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"My name is Nora West-Allen, and I'm the fastest woman alive. When I was a child, my father disappeared in something impossible. Then, I grew up and became the impossible. Now, I'm trying to live up to the legacy he created so that one day, I'll stop him from ever disappearing. I'm XS. How schway is that?"
—Nora West-Allen[src]

Nora West-Allen[1], nicknamed XS, is a meta-human speedster time traveler, as well as the daughter of Barry Allen and Iris West from the future.


Early life

Nora was born to Barry Allen and Iris West sometime between 2018 and 2024, and was named in honor of her late paternal grandmother, Nora Allen.

In 2024, Barry disappeared after a battle with Reverse-Flash and never returned. Nora was then solely raised by her mother. As she grew up, Nora was given the nickname "XS" by Iris due to the former's tendency to do things in excess.

While Nora didn't remember her father, she nonetheless idolized Barry and aspired to follow in his footsteps as a speedster. Nora often visited the Flash Museum, where she studied her father's adventures and learned to hone her powers. She became known as the "Fastest Woman Alive", a homage to her missing father.

Nora graduated from Central City University with a 5.6 GPA and became a forensic scientist.[1]

Visit to the past

Time traveling 30 years into the past to late 2017, Nora awkwardly greeted her father at his wedding to her mother Iris, and told him to make sure he said "I do". She informed him that she felt the wedding would be "one for the ages". Barry asked if they knew each other, to which she replied that they didn't and that she was no one special.[2]

She reappeared sometime later in CC Jitters, after the defeat of the Trickster and Prank, and excitedly paid for Ralph Dibny and Cisco Ramon's drinks whilst babbling intellectually much to their confusion. Afterward, she wrote in a journal, using the same symbols that Barry Allen used when he returned from the Speed Force.[3]

Nora later returned to Jitters to meet Harrison Wells and Caitlin Snow, unbeknownst to them. She knocked her drink over near them, causing Caitlin to reassure her that it was fine, before they left.[4]

She later appeared at Barry and Iris' apartment where Joe West and Cecille Horton were having their baby shower as a delivery girl. She told Cecille that the baby was coming in 21 days and gave her and Joe a gift that was from "someone who cares". After giving them the gift, she spotted Iris and disappeared. She then ran away at superspeed.[5]

As her father went to run at a satellite controlled by Clifford DeVoe in order to destroy it, Nora altered the original timeline and helped him, allowing it to be properly destroyed. Nora went to the West house, where she introduced herself to Team Flash, revealed she was Barry and Iris' daughter from the future and claimed she made a mistake.[6]

Nora recognized the team members before stating that her mistake was helping to destroy the satellite, which somehow made her not fast enough to open a time portal and that they were the only ones who could help her. She was brought to S.T.A.R. Labs where she ran in the speed lab before stopping and having and awkwardly starting to talk about the future to her parents right before they stop her. Caitlin then takes a sample of Nora's blood while Cisco puts a device on her to test her connection to the Speed Force and she continues to run in the speed lab. Nora then runs to the Central City Police Department to see what her father was up to. Noticing how behind he was on his CSI work, she offered to help him look at the cases. Although he was doubtful, she begins to work much to his annoyance. The case leads Barry to bring up ice cream which causes Nora to start describing the ice cream made at Happy Harbor in Rhode Island and both noted that it's their favorite dessert before Barry tells her to not mess with the timeline. A radio then alerts them of a meta-human attack and Nora goes to Cisco's apartment and grabbed the original Flash suit for Barry to wear. She tries to tag along but is told to stay. Nora runs after him anyway with the intention to watch and excitedly sees Gridlock but ends up distracting Barry and he is sent flying into the air.[7]


"It looks like it's a gift from someone who wanted you both to know how special you are. Someone who understands that time is precious and right now is all we've got. Relatively speaking."
—Nora West-Allen to Cecille Horton and Joe West[src]

Like her father, Barry Allen, Nora is a brilliant forensic scientist with an aptitude for science and is a bubbly, excitable and enthusiastic young woman. She highly idolizes her father and aspires to be just like him.

Nora was deeply impacted by Barry's absence throughout her life and struggles with the idea of going back to her time period, where he is not there. She even hindered Team Flash's efforts to send her back home by using negative tachyons so she could spend more time with her dad. Having a lot in common with her father, Nora is a notorious daddy's girl.

However, for an unspecified reason, Nora seems to be slightly cold towards her mother, Iris West. She didn't want to let Iris see her at Jenna West's baby shower, was not receptive when her mother tried to bond with her at CC Jitters and didn't hug Iris as she did with Barry when being sent back to her own time. This may indicate that they don't have a close relationship in the future or because Nora grew up without Barry and was solely raised by Iris.

Despite the troublesome relationship she has with her mother and the non-existent relationship she has with her (missing) father, Nora appears to have close familial ties to each member of her family, including Team Flash. She appears close to her grandfather Joe and her uncle Wally.

Powers and abilities

Nora escapes from the West-Allen apartment

Nora proceeding to run away, emanating multi-colored electricity.


  • Speed Force connection/Meta-human physiology: Nora possesses a natural connection to the Speed Force, giving her the powers of incredible speed and superhuman reflexes. While she stated she isn't as experienced as her father Barry, and can only learn so much from her mother Iris and the Flash Museum.
    • Electrokinesis: Unlike other speedsters, Nora can produce both yellow and purple electricity from her body, commonly seen when running.[5]
    • Bodily vibration: Like most speedsters, Nora can vibrate her body for various effects.
      • Intangibility: By vibrating her molecules at the natural frequency of air, Nora can physically pass through solid matter. Whilst only having learned this when she met with her father in the past, with the help of her father and uncle, she vibrated an entire airplane and all of its passengers to keep it from crashing.
    • Superhuman durability: Nora possesses inhuman resilience, most commonly seen from being unaffected by momentum build-up. She can take attacks and exertion, even survive impacts that would easily kill normal humans.
    • Superhuman speed: Nora can move at such vast speeds, indeterminable to the naked eye.[5]
      • Superhuman agility: Nora has demonstrated flawless coordination, equilibrium and dexterity. She can change direction with immediate sharp turns without sliding or losing balance and instantly stop running on the spot.
      • Superhuman reflexes: Nora’s reaction time is augmented to superhuman levels, allowing her to react to danger and events far faster than normal humans.
      • Superhuman momentum: Nora can generate great amounts of physical force through kinetic energy, simulating superhuman strength, even in a stationary position. Even little exertions from this build-up can generate a tremendous amount of force, able to knock a person out.
      • Time travel: Nora's speed can breach the temporal barriers, letting her enter different points in time, like how she traveled back in time to see her parents. She also states can also run so fast that she can reverse time a bit.
    • Superhuman stamina: Nora can handle the stresses of extreme racing without noticeable distress, letting her function much longer than normal humans unhindered.


  • Genius-level intellect: Like her father, Barry Allen, Nora is very intelligent, having graduated from college with a 5.6 GPA. From a young age, Nora was a keen-minded individual, displaying a natural understanding and quick capacity to learn.
    • Expert investigator/Forensics expert: Like her father Barry, Nora is a highly skilled forensics examiner. From a single glance of the crime scene, she can quickly determine much of the events that transpired.
    • Bilingualism: In addition to English, Nora knows the mysterious language that Barry learned when he was trapped in the Speed Force for six months.[3]


  • Negative tachyons: Nora used a device pumping negative tachyons into her system, which would slow her down and allow her to pretend like she is unable to travel back to her proper point in the timeline.[1]


  • XS suit: Nora wears a protective suit as XS, to hide her identity when fighting crime. It was designed by Cisco Ramon for her mother, Iris, when she had Barry's powers transferred but was passed down to Nora when she started her life as a superhero.


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Oregon Trail

Nora shows a shirt depicting an image from Oregon Trail.

  • Nora is a fan of the computer game Oregon Trail.[3]
  • Like her father, Nora's favorite dessert is two scoops of cookie dough ice cream with extra sprinkles from the Mason Family Ice Cream Shop in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.[1]
  • Nora seems to have a liking for coffee from CC Jitters because in her era, a cup of coffee costs $43.[1]
  • Nora has double piercings in her right ear and triple piercings in her left ear.
  • Nora is unique in that she is the only known speedster to have dual-colored lightning.
  • The first reference to Nora's existence came in the shape of two quotes referenced by Barry and Cisco in the season 4 premiere, "The Flash Reborn". The first was when Barry came out of the Speed Force and was mumbling "Nora shouldn't be here". The second was when Cisco unscrambled the Speed Force code and unveiled the phrase "This house is bitchin'", which was coined by Nora.
  • She is the eighth character in the Arrowverse to have her civilian name in an episode title, after Sara Lance, Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen, Zari Tomaz, Harry Wells and Iris.
    • Nora is also the third character in the Arrowverse to have an episode title be solely her name, after Sara and Zari.
  • Despite being from 2049, Nora doesn't appear to have any restrictions placed on her vigilante activities by A.R.G.U.S.'s anti-metahuman act, indicating that Zari's future didn't come to pass or doesn't exist in her timeline.

Behind the scenes

  • As a TV adaptation of DC comics, Nora can be seen as a composite character:
    • In the main DC comics continuity, Nora Allen was similarly a time-traveling metahuman speedster, who was a daughter of Barry Allen and Jessica Cruz.
    • Barry and Iris' daughter, Dawn Allen, is also a speedster and a meta-human denizen of the 30th century.
    • XS is a speedster and superhero in the 30th Century, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes and the daughter of Dawn Allen.
    • Nora's motivation for time travel is also similar to that of Impulse, the cousin of XS who journeyed to the time when Wally West was the Flash to join him as a superhero.
      • However, Nora's motivation is more in line with the Young Justice counterpart of Impulse who traveled back in time to prevent the Flash from going missing/dying prematurely which led to a bad future. Also, both secretly sabotage their supposed return to their own time preferring to stay in the past for various reasons although unlike Impulse, Nora's sabotage was discovered forcing her to confess why she did that in the first place.
  • Nora's catchphrase, "Schway", was first invented in the animated series Batman Beyond and was used by Terry McGinnis.


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