oliver vows to fulfill his father's desire even if it means hurting those close to him.

In "Lone Gunmen", Oliver was tracking James Holder, a man from his list, but he is killed by an assassin known as Deadshot. Oliver decides to build a new night club above his hideout to explain where he goes at night. While comparing the competition, Oliver finds Thea, who reveals that Laurel and Tommy had been sleeping together during Oliver's absence. Which causes Laurel to become suspicious when Oliver does not react to the news. Meanwhile, Oliver uses his contacts in the Solntsevskaya Bratva to learn the assassin's true identity, and enlists the help of Sergeant Lance to stop Deadshot from assassinating more wealthy people. Oliver manages to stop Deadshot by knocking him unconscious by shooting an arrow through his eyepiece, but his bodyguard John Diggle is shot during Floyd Lawton's attempt. Oliver is forced to reveal his true identity as the vigilante to John in order to save his life. In another flashback, it is revealed that the archer who attacked Oliver was actually trying to help him. Oliver understands and escapes, but is pursued by an unknown group of armed men.

The Hood in action
Oliver in action as The Hood.
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In "An Innocent Man", When his bodyguard John Diggle is injured by Deadshot, Oliver takes him back to his lair to recuperate and reveals his identity to him.[6] Oliver offers a job to John supposedly as a sidekick. He declines, calling him a criminal and a murderer. Oliver later tries to have Laurel defend Peter Declan from receiving the death penalty and catch the real killer. After he saves Peter, Quentin figures out that Oliver is The Hood and arrests him at his home.

In "Damaged", Oliver insists on having Laurel as his attorney, and she eventually accepts to be his legal counsel. He is accepted as not being The Hood when he convinces John masquerade as the Hood and bust a gang and passing the polygraph test. Oliver is released and continues to act as The Hood.

In "Legacies", Later Oliver is diverted from the list when a gang of bank robbers start to hit more often. John convinces Oliver to stop the thieves, but it becomes complicated when he learns that the leader of the Royal Flush Gang was laid off by his father, and Oliver feels bad for that injustice. After a third hit, King (Derek Reston) was killed, and Ace (Kyle Reston) was incarcerated.

In "Muse of Fire", Oliver goes to Queen Consolidated to pick his mother up for a lunch date they are having. Moira is speaking to Paul Copani representing Bertinelli Construction Company. Suddenly, a biker appears and shoots Paul. Moira falls and hits her head. Oliver chases after the biker but after he loses track of the biker he heads back to his mother. His sister criticizes him for going after the biker when he should have stayed with his mother. Oliver discovers that the man who tried to close the deal with his mother works for Frank Bertinelli and decides to go undercover. He intends to have a chat over dinner with Frank but instead goes with his daughter. Although reluctant at first, he finds himself enjoying the evening. He heads to an Italian restaurant run by Mr. Russo, a man who pays protection money to the Bertinellis. The dinner is interrupted when John comes and informs Oliver that Nick Salvati, Frank Bertinelli's right hand man, was coming around to collect protection money and injuring anyone who refused. Oliver leaves to Hood up and returns to the restaurant where Nick has showed up with his crew. Just as they are about to break Mr. Russo's fingers, Oliver arrives as The Hood and protects him. He is joined by The Huntress. After taking out the men, Oliver and The Huntress fight it out. She is revealed to be Helena. Oliver meets with Helena at the grave of her late fiancée, Michael. Nick and his men jump the two and kidnap them. The two awake in a warehouse. Nick plans on killing the two but Oliver and Helena free themselves and kill all the men. Oliver and Helena then sleep together.

In "Vendetta", Oliver takes Helena under his wing and trains her to be a vigilante alongside himself. He gives her a crossbow because guns are too noisy and clumsy. The two bust a drug operation that is run by Frank Bertinelli. John warns him about taking these actions, saying that she may be to far gone, but Oliver ignores him, saying that he helps her get through the pain. This warning ends up proving true, as, against Oliver's hopes, Helena becomes too vengeful, and she ends up instigating a war between the Chinese Triad and Frank Bertinelli, by killing the Chinese Triad's leader, and saying it was a hit by Frank Bertinelli. Oliver and Sergeant Quentin are able to stop the war, and he takes Helena back to the Arrowcave. Helena leaves Starling City and Oliver comments, that he will see her soon enough. Oliver heads to the Bertinelli mansion where the Chinese Triad agents are storming the mansion. China White is about to kill Frank Bertinelli when she is stopped by Oliver. During the fight, Frank escapes only to be shot with a bolt by his own daughter. Oliver arrives just as she is about to kill him. This causes enough time for Frank to shoot her with her crossbow. Oliver knocks him out and brings Helena back to the Arrowcave. He tends to her wounds, but she remains ungrateful. She leaves the city and orders Oliver to stop bothering her if he wants his secret to remain a secret. Oliver tells her that he cares for her and lets her go.

In "Year's End", When another archer takes to the streets of Starling City, Oliver is determined to figure out who this impostor is. Oliver requests Sergeant Quentin's help in getting one of the arrows of the Dark Archer. Although he refuses, Oliver still tries to find the Dark Archer. At the same time, Oliver tries to reignite the Christmas spirit in the Queen family, he does this by restarting the Queen family Christmas party. As the party starts he learns that the other archer has taken hostages and plans on killing them if he does not get a visit from The Hood. He runs off to save the hostages, ditching the party, he gets into a hand to hand battle with the other archer. The fight ends in a draw, and Oliver wakes in the hospital, as John explains that he was hit by a car while on his motorcycle. He regrets his actions because he almost didn't win the fight, and he let the other archer live, but John tells him that he saved the hostages, and that is enough to be proud of.

In "Burned", Six weeks have passed, and Oliver is still recovering from his experience with The Dark Archer, emotionally, mentally, and physically. As firefighters are being killed, Oliver is reluctant to take up The Hood again. John convinces him otherwise, and although Oliver fails to stop the man, he learns the murderer is a former firefighter. Oliver deduces that the murderer is Garfield Lynns. He confronts the man's former fire chief but is ordered to leave. At a charity gala at his night club for the Fire Department, Garfield shows up and almost kills the fire chief. The Hood stops him and saves the lives of both of them. Garfield commits suicide by walking into the flames after being saved.

In "Trust but Verify", After an armored truck is robbed, and the drivers killed, Oliver believes that one of the thieves is ex-marine Ted Gaynor, an individual from his target list. John dismisses Oliver's assumption, as Ted was John's commanding officer during his first tour of duty in Afghanistan and saved John's life. Oliver goes after Ted regardless and steals encrypted data, but John intercedes and prevents Oliver from getting any information directly from Ted. The data is revealed to be plans for robbing armored trucks, to which Oliver uses to track and stop the thieves during their next heist. Oliver informs John that Ted was not at the heist, but someone from his security firm was. While investigating, John learns that Ted was the mastermind behind the robberies, and is forced to join Ted's team to recoup the money they lost on the previously failed heist. John backs out of helping Ted, who attempts to kill John in retaliation. Oliver arrives in time and kills Ted before he can succeed. Afterward, Oliver apologizes for not trusting John more.

In "Vertigo", After an accident with driving under the influence of drugs, Thea attempts to enter into a plea bargain with the district attorney, but determined to set an example for the Vertigo drug dealers, the judge dismisses the plea and orders the charges brought to trial. In an attempt to help Thea, Oliver begins working on tracking down the supplier, he eventually discovers that the supplier goes by The Count, and he arranges a meeting through his contacts with the Russian mob. The meeting is broken up by the police, and The Count injects Oliver with a concentrated dose of Vertigo when the latter attempts to follow him. John takes Oliver back to his hideout and uses medicinal herb's Oliver brought back with him from the island to fight the drug overdose. Afterward, Oliver has the drug analyzed by Felicity and uses the ingredients to track the location of The Count. As The Hood, Oliver is able to confront The Count and inject him with his own drug just as the police arrive as well. Finally, Felicity shows Oliver the list of names that Walter discovered, and informs him that they came from his mother.

In "Betrayal", Oliver confronts his mother about the list of names, but she denies any knowledge. John does not trust Moira and decides to look into her daily activities. Laurel enlists the help of The Hood when criminal Cyrus Vanch is released from prison on a technicality. Oliver acquires evidence that could put Cyrus back behind bars, but Cyrus discovers what The Hood is up to and kidnaps Laurel in an attempt to kill The Hood and take leadership over the city's gangs. Detective Quentin and The Hood team up to save Laurel, as Quentin realizes that Cyrus has contacts in the police force, and that was how he learned of Laurel working with The Hood. The pair save Laurel, with Oliver stopping Quentin from killing Cyrus as revenge for kidnapping Laurel. In order to protect Laurel, Oliver decides that she can no longer have contact with The Hood. John presents evidence to Oliver that his mother is connected to the group he is hunting, and that she also knew that his father's yacht was sabotaged and kept it to herself. In response, Oliver decides to interrogate his mother again, but this time as The Hood.

In "The Odyssey", While confronting his mother, Oliver lets his guard down, and Moira manages to grab a gun and shoot him. Seeking out Felicity for help, Oliver exposes his secret and asks Felicity to take him to his hideout. With John's help, the bullet is removed, and Oliver is stabilized. Felicity agrees to join Oliver and John, but only until they find Walter.

In "Dodger", Oliver learnt of a jewel thief named The Dodger, who used hostages tagged with bomb collars to steal for him, and how he had come to Starling City. Felicity suggested that Oliver bug the phone of Detective McKenna, an old friend of Oliver's, to gain information on The Dodger. She also convinced Oliver to ask Detective McKenna out on a date so that he could have some down time. Through the wire tap, Oliver was able to determine The Dodger's next location, but was stunned by a bomb thrown by the thief, who subsequently got away. To draw out The Dodger, Oliver donated antique jewels to a local auction. The plan worked, and lured the Dodger, but Felicity was caught tracking the thief, who placed a bomb collar on her as insurance in his getaway. Oliver managed to stop The Dodger and deactivate the collar.

In "Dead to Rights", Oliver stopped a hired gunman who comes to Starling City, but had to enlist Felicity to decipher Guillermo's phone and determine who the target was. Oliver persuaded Tommy to attend an award ceremony where Malcolm Merlyn received a humanitarian award. At the last moment, Oliver discovered that Malcolm was the target and raced to the event to save him. Although he was almost caught by Detective McKenna, Oliver managed to get Malcolm away from China White's men. While in an office, Malcolm was shot with one of Deadshot's poison tipped bullets, and Oliver was forced to reveal his identity to Tommy in order to secure his trust so that he could save Malcolm's life.

In "The Huntress Returns", Oliver has just opened up his new night club and is happy with McKenna, but then Helena, aka The Huntress, arrives still trying to find her father. She threatens Oliver's family and manages to get him on board. Oliver tries to deny his feelings for her throughout the whole episode, but he just cant bring himself to hurt her. When she finally finds her father she ends up shooting McKenna and fleeing. McKenna gets hurt by the bullet and has to go away to live at her sisters house, in Coast City.

In "Salvation", Oliver has decided to stay away from relationships as they always get hurt. A new villain appears, grabbing people from the glades and shooting them. When the villain claims he got the idea from The Hood, Oliver decides to take him down. After Roy gets taken, Thea comes to Oliver for help, and Oliver saves Roy (as The Hood).

In "Unfinished Business", a girl dies of Vertigo after being in Oliver's night club. Oliver pays a visit to The Count with no luck. Thinking that he was crazy. But after The Count escapes and a stronger flood of Vertigo sweeps town, Oliver, Felicity and John decide to take him down. Oliver finds The Count realizing that he was crazy, his doctor had found some in his system and was able to work out the recipe. Oliver kills him and his partner with some help from John.

In "Home Invasion", Laurel takes on a case with two parents and their son and Deadshot returns to starling city. John is determined to take him down but after the parents of the young boy dies, Laurel goes to great lengths to protect him, including staying at Oliver's house as he has "more protection than the white house" after Tommy suggested it. Unfortunately, Laurel's case clashes with John's feud and Oliver has to make a choice. He chooses Laurel and ends up losing John's trust.

In "The Undertaking", Oliver doesn't want to apologize for not helping John so, despite a visit from Felicity, John wont come back. Oliver and Felicity find a lead on Walters location and to reconfirm the lead, Felicity wants to go out on the "field". Oliver is against it, not wanting to put her at risk but she is determined to find him. Oliver ends up having to come to her rescue. They find Walter after Oliver listened to a conversation between Moira and Malcolm. Oliver apologizes to John, realizing that he needs all the help that he can get.

In "Darkness on the Edge of Town", Oliver and John devise a plan where John dresses as The Hood and kidnaps Oliver and Moira in an attempt to uncover the truth about the Undertaking. The plan works, and Oliver, Felicity, and John break into Merlyn Global Group to hack the mainframe and find the device. Oliver tries to convince Tommy to get back with Laurel but after realizing that once he had finished stopping the Undertaking he could stop being the Hood, he decides to go to Laurel himself. Tommy takes his advice and decides to go to her, only to witness them kissing. Back as the Hood, John and Oliver split up, Oliver going after Malcolm and John after the device. The device is gone, and Oliver tries to fight Malcolm, with no success.

In "Sacrifice", After escaping from Malcolm, Oliver tries to tell Tommy the truth about his father which Tommy denies. He is able to defeat Malcolm by stabbing him in the chest with an arrow while being strangled. Oliver was too late to save Tommy, but he apologizes to Oliver, for being angry and jealous at him, Tommy criticizes himself for being like his father, but Oliver tries to assure him, that he's nothing like his father, Tommy reconciles with Oliver, and they become friends again, He watched Tommy die in Laurel's office after the Undertaking levels the east sector of the Glades, much to Oliver's grief.

Season 2

In "City of Heroes", Oliver is seen to have left Starling City for some time and returned to Lian Yu. Tommy's death and Oliver's failure to prevent the city's total destruction left an impact on him. Diggle and Felicity travel to the island to find Oliver, and the convince him to return. He returns, but states not to become the Hood again. After his sister is taken by the copycat group The Hoods, Oliver puts on his mask once more and rescues his sister and hand The Hoods over to the police. He agrees to become the vigilante again, but, to honor Tommy's memory, will no longer kill. He also realizes that he no longer wants to be called "The Hood".

In "Identity", Oliver discovers through Roy that drugs that are distributed to the public hospitals Glades, are being stolen by the Chinese Triad, thus causing it to go into confrontation with China White, and her new partner Bronze Tiger. Amidst this, Oliver is attacked, by the people and Sebastian Blood, due to the involvement of his family in the earthquake provoked by Malcolm Merlyn. Thus making him a bountiful feast, to help people injured in the quake. After capturing China White and her accomplices, Oliver asks Roy to help him, and to be his informant in the Glades, and decides to convince Laurel that he is not a criminal, however ends up being trapped in the building of the prosecution due to a trap set by Laurel.

In "Broken Dolls", The Canary invades the building prevents Oliver from getting caught. A criminal known as The Dollmaker, kidnapping and killing, random women, escapes from prison, due to earthquake damage. This makes Quentin ask for help from The Hood, now named The Arrow. Oliver also asks Roy to track The Canary. The team tries using Felicity as bait to trap the Dollmaker but this is unsuccessful and the Dollmaker captures Laurel instead. The Arrow comes in and rescues Laurel. Then The Canary steps in to lend her help in the fight and despite The Arrow's protests she kills the Dollmaker and makes her escape.

In "Crucible", Felicity gives Oliver the idea that The Canary may not be following The Arrow, but Laurel instead. He was able to catch her, only for him to be shocked that she not only knows his identity, but she was actually Sara Lance, Laurel's presumably dead sister. While shocked by this new information, he pursues an arms dealer called "The Mayor" who was getting his hands on military weapons. After he attacked a gun rally hosted by Oliver and Sebastian Blood, Felicity managed to find him and Oliver recruits Sara to help him. Meanwhile, he insists on telling Laurel about Sara, even though it would cost him his friendship with her and Laurel's recent drinking problem, but agrees to keep her secret.

In "League of Assassins", Oliver and Sara are attacked by a man who was dressed like Malcolm Merlyn. Sara reveals to him that she used to be a member of the League of Assassins, something that clearly shakes Oliver. They confront the assassin, only to see he wasn't alone as two more appeared, and being outmatched, The Arrow and The Canary retreated. After a threat against her family, Oliver kept a watch over Laurel until Felicity called, revealing the assassins were going after Quentin. The Arrow intervenes and while two were killed, Sara left a warning with the last one alive that her family was off limits.

In "Keep Your Enemies Closer", after dealing with counterfeiters that Roy found, Oliver and Felicity offered to help Diggle rescue his friend, Lyla Michaels, from Russia, who was searching for Deadshot. However, it gets complicated when Isabel shows up and comes along, thinking that Oliver was taking the corporate jet for a weekend with Felicity. Oliver introduces Diggle to his old friend, Anatoli Knyazev, who reports Lyla is in prison, but he can get them into the prison thanks to a guard he paid off. After securing transport to get him out, he bonded with Isabel and they ended up sleeping together, something that hurt Felicity. Back home, she asks why he hooked up with Isabel, Oliver responds by saying that he shouldn't get involved with anyone he might actually care about, but Felicity he deserves better than her.

In "State v. Queen", Oliver, Thea and Moira are present for her trial, only for Oliver to learn Diggle has been poisoned with Vertigo and see the same thing happen to the assistant District Attorney. After a televised broadcast by Count Vertigo, Oliver managed to save the ADA, but couldn't stop Vertigo himself. The next day, Moira revealed to both of them a serious threat to her defense; in a moment of weakness, she had an affair with Malcolm Merlyn. Back the trail, Oliver received a call from Vertigo, who had not only revealed his identity, but also had Felicity hostage. At his office, clad in his Arrow costume, Vertigo fires at Oliver, but he manages avoid all of the gunfire. However, Vertigo threatened Felicity with his injector, which got him co-operate at first, but when tries to kill her anyway, Oliver delivered three arrows to his chest, making him fall to his death and breaking Oliver's no killing rule. When Felicity thanked him and tried apologize, Oliver assured her that there was no other choice because he was going to hurt her.

In "The Scientist", Queen Consolidated is invaded by a mysterious figure. After a brief investigation police, Oliver stumbles upon arrival at the forensic expert Barry Allen ,from Central City, and claims to be working with similar cases, and that the suspect theoretically possesses superhuman abilities. Oliver initially feel disturbed by the presence of Allen, due to its proximity to Felicity. After research results, Oliver goes behind the suspect, that this was in possession of a truck. During their confrontation , the opponent is proved, as having an enormous strength and endurance, and easily beats Oliver, whilst driving the moving vehicle. Oliver later revealed that during his stay on the island, he had faced enemies with such skills , however the serum that gave these powers, was destroyed. Oliver throws a party to celebrate the release of his mother, and also discovers that Barry is actually an assistant forensic scientist and that was not sent to Starling City by his superiors. After analyzing the blood of the criminal, Oliver is goes to a warehouse where the individual would commit a new theft. During the confrontation, Oliver is overcome and seriously injured.

In "Three Ghosts", Oliver ends up being saved by Barry, who was brought to him by Felicity, he initially disapproves of the decision of Felicity, by revealing his true identity. Oliver goes home and sees Roy after hearing from Moira that Thea wouldn't leave her room, seriously injured by the arrow which he shot earlier, he then pulls it out and tells Roy that Diggle will patch it up. He then proceeds to hallucinate with Shado, where she tells him that their attitudes as overseer, are unnecessary. Oliver asks Barry to analyze your blood and find out if the poison used to save him causes him to have hallucination. Through a digital of Oliver's neck, they discover that the enemy had nearly killed Oliver, is actually Cyrus Gold. Diggle then goes to Cyrus' house to search for him, stumbling across the poem about Solomon Grundy, and is attacked by Cyrus. After Diggle escaped from Gold, The Arrow went to Quentin and gives him the location of Gold, asking to kill him . Later, Oliver decides to practice with his bow, however he has hallucinations of Slade, one that calls him a coward, and begins a fight with Oliver, in which he breaks several things in Arrowcave. After that, Barry tells Oliver that hallucinations are purely psychological, and Diggle tells him that this is a message in which he should understand. After the unit Quentin is almost all killed by Gold, Oliver receives permission from Quentin to kill him without success. Oliver goes to the supposed location of Gold, and finds Brother Blood injecting a dose of Mirakuru into Roy who had been captured. Initially, Cyrus Gold was winning the fight, but a hallucination of Tommy helps Oliver regain his strength and motivation, and by violent blows he drops Gold, and the supply of Mirakuru explodes, seemingly killing him. Oliver manages to resuscitate Roy, who was almost dead due to Mirakuru. At the Arrowcave, Oliver receives a box from Barry, that this had already returned to Central City, inside the box was a custom mask.

In "Blast Radius", Arrow spends the next 5 weeks searching for Brother Blood by interogating as many criminals in the Glades as he could, while during the day as Oliver he continues to support Sebastian in his camapign, unaware that they are the same, but is forced to deal with the bomb threats of Shrapnel who blows up two buildings before targeting Sebastian's unity rally. Oliver also has a falling out with Felicity, who spent most of the 5 weeks visiting Barry as he was struck by lightning and was in a coma, but eventually came to make peace with her. Arrow visited Blood later and tried to get him to call off the rally but the alderman refused and Arrow was forced to head to the rally to stop Shrapnel himself. He later met with Sebastian who offered an alliance to the Arrow believing that together they could save the city and Arrow agreed.

In "Blind Spot"

In "Tremors" Oliver contined to train Roy in the same techniques Shado used on the island but this only enraged Roy and Oliver told Diggle and Felicity about his story with Slade and his Mirakuru incident and why it was so important that he not fail Roy. Later Ben Turner aka Bronze Tiger escaped prison and broke into Malcolm Merlyns house for his prototype Earthquake machine and at Roy's insistance agreed to take him along with. However once there Roy lost control on one guard while Oliver was stuck fignting Turner before he used the oppertinity to escape with the machine. Later Roy lost control against Oliver and headed out to stop Turner himself. Oliver later got wind of where Turner was hidding but was told by Thea on the phone that Laurel was loosing it in Verdant. Oliver went to reason with her and learned that she had been disbarded from her job and starting flirting with Oliver and he patiently told Thea to call a cab for her, he also discreetly called Sara and told her that Laurel needed her. Later when Oliver found Turner and his employer Milo Armitage he was ambushed and stabbed by Turner in the back but Roy arrived and attacked Turner while Armitage activated the machine forcing Oliver to reveal his idenity to Roy to make him stop attacking Turner and help him destroy the machine. Oliver later introduced Roy to Felicity and Diggle in the lair. 

In "Heir to the Demon", Oliver was present when Walter and Mark Francis were discusing Moira's upcoming campaign agaisnt Sebastian Blood but was called to the hosptial after Laurel was admited with Quentin and Dinah and noticed Laurel's eyes were strangly miscolored. Oliver later met up with Sara in the Arrowcave and tried to convince her not to leave again and received a call from Quentin telling him to put Sara on. Later Sara met up with Quentin but Oliver secretly tailed her, as Arrow, and saw Nyssa al Ghul, the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, arrive and saw the two kissing and when he apporached them Sara begged him to back off for Nyssa's sake. Later Oliver discovered that Laurel was actually poisned by Nyssa to draw Sara back to bring her back to the leauge. Arrow and Canary later tailed Nyssa and her lackie in a van and discovered that they had abducted Sara's mother. Later at Moira's campaign anouncement Felicity told Oliver that Malcolm Merlyn was Thea's true father. Later Sara agreed to rejoin Nyssa but took the snake poisen assuming that Sara was going to kill Nyssa with it but when Arrow found her she had actually poisened herself and Arrow fought Nyssa and defeated her and saved Sara with special herbs from the island. Later Oliver confronted Moira about keeping her secret of Merlyn being Thea's father from him and disowned her. Later Oliver was traininng in the cave when Sara showed up and told him about Laurel's less than positive reaction to her being alive and Oliver told Sara that her family wasn't what he thought. After the two had a moment Oliver and Sara passionatly kissed each other before making love.

In "Time of Death" Oliver holds a welcome home party for Sara at the Queen Mansion and has to pretend that he was unaware of her survival as do the others. Oliver also calls Laurel to ask her to come but Quentin tells him that she isn't coming and confesses to Oliver that he was too harsh and out of line on Oliver last year and the two reconsile. Oliver also does his best to avoid Moira but Thea begins to notice the two not talking. Later Arrow and Canary meet with Quentin about a criminal who stole a device called a "skeleton key". Arrow and Canary following a lead on it's location found a bank already robbed but their communications were interupted by an unknown individual who told that that a bus was about to colide with a train, forcing Arrow to stop the bus while Canary went after the man in question and got his blood when she hit him, later discovering this to be William Tockman aka Clock King. Arrow and Canary followed another lead on Tockman's whereabouts but it was a diversion while Tockman hacked into the Arrowcave's secreuity and fried the computers. As Felicity worked to repair it Oliver acompanied Sara to a family dinner at Laurel's house which was awkwardly broken up by Laurel after she figured out from looks that Oliver and Sara were together again and stormed off but Oliver stopped her and directly confronted her on her issues but when she ignored him, Oliver stated that he didn't love her anymore and went back inside. Later Oliver, Sara and Dig went after Felcity who decided to head out alone after Tockman and Oliver was faced with his guards while Sara and Felicity stopped Tockman. Later when Oliver and Sara were talking at the bar he got a text from Thea stating that there was an emergancy at the house but it turns out it was a trick to get Oliver and Moira to talk. Before Oliver could leave Moira introduced him to Slade Wilson who was alive and well, much to Oliver's horror.

In "The Promise" Slade continues to socialise with Oliver and Moira but secretly taunts Oliver about events from the island before Thea gives him a tour of their art collection and Oliver desrectly calls Felicity and Roy and Sara show up at the house, forcing Slade to leave but Oliver decides to escort Slade to his car as Diggle was meant to take a headshot on Slade but was aprehended. As they were walking Oliver figured out that Cyrus Gold and Brother Blood worked for him and Slade vows to fulfil his promise as he leaves. 

In "Suicide Squad"

In "Birds of Prey", Oliver helps Sara with watching over Detective Lance as he starts a police raid against Hugo Mannheim. A gun fight starts and Arrow helps with taking down Mannheim's henchmen. Arrow sees Frank Bertinelli run away from the gun fight but he stops him by shooting a ensnarement arrow on his legs. Oliver then escapes when police reinforcements arrive. In the Arrowcave, Oliver explains why Helena wants her father dead. In a flashback, Oliver gets tortured by the Amazo's crew. Back in the present, Oliver and the team finds out that Helena has rented a car is heading to Starling City. Oliver asks Roy if he's ready to get back in field. Oliver tracks down the car and stands in front if with his bow aimed at it. The driver turns out to be someone else and Oliver stops Roy from killing the driver by calling him "Speedy". Oliver interrogates the driver and finds out that Helena payed the driver to drive the car. Back in the cave, Oliver continues to investigate Helena and Sara nods to him as a sign to check how Roy is doing. Oliver expresses his concern about Roy's rage and asks him to stay away from Thea. Felicity shows Oliver the news about Laurel will lead the prosecution against Bertinelli. Oliver heads to the courthouse to meet Laurel. The Huntress arrives to kill her father and Oliver tries to talk her out of it. The Huntress had brought her henchmen and a gun fight starts between them and the police. Oliver pulls Laurel and Frank away from the gun fight. Oliver gets a phone call from officer Lance to speak with the Arrow. Oliver calls Arrowcave to bring him his costume and equipment. The Arrow tells the Canary to bring Laurel out of there but Laurel refuses. In a flashback, Oliver tells Sara to not comply to Slade's demands, which results in Oliver getting electrocuted. Back in the courthouse, The Huntress captured Laurel and demands Oliver to bring her father. During the trade, several policemen starts shooting at the vigilantes. A policeman aimed at the Arrow but Quentin saved him by knocking the policeman out. Oliver visits Helena at the police station and talks about how he failed Helena. During a flashback, Oliver has been tattooed on his back, the same tattoo as Shado's and Slade explains to him that this is how the Romans reminded the criminals of what they've done. At Verdant, Oliver meets Thea and she tells him about Roy cheating on her. Oliver also meets up with Sara there, he kisses her and compliments her on what she did back at the courthouse.

In Deathstroke Oliver continues to train Roy in the skills of archery to control his rage until Felicity tells him about a meeting with Isabel and the board which he needs to attend. Once there 30 minutes before the meeting Moira visits Oliver to confirm if he is indeed showing up to the debate between her and Sebastian Blood but he assures her that he will keep up public apperances as promised. Later at the debate he tries to get in touch with Thea who hasn't shown up and wishes Sebastian luck. However during the debate a video tape of Thea being helf captive is shown and Slade in his Deathstroke uniform appears much to Oliver's horror. Oliver later meets with Isabel at the company and apoints her temporary CEO so he can focus more on finding Thea and also yells at Police Luietenant Frank Pike for not getting any further in the investigation. After Felicity finds Slade's whereabouts Arrow, Canary and Roy head out and sedate him until Detective Lance arrests and questions him but Slade has his tracks covered and is released and Quentin is discriminated. Later Oliver and Moira reconsile over their recent disagreements in the wake of Thea's abduction and Oliver arrives in the Arrowcave just in time to see Roy strangling Dig and Sara with an arrow pointed Roy's chest and Oliver was forced to break up the tension. Roy then decleared that he is done and leaves the team. To make matters worse Felicity discovers that Isabel has taken control of the company after an emergancy board meeting and becomes the 60% shareholder.Oliver confronts her about it in the office and reveals that she knows his secret and is working with Slade, when Oliver asks why she replies "the sins of the father are the sins of the son" before attacking him. However Oliver overpowers Isabel and gets Thea's location out of her and Slade wants Oliver to come alone or Thea dies. The Arrow then attacks the warehouse but doesn't find Thea and Felicity tells him that Thea just walked into the SCPD and when he arrives Dig and Sara tell him that Slade highjacked an Iron Heights Prisoner transfer bus, meaning that Thea's abduction was a diversion. Oliver and Moira arrive and tearfully reunite with Thea reveals that Slade told her that Malcolm Merlyn is her father and storms off, their relationship now shattered. Later in the Arrowsave Oliver begins to doubt himself for letting Isabel take the company, letting Slade take Thea and tell her about Malcolm, letting Quentin get arrested and for failing Roy but Dig and Felicity snap him out of it and Oliver declears that they are taking the fight to him.


Prior to his time on Lian Yu, Oliver was the stereotypical spoiled brat and bad boy. He was unimaginably rich, a playboy and didn't care who got hurt due to his actions. He was also laid back, selfish, and a manipulator, back then. He underwent a rapid change in his personality when his father killed himself, so that Oliver could survive and right his wrongs and also when Sara died because of him. On the island he becomes more subdued, depressed and retreats into a shell. He is inspired by Slade Wilson, who mentors him and teaches him almost everything he knows that he needs for crime-fighting later and as a result gains a much needed sense of loyalty and his sense of principles, morals, integrity and honor which he already had withou knowing, began to rise to the surface. 

Upon returning to civilization, he tries to make amends with his family, Laurel and her father. In order to keep his identity a secret, he continues his bratty personality to a certain extent. To those who know about his secret identity The Arrow, he is responsible, disciplined, intelligent, confident, slightly impulsive, always thinking everything through and an individual who always look out for others. He only kills his enemies in self-defense or to save the lives of innocent people, but tries his best to avoid it. He never acts as judge, jury and executioner, and has a sense of justice and honor. He is always willing to give those he punishes a second chance, those on the list by surrendering willingly to the authorities and those not on the list, by stopping whatever crime they are committing, and always tries to do the right thing. He also tries to pry out information from his enemies, or tries to get them to confess to a crime they commit it, and records it with one of his trick arrows, and sends it to the police so they can be brought to justice, (by making them think he is going to kill them, when he is actually bluffing), or some times tries to get solid evidence. He is prudent enough to admit he made mistakes and learns from them as well, and he doesn't like to admit when he's wrong, only doing it when he is face with cold hard facts. Also he is not above apologizing to people, he has unintentionally hurt, or those he has intentionally hurt, when he was a bad boy and a spoiled brat 5 years ago, even if some of them are people he dislikes for a good reason. He tries to see good in everyone (although he has great difficulties trusting anyone), which makes him a little naïve.

However, he doesn't see straight when it comes to those he cares about, often either putting himself at unnecessary risks for them or refusing to admit to logical suspicion on them. He also prioritizes some people or tasks, particularly those related to his family, over others, despite circumstances saying that he should do it the other way around instead. Oliver dislikes vigilantes with no morals nor codes, nor sense of remorse, who kills solely for personal revenge, and dislikes criminals who kills primarily for money, Whenever he encounters these types of vigilantes or criminals, who often say they were the same, he fervently corrects them. His temper is well controlled, though he is still prone to emotional outbursts when it comes to issues concerning those he holds dear.

His sense of humor is dry, with a hint of sarcasm, While he is not afraid of dying, he is afraid of leaving those he cares about, with broken hearts again, which makes him nearly fearless, and he is very stubborn. He also uses his position, as being one of the highest ranking members of the Solntsevskaya Bratva, to help get information to locate people he's having problems finding, like Deadshot, or Count Vertigo. He does not like lying to the people he cares about, particularly his friends and family, he only does it to protect them, from his secret life as The Arrow. Oliver also became really clever in covering his tracks by opening a night club to make people believe he's managing his night club at night while actually fulfilling his duties as The Arrow.

Despite his newer tough and honorable exterior Oliver still had a slight sense of arrogence beleving that he could mend Helena Bertinelli out of her crime spree, and maybe even be with her as had grew feelings for her, and tried to date McKenna Hall, an old friend of his, despite all that was going on in his life both of which he eventually confessed he was wrong to think that he could change Helena and be the Arrow and still have a proper life like with McKenna. He was also completely unwilling to beleive anything regarding his mother's invovlement in Malcolm Merlyn's undertaking even when presented with more than enough eviedence to confirm it. Oliver is also highly blinded by his love for Laurel that he will do anything she needs, as the Arrow, which he sometimes admits is a blind spot he has.

Although Oliver had the best interest of helping the people of Starling City in mind, he was rather quite ruthless over the course of Season One, having killed 26 people in cold blood. He also used the catchphrase "You have failed this city" when threatening his wealthy victims or about to kill them. . Oliver also speaks perfect Mandarin, which was taught to him by Yao Fei and Shado, to the point a Chinese Restaurant worker thought Oliver was from China. 

When Tommy died Oliver was deeply affected and even exiled himself back to the island for a brief time and refused to become the Arrow again but changed his mind when Thea was kidnapped, but instead of killing her kidnappers decided to spare them. From that point onward Oliver became almost completley against killing his targets, though occasionally has broken this rule to save the ones he loves, most noticably Count Vertigo.

Oliver also holds deep regreat for the people that he has let die on the island such as Shado and the people he beleived were dead such as Sara and Slade. Shado most noticably continues to haunt Oliver in his nightmares and Oliver even wares the hood in her memory, Oliver's hallucination of Slade told Oliver that he is merley wearing the hood because of Shado. 

Physical appearance

Oliver is a handsome Caucasian male, with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and about "6'1" in height. He is also well-toned, especially after his return from the island. Before the wreck Oliver had his hair just above the shoulders and with no facial hair. When rescued by fishermen, he is seen with longer hair and a long beard. After returning to civilization Oliver is seen to have a series of scars all over his body, along with a dragon tattoo on his left shoulder and a star tattoo of the Solntsevskaya Bratva Organization on the left side of his chest. Oliver typically dresses in a simple way, using shirts, jeans and boots, often putting on leather coats. While on the island he was seen most of time wearing stolen "soldiers" uniforms. He frequently uses tuxedos or suits for social events and for parties at Verdant. When dressed as The Arrow, his costume consists of a green leather vest with a simple green hood on a leather jacket of the same color, with details on The Arrow's arms and black gloves. He teams it up with leather pants with green details from the knees down and black boots. A Quiver is tied around the chest. He employs flechettes on his left forearm and a holster for knives is strapped to his right leg. He also dons eye makeup, to conceal his identity in lieu of his usual face mask. As of "Three Ghosts". Oliver now wears a green domino mask.

During his stay on Lian Yu, Oliver was attacked, beaten, and tortured by several different groups of men, resulting in scars on 20% of his body, as well as second-degree burns on his back and arms as well as twelve fractures throughout his body that never properly healed. Oliver also has a star on his upper left chest, signifying his role as a Bratva Captain. He also has a dragon tattoo on his upper left back similar to Shado's which was given to by Slade as a brand due to Shado's death.


  • Peak of human physical condition: Oliver is shown to be in top physical condition from his intense exercises both in the Arrowcave and from his time on the island. His training regimen seems to be inspired by his mentors on the Island and possibly others. Due to his youth, Oliver is faster than Malcolm Merlyn and is not only strong enough to break a man's neck in a matter of seconds, but is even stronger than the formidable Helena Bertinelli. Like Malcolm, Oliver is able to dodge an arrow, his reflexes also allowed him to catch a flechette thrown at him by Roy Harper, and possibly an arrow.
  • Honed senses: Oliver has repeatedly demonstrated being able to sense danger before anyone else near him does. His keen powers of perception offer aid in otherwise detrimental situations.
  • Master archer: Oliver is extremely experienced and has outstanding archery skills. He has extreme accuracy with the bow and arrow, allowing him to shoot 6 bouncing tennis balls without missing, shoot small objects off of people without harming them and shoot with deadly accuracy even while he is moving. His archery skills extend even to throwing of improperly weighted kitchen knives and even a rusty pole. Oliver has also demonstrated enough skill in archery to fire three arrows at once while disorientated from the effects of Vertigo. While two missed, the third hit its target. His archery skills are at near-superhuman levels.
  • Master stick fighter: Oliver is shown to be a master stick fighter. He knows the Filipino martial art, Kali (also known as Eskrima or Arnis), and shows his skills practicing on a training dummy or sparring with Diggle in one of the episodes. In "Crucible", he was able to take down three of The Mayor's thugs simultaneously, while he was using Sara's bo-staff. Oliver most definitely would have taking down the fourth thug, if Sara had not gotten to him first. 
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Oliver excels in advanced hand to hand combat, being a master martial artist. He is proficient in various types of fighting, and can more than hold his own against his opponents, whether with his signature bow and arrow or completely unarmed. He styled his fighting styles of self defense, offense, grappling, and takedown after his mentors, Yao Fei, Slade Wilson, and Shado. The fighting form seems to be a combination of Wing Chun, Hapkido, Jujitsu, and Eskrima, as Oliver has been seen regularly training with sticks, knives and has even used his bow as an improvised weapon. Oliver has also learned several hand-to-hand combat techniques from Yao Fei, Shado, Slade, and possibly others he's met on the island and has learned several useful techniques from them. One example being Oliver's ability to put people in a death-like state to fool people and can bring his victims back to life later with a mere touch to the chin.
  • Free running/Acrobatics/Stealth: Oliver has shown himself capable of scaling buildings and running from rooftop to rooftop easily. On one occasion he scaled a building using the window ledges of the building to retrieve a bullet. On another occasion, he leapt over a rooftop to land on a lower one. It allows him to sneak in and out of almost any unguarded building without being detected. His impressive stamina coupled with his free running skills almost allows him to outrun and capture Helena Bertinelli, who is riding a Motorbike, after shooting Paul Copani. Additionally, Oliver has shown being able to conceal his very presence in order to spy on or get close to his intended target(s) without them knowing he is close.
  • Skilled detective/Tactician: Oliver has been shown to have great detective skills when searching for information about the people on his list. While he is no expert in anything outside his physical skills, he has shown to have extensive knowledge in various fields, including computer engineering, toxicology, combat medicine, weapons and so on, all of which he uses to effectively aid in his investigation while maintaining discretion, often without needing aid from anyone else. Occasionally when things are more than he can handle, he is also shown to be resourceful enough to acquire assistance from his network of contacts, whether they are willing to help or not. His deductive thinking allows him to think ahead of his enemies and is capable enough to devise an elaborated plan to shake off suspicions of him being Arrow.
  • Multilingual: Oliver is capable of fluently speaking English, Russian, and Mandarin. He can speak Mandarin so perfectly, that he was able to fool a blinded Triad member into believing he was actually Chinese.
  • First aid/Toxicology: It has been shown that Oliver is educated in various types of medicine and first aid. He was able to provide medical attention to himself and John, as well as determine the type of poison (Curare) that the bullet contained from his blood, compliments of Deadshot. He has been shown to be able to give first aid on himself or others, and going so far even to treat bullet wounds completely without having to go to the hospital. He apparently keeps stocks of his own blood in his hideout, storing them for future use.
  • Intimidation/Interrogation: As The Arrow, Oliver commands a very intimidating presence, which strikes fear into the hearts of the criminals he confronts.
  • Indomitable will/Tolerance for pain: Oliver has shown to be very stubborn, and is nearly fearless. Under no situation would he ever give up. Even on the island while he was untrained and in no shape to fight anyone, he was shown to be quite resistant to pain. Oliver was able to injure Malcolm Merlyn's leg with a flechette, before knocking him out cold with a single punch, despite being badly injured by his arrows and having 3 broken ribs. He also came back from being shot by his mother, despite the fact that he was only given time to recover overnight. In his final encounter with Malcolm, Oliver was able to take Malcolm down by summoning all his residual strength into a single blow, immediately after he stabbed himself through the shoulder with one of Malcolm's arrows.
  • Expert driving skills: Oliver has the ability to drive multiple vehicles, and appears to be skilled at it. He is able to pursue enemies in various ways using different vehicles, known of are a car and a motorcycle.
  • Master at subterfuge: Oliver also possesses considerable skills at lying and deception, having once bested a lie detector test where only a "slight flutter" was detected coming off of him. He uses these attribute to hide his double life as a wealthy club owner and vigilante.
  • Custom weapons and Equipment developer: As The Arrow, Oliver is well adept at crafting his own weapons and gadgets which he uses for his cause. Among his many innovations include his customized Trick arrows, bows, and Voice filter.
  • Observation: Oliver is shown to be extremely observant in Legacies and was able to deduce apart from three men involved in a robbery, there was also a woman, disguised as a hostage.


  • Customized Recurve Bow: Oliver, as The Arrow, uses as his weapon of choice a Customized Recurve Bow combined with his arrows to fulfill his promise and mission he made to his father before his death. It is unknown if it was designed by Oliver, Slade, Shado, or Anatoli, and it is also unknown what materials it was made from.
  • Carbon Fiber Long Bow: this Carbon Fiber Long Bow serves as Oliver's spare bow, after his Customized Recurve bow was chopped in half by a downward forearm strike from Malcolm. It belonged to his late mentor Yao Fei.
  • Customized Oneida Kestrel Compound bow: This Customized Oneida Kestrel Compound Bow serves as Oliver's new bow, it was designed by Felicity.
  • Oliver Queen's crossbow: Oliver used this crossbow once he was in the elevator shaft, when he was in the building of Merlyn Global Group, while using one of his grappling hook bolts and swinging across the elevator shaft. It is shown to be strong enough to hold 2 people, like Oliver and Felicity Smoak.
  • Customized Hunting arrows: Oliver, as The Arrow, uses as his signature weapon of choice numerous types of arrows, which he creates and designs himself. Combined with his customized Recurve Bow or Carbon Fiber Long Bow to fulfill his promise and mission he made to his father before his death. He carries arrows and flechettes (miniature projectiles stored on gauntlets, the equivalent of throwing knives) that add up to 24 in number.
  • Trick arrows: Oliver has used custom-designed arrows such as incendiary arrows that explode on contact. On occasions, he has also been known to use arrows embedded with recording and listening devices. 
  • Quiver: An arrow container strapped to Oliver's back. He uses it to carry his arrows as his heroic alter-ego, The Arrow.
  • Flechette: Oliver, as The Arrow, carries flechettes or the equivalent to darts to disarm people. For example in "Honor Thy Father", he uses one to disarm Quentin's gun. He carries it around his forearm. It is unknown what materials it is made from. In Season 2, it can be assumed that Oliver may carry some trick fletchettes as well e.g. in "Identity", he uses smoke producing ones to assist in his escape from the police.
  • Arrow costume: Oliver wears a costume as his heroic alter-ego, The Arrow, to hide his identity from his enemies, when he goes out fighting crime. It is unknown if it was designed by Oliver, Slade, Shado, or Anatoli, and it is also unknown what materials it is made from. It seems to resemble the costume worn by Yao Fei on the island.
  • Arrow gauntlets: These gauntlets are used by Oliver (as his heroic alter-ego The Arrow) to carry his flechettes.
  • Voice filter: Oliver uses this device to disguise his voice, when ever he is talking to people, who knows what his voice sounds like, as The Arrow. 
  • Ghost phone: Oliver uses this Ghost Phone to call Quentin, from the other ghost phone that he gave him anonymously, when ever he needs his help. When he called Quentin it is shown that it uses the same voice changer technology that Oliver uses to disguise his voice as The Arrow, whenever he is talking to people who know what his voice sounds like. On 2 occasions it was used by Laurel. It is unknown if it was designed by Oliver.
  • Arrow Mask: Designed by Barry Allen, it is made from a compressible micro-fabric. This has the ability to conceal Oliver's identity more effectively than the previously used grease paint and has no restrictions on his visual field while on the run or aiming arrows. 



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Oliver's Bratva tattoo.
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  • Oliver's costume as The Arrow is featured as an alternate costume for Green Arrow in the video game, Injustice: Gods Among Us. Using this costume also changes Green Arrow's voice actor to Stephen Amell, Oliver's actor.​
  • According to Dr. Lamb, 20% of Oliver's body is covered in scars, has second-degree burns on his back and has 12 bone fractures that have never properly healed.
  • In his youth before the island Oliver's social scandels included assaulting a paparasi bystander, assaulting a police officer and stealing a taxi. 
  • Oliver has been to 4 schools all of which he has dropped out of, the last one he never even told Robert or Moira about until moments before the Queen's Gambit trip.
  • Oliver has so far had six love interests in the show as are listed in order: Laurel Lance, Sara Lance, Shado, Helena Bertinelli, McKenna Hall and Isabel Rochev
  • During Season 1 his main quote was "You have failed this city" which was generally said to anyone on The List. The last person he has currently said this line to was Malcolm Merlyn. However in City of Heroes the Hood copycats used this line against the Mayor and Oliver himself.
  • Oliver has so far used three bows in the series, first was Yao Fei's which was broken by Malcolm Merlyn, second was one of Fyers' bows from the island, third is a custom made by Felicity Smoak
  • Oliver's arch-enemy in Season 1, Malcolm Merlyn has technically defeated Oliver three times now, though Oliver was able to over power Malcolm in their third fight but he still wasn't killed as he currently believes, making him one of the only two enemies, the other being Slade Wilson, that he hasn't been able to defeat or kill.
  • Oliver, so far, had three mentors on the island. Yao Fei who taught him to survive, Slade Wilson who taught him much of his combat skills and Shado who taught him most of his archery skills and how to speak perfect Mandarin Chinesse. 
  • Oliver has had numerous nicknames for being the vigilante. The Hood, The Arrow, The Archer, The Hood Guy and The Vigilantie but has yet to be called his well known hero name Green Arrow. Malcolm mentioned it has a nickname to Oliver, but Oliver immediatly rejected it calling the nickname lame. 
  • In Three Ghosts" Oliver received his Green Arrow mask from Barry Allen after his previously commented that greece paint around his eyes was a poor identity concealer. 
  • As of "Deathstroke", there are thirteen living people who know of Oliver's secret identity, The Arrow. Three of these are on his team and reside in Starling City.
  • Oliver's first kill with an arrow, chronologically, was Edward Fyers.
  • Oliver has had two protégés. First was Helena Bertinelli, the second was Roy Harper.
  • There are a list of questions regarding Oliver's connections and information whilst on the island which have yet to be answered.
    • Oliver claimed that he found a message from his father off the island at some point in the 5 years he was gone and also has knowledge on the Leauge of Assassins. 
    • Oliver at some point met Amanda Waller thought it is currently unknown where they met. 
    • At some point Anatoli Kynesev made Oliver a Bratva captain and gave him the Bratva tattoo, though its unclear how he managed to do so trapped on an island. 
  • In Seeing Red, it is revealed that Oliver has a child he is not aware of. This is most likely a reference to the Comics in which Oliver, in college, had unknowingly gotten Sandra Moonday Hawke pregnant with his son, Connor Hawke who becomes the second Green Arrow.


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