Myron Forest is the head of IT at an accounting firm. He is the former roommate of Cooper Seldon, having lived together when they both attended MIT.


Early Life

While attending MIT, Myron, along with his roommate Cooper and Cooper's girlfriend Felicity, created a computer "super virus" which the group intended to be used for what they considered noble causes. While assisting them with hacking into the Department of Education, his roommate Cooper attempted to erase every student loan before being stopped by Felicity, though he was later arrested for this crime by the FBI.[1]

Cyber attack on Starling City

Myron was a prime suspect as the potential mastermind behind a cyber attack on Star City in late 2014. After being located by Felicity, he was interrogated by The Arrow at the accounting firm at which he was employed. Though Myron revealed that he had shown a few people the virus he had helped to create in college, he ultimately wasn't responsible for the attack on Star City.[1]



Season 3


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