The next gen watch is an invention of Harrison Wells', intended to help the people of Central City be aware of the specific presence of meta-humans.


After Dr. Wells unveiled his line of meta-human awareness apps, along with the watch, the watch alerted him to the presence of The Flash. Eight months later, he used it again in order to determine that Cisco Ramon was a meta-human, using it again to prove to everyone else this fact.[1]

The next gen watch used as a recording device

The next gen watch used as a recording device.

Wells used the watch to record his entry about his development of the Speed Force transmitter.[2]


  • Meta-human detection: The watch will produce a red alert in the direct presence of a meta-human.[1]
  • Speedster detection: The watch will also produce an alert in the presence of those with the power of super speed, such as Hunter Zolomon or Barry Allen.[1]
  • Audio recording: The watch can be used as a recording device.[2]

Known users


The Flash

Season 2


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