Officer Ned Pepper (died 2014) was a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer who become the first person in the United States (Earth One) possessed by demon Mnemoth.


Ned Pepper possessed by Mnemoth

Ned Pepper possessed by Mnemoth.

At some point in time Ned Pepper joined the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency as a customs officer and worked in this capacity in Atlanta's airport.

One day in 2014 he was questioning Gary Lester on the contents of the bottle brought by Lester from Khartoum, Sudan and accidentally dropped the bottle on the floor. Demon Mnemoth who was trapped in the bottle escaped and possessed the body of Ned.

Later that day Pepper entered a café in the airport, randomly consuming food items, culminating in French fries still frying. A few minutes later he succumbed and died, after which Mnemoth escaped down the drain to find a new victim.[1]

Powers and abilities

Mnemoth exiting Ned Pepper's body

Mnemoth exiting Ned Pepper's body.


  • Mnemoth possession: being possessed by a demon granted some powers to Ned, including:
    • Increased strength: Pepper was displaying increased strength compared to usual one under the influence of Mnemoth.
    • Increased pain tolerance/Durability: While possessed by Mnemoth Pepper was able to grab a handful of French fries which were still frying and managed not to burn himself.


  • Customs professional/Intimidation: Pepper was a professional customs officer whose job was to intimidate people on their declaration.


  • Handgun: as a customs officer Pepper was equipped with a holstered handgun.



Behind the scenes

  • While the surname "Pepper" is clearly seen on Ned's uniform, the name "Ned" is only known due to casting information and screenplay.


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