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"Who are you?"
"I'm your daughter, Nora, from the future. And I think I made a big, big, mistake."
—Barry Allen and Nora[src]

Nora is a meta-human speedster time traveler, as well as the daughter of Barry Allen from the future.


Nora was born to Barry Allen sometime after 2018.[1]

Time travelling back to late 2017, Nora awkwardly greeted her father at his wedding to Iris West and told him to make sure he said: "I do". She informed him that she felt the wedding would be "one for the ages". Barry asked if they knew each other, to which she replied that they didn't and that she was no one special.[2]

She reappeared sometime later in CC Jitters, after the defeat of the Trickster and Prank, and excitedly paid for Ralph Dibny and Cisco Ramon's drinks whilst babbling intellectually. Afterward, she wrote in a journal, using the same symbols that Barry Allen used when he returned from the Speed Force.[3]

Nora later returned to Jitters to meet Harrison Wells and Caitlin Snow, unbeknownst to them. She knocked her drink over near them, causing Caitlin to reassure her that it was fine, before they left.[4]

She later appeared at Barry and Iris' apartment where Joe West and Cecille Horton were having their baby shower as a delivery girl. She told Cecille that the baby was coming in 21 days and gave her and Joe a gift that was from "someone who cares". After giving them the gift, she spotted Iris and disappeared. She then ran away at superspeed.[5]

As her father went to run at a satellite controlled by Clifford DeVoe in order to destroy it, Nora altered the original timeline and helped him, allowing it to be properly destroyed. Having made some sort of mistake, Nora went to the West house, where she introduced herself.[1]

Powers and abilities

Nora escapes from the West-Allen apartment

Nora proceeding to run away, emanating multi-colored electricity.

  • Speed Force connection/Meta-human physiology: The girl possesses a natural connection to the Speed Force, giving her the powers of incredible speed and superhuman reflexes.
  • Superhuman speed: The girl can move at such vast speeds, undeterminable to the naked eye.[5]
  • Electrokinesis: The girl can produce yellow and purple electricity from her body, commonly seen when running.[5]


  • Bilingual: She knows the mysterious language that Barry learned when he was trapped in the Speed Force for 6 months,[3] as well as seemingly naturally speaking English.[4]



Season 3

The Flash

Season 4


Oregon Trail

The girl shows a shirt depicting an image from Oregon Trail.

  • She is a fan of the computer game Oregon Trail.
  • The girl is unique in that she is the only known speedster to have dual-colored lightning.[5]

Behind the scenes

  • In the main DC Comics continuity Nora Allen was similarly a time traveling metahuman speedster, who was a daughter of Barry Allen, the Flash, and Jessica Cruz, a Green Lantern.
    • Barry and Iris' daughter, Dawn Allen, is also a speedster, and a metahuman denizen of the 30th century.


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