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"So, Jay is saying he's from, like, a mirror-world. Or a parallel universe that's very, very similar to ours."
"Multiverse would be a more apt description."
Cisco Ramon and Martin Stein[src]

The multiverse is a concept that refers to the existence of infinite universes that comprise everything that is. Each universe within the multiverse is referred to as a different "Earth," and each vibrates at a different frequency so that they cannot normally interact with or be seen by each other. If one is able to travel fast enough, it is possible to breach the laws of physics and travel between these Earths.[1] There are 53 known Earths in the multiverse, with the 53rd not having a formal designation due to its horrific state.[2]


"This is our earth. Let's call it Earth One. And this second Earth, let's call it Earth Two. This is where Jay claims to be from. And these other Earths, Three, Four, Five, to infinity, all of them, are nearly identical to ours. And they all exist at the same time, giving us endless alternatives to what we have here. For example, the Joe West on Earth Two, your doppelgänger, he might not be a detective. He could be a Nobel Prize-winning physicist. And you, the Barry Allen here is the Flash, but over there, he could be an electrician."
Martin Stein explaining the multiverse[src]

In early 2015, Barry Allen and the rest of Team Flash accidentally opened a singularity above Central City; though they succeeded in closing it,[3] a series of 52 breaches between Earths One and Two were opened throughout the city as a result of their actions.

Between mid to late 2015 and early 2016, an Earth Two speedster known as Zoom began exploring the multiverse[4] before using the breaches to launch an assault on Earth One's Central City in an attempt to steal The Flash's speed. Zoom sent numerous meta-humans through the breaches, each tasked with killing The Flash, but none succeeded. Team Flash, in an effort to stop Zoom's onslaught, systematically sealed each of the breaches, leaving only one open on a lower level inside S.T.A.R. Labs. Barry, Cisco Ramon, and Harrison Wells used the breach to travel to Earth Two in order to rescue Jesse Wells,[5] sealing the breach upon their return.[6]

Attempting to increase his speed, Barry Allen used a tachyon device, which in turn caused him to run too fast and accidentally create a breach between Earth One and Earth Thirty-Eight, the parallel world that is the home of Supergirl.[7]

During his travels, Zolomon discovered that Earth One happened to be in the center juncture of the entire multiverse and that from there one could travel to any of the other infinite numbers of Earths. Enthralled by the idea of conquering all of existence, in May of 2016 he attempted to use the Mercury Labs Magnetar to instantaneously destroy every Earth in the multiverse besides Earth One, using its central location as a means of targeting every other universe at the same time. Through the sacrifice of his own time remnant, Barry Allen was able to stop the device moments before it destroyed the multiverse, and also managed to defeat Hunter in the process.[4]

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  • Original post-Flashpoint timeline (in which Savitar murders Iris West)
  • Current post-flashpoint timeline (in which Savitar failed to kill Iris West)

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Behind the scenes

  • The fact that the number of breaches that opened in Central City is 52 is a reference to both the multiverse crisis storyline known as 52 and The New 52 imprint in the DC Comics.
    • During an interview, the producers of the NBC television show Powerless, jokingly referred to the Multiverse by saying that their show takes place on "Earth-P" as it was a DC Comics comedy. This is of course, unofficial and they actually revealed, at the time of the interview, that there were no plans to crossover with any other DC property, the show has since been canceled.
    • Harrison Wells and Jay Garrick have both stated that there is an infinite number of Earths in the Multiverse. On the other hand, Kara Danvers claimed that there were only 52 of them but Wells himself corrected her, describing Earth-X as a 53rd Earth, indicating that, aside for Earth-X, there are 52 known Earths in the multiverse.
    • In Injustice 2 mobile game CW's Black Lightning is named "Multiverse Black Lightning" just like the rest of the Arrowverse characters, indicating that he could possibly exist in the same shared multiverse.


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