"That's the thing about daughters. When they see you die at the hands of one self-righteous hero, they really don't want to see it happen again."
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Eleanor "Nora" Darhk is the daughter of Damien Darhk and the late Ruvé Adams. She was a playmate of William Clayton, when he was kidnapped by Malcolm Merlyn and placed into Damien's "care".

Nora and her mother were to survive the Genesis in the Tevat Noah facility, only for Lonnie Machin to kidnap them, the ensuing fight sabotaged the facility and Machin murdered Ruvé. Nora was then taken by Oliver Queen, before being returned to Damien Darhk by Thea Queen. Nora was to spend her last moments with her father, as they waited for the world to be destroyed in a nuclear fire, only for Team Arrow to put an end to Damien's plans.

However, she later grew up to be a follower of the mysterious entity known as Mallus, and became involved in resurrecting her father, desperately wanting to save him from his dark fate.


Early life

Lonnie Machin captures Damien Darhk's wife and daughter

Lonnie Machin captures Nora and her mother.

Nora was born to Damien Darhk and Ruvé Adams, the only child of the couple. When her dad returned home to decorate the Christmas tree, she joyfully hugged him and later he helped her to put the star on the top as they all embraced.[1]

After Lonnie Machin raided her house and took her and her mother hostage, the Green Arrow's team came and to rescue them. While in police custody, Ruvé presented fake identification for her daughter and herself.[2]

Later Damien introduced her to a new companion and asked her to play with him. Unbeknownst to her, he was Oliver Queen's son, William Clayton.[3]

Nora in Tevat Noah

Nora and her mother escorted in Tevat Noah by Malcolm Merlyn.

Nora and Ruvé ventured to the Tevat Noah underground facility, accompanied by Malcolm Merlyn, only to be kidnapped by Lonnie Machin. In the ensuing fight of Machin with Team Arrow, Tevat Noah's life support system was compromised, and the facility was effectively sabotaged. Ruvé's dying wish was for Oliver to protect Nora and save her from the surrounding explosion.[4]

When Damien was about to kill Donna Smoak, Speedy appeared and threatened to kill Nora if Damien did not let Donna go. He agreed, reuniting with his daughter, before sending a platoon of Ghosts after Team Arrow. Nora and Damien went into hiding underground, only to be interrupted by Green Arrow, who challenged Damien to one final battle.[5]

At some point, she started to go by her full name Eleanor perhaps to distance herself from her childhood and grew up to be a follower of Mallus in order to resurrect her father having inherited his magic. He also granted her a talisman that allowed her to traverse time at will.

Serving Mallus

As Mallus needed a Blood Moon to resurrect her father, Nora went into the past to recover his body immediately after it had been buried. However, due the Legends blunder in Aruba, anachronisms were popping up all over time and Damien's corpse ended up in 1895 London. Traveling into the past, Nora went by the name Madame Eleanor, a medium capable of communicating with the deceased. She then employed the service of Sir Henry Stein and the cult of the Order of the Shrouded Compass, promising to show them that one can come back from the dead. They gathered fresh blood in order to sustain her father's body in preparation for a ritual to resurrect him during the blood moon. When the activities of the cult drew in Rip Hunter and the Legends, she went on to ensnare Zari Tomaz with a message from her deceased brother. Later, she stole her Air Totem.
Eleanor possessed by Mallus

Mallus speaking though Nora.

When Rip demanded to speak with Mallus, Nora allowed her master to possess her to speak with him; once the time came for the blood moon, Nora was given her body back and laughed in triumpth. Her father was back, and his magic had been returned as a gift from Mallus. During the battle with the Time Bureau and Legends, Zari recovered her Air Totem, but Nora and her father escaped.[6]

Soon after, she accompanied his father with Kuasa and during the fight against the Legends, defeats Sara Lance and falls her in comatose for a time.[7] Later, she returned with her father to 1000 A.D., the two posing as a Valkyrie and Odin, respectively. During the battle, Nora was defeated by Mick Rory and Leo Snart. Seeing her unconscious, Damien became enraged and escaped with her.[8]


Nora Darhk as a child

Nora hugs her dad.

As a child, Nora was kind, caring, polite and innocent. She loved her parents very much.

Seemingly from the murders of Damien Darhk and Ruvé Adams, as an adult, much like her parents, Nora became very cold, cruel, and ruthless. She is manipulative and sadistic, using people's emotions against them and reveling in other people's misfortunes. Her father Damien is important to her. She was willing to siphon Sara Lance's life force when she witnessed Sara had a sword to her father's throat. Unlike her father, Damien, she has no sense of humor, after discovering that Martin Stein was trapped in Jefferson Jackson's body, he fell into an uncontrollable laughter, but she was unaffected and seemed to have no humor about it which is most likely due to her link to Mallus. Though it's possible that her sense of humor died off in the years following his original death.

Powers and abilities


Nora channeling Mallus' powers

Channeling the power of dark god Mallus, Nora is able to do great feats of black magic.

  • Dark magic: It is unconfirmed what the source of her powers is, though it is believed to be Mallus, but Nora has displayed similar powers as those used by her father, Damien Darhk through the Khushu Idol. [6]
    • Life-Force absorption: Nora can siphon the life-force from people and kill them through physical contact.[7]
    • Telekinesis: Nora can move and otherwise exert force objects and people with her mind. This notably allowed her to could stop and launch multiple projectiles or to crush objects, such as flames, without physically touching them.[7]
    • Pyromancy/Pyrokinesis: While channeling the powers of Mallus, Nora is able to control flames of the Heat Gun.[7]
    • Photokinesis: While channeling the powers of Mallus, Nora is able to control light blasts of the A.T.O.M. Exosuit[7]
    • Mediumship: Nora is able to communicate with Mallus and speak for him.[6] She is also able to see into the true nature of people, as she quickly determined that Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson had switched bodies. Her eyes turn red when she uses mediumship.

Former powers

  • Air Totem: Nora's temporary powers came from the Air Totem, a totem that channels and harnesses the power of air.[6]
    • Aerokinesis: The Amulet of Isis granted Nora with the power to manipulate the air, bending it in whichever way she wanted.[6]


  • Teleportation stone: Nora uses a mystical stone that allows her the powers of teleportation and time travel.

Former equipment

  • Air Totem: After tricking Zari into giving her totem to her, she used the necklace to manipulate the air. Zari managed to get it back during the fight.[6]



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