The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, is an agency of the United States government. During the 1960s and 70s, they had a space program that launched manned lunar missions, including the Apollo 13 mission.


In the 1960s, NASA recruited former test pilots to become astronauts for their space program. When Henry Heywood was dropped off in 1965 to protect his fragment of the Spear of Destiny, he used his experience as a pilot for the JSA to apply to NASA. Henry worked his way up through NASA to hide his spear fragment on the moon.[1]

Eobard Thawne went looking for Henry's fragment. He stole the identity of NASA astronaut John Swigert and used his likeness to infiltrate the Apollo 13 lunar mission, sedating the other crew and taking control of the mission.[1]

When the Legends also went looking for fragments of the Spear of Destiny, they tracked down Henry Heywood as an employee of NASA in 1970. The Legends infiltrated NASA and found Henry at a NASA press briefing. Henry told them that he used his position at NASA to protect his fragment by hiding it in the flag planted on the Moon by Neil Armstrong. Henry then told them Apollo 13 was going smoothly instead of having an oxygen tank explode which meant that history had changed. Mick, Jax, and Martin infiltrated NASA's mission control to monitor Apollo 13 posing as agents for the British space program.[1]

Eobard Thawne talking with Ray Palmer

Ray and Eobard work together to repair the LEM.

Meanwhile, Ray Palmer snuck into the LEM with Eobard. During a zero-gravity fist fight, they detached the LEM from the command module and crash landed on the moon. Martin distracted mission control and Jax cut NASA's mission feed on Earth, allowing Ray and Eobard to repair the LEM and Sara to pilot the Waverider to protect the command module from a meteoroid belt. They were all successful and the LEM was able to re-dock with the command module. After Lovell and Haise regained consciousness, Apollo 13 then successfully returned to Earth prompting cheers throughout mission control.[1]

Hank and Nate Heywood

Nate talking with his young father at NASA's mission control.

Later, Hank Heywood visited NASA due to Henry's fixing of an essay contest. Nate went to see him in mission control and told him that his father was sorry for leaving and to try and be there for his future son.[1]

Known employees

  • Neil Armstrong (astronaut)
  • Fred Haise (Apollo 13 astronaut)
  • Jim Lovell (Apollo 13 astronaut)
  • John Swigert (Apollo 13 astronaut)

Former employees


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