"Why is he here, Daddy?"
"Oh, he came here to die, sweetheart. Clearly."
—Nora and Damien Darhk on Green Arrow

Nora Eleanor Darhk is the daughter of the late Damien Darhk and the late Ruvé Adams. She was a playmate of William Clayton, when he was kidnapped by Malcolm Merlyn and placed into Damien's "care". Nora and her mother were to survive the Genesis in the Tevat Noah facility, only for Lonnie Machin to kidnap them, the ensuing fight sabotaged the facility and Machin murders Ruvé. Nora was then taken by Oliver Queen, before being returned to Damien Darhk by Thea Queen. Nora was to spend her last moments with her father, as they wanted for the world to be destroyed in nuclear fire, only for Team Arrow to put an end to Damien's plans.


Nora was first seen when Damien Darhk returned home to decorate the Christmas tree. He helped her to put the star on the top as they all embraced.[1]

After Lonnie Machin raided her house and took her and her mother hostage, the Green Arrow's team came and to rescue them. While in police custody, Ruvé presented fake identification for her daughter and herself.[2]

Later Damien introduced her to a new companion and asked her to play with him. Unbeknownst to her, he was Oliver Queen's son, William Clayton.[3]

Nora and Ruvé ventured to the Tevat Noah underground facility, accompanied by Malcolm Merlyn, only to be kidnapped by Lonnie Machin. In the ensuing fight of Machin with Team Arrow, Tevat Noah's life support system was compromised, and the facility was effectively sabotaged. Ruvé's dying wish was for Oliver to protect Nora and save her from the surrounding explosion.[4]

When Damien was about to kill Donna Smoak, Speedy appeared and threatened to kill Nora if Damien did not let Donna go. He agreed, reuniting with his daughter, before sending a platoon of Ghosts after Team Arrow. Nora and Damien went into hiding underground, only to be interrupted by Green Arrow, who challenged Damien to one final battle. It is unknown what happened to Nora following her father's demise at the hands of Oliver Queen. [5]



Season 4

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 2


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