"Oh, I'd put that down, luv, before it puts you down."
John Constantine to Liv Aberdine.[src]

A notable golden helmet is a mystical object from the collection of Jasper Winters. It is recounted as being a dangerous artifact by John Constantine.


At some point in time Jasper Winters acquired the helmet for unknown purposes, among other significant mystical artifacts. It was storaged in his millhouse.

Shortly after Winters died, the house went to his daughter Liv Aberdine, who was escorted to it by John Constantine. Liv noted the helmet and shortly handled it, before John warned her to put it down, before it could "put her down".

The helmet at the very least remained in the house through the remainder of 2014.[1]




Behind the scenes

  • In DC Comics, this helmet is known as the Helm of Nabu, or the Helmet of Fate worn by Dr. Fate in various continuities.
    • In the script for "A Feast of Friends" the helmet was specifically refered to as "Doctor Fate's Gold Helmet".


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