"They invited the entire band, Mama."
"That doesn't make it any less worthwhile."
Dante Ramon and Mrs. Ramon[src]

Mrs. Ramon is the mother of Cisco Ramon, and the late Dante Ramon.


Original Timeline

At some point in time Mrs. Ramon married Mr. Ramon. They had two sons together, Dante Ramon and Cisco Ramon, who were sharing the room through all high school.[1] Mrs. Ramon doted on her eldest son, Dante, considering him "God's gift" due to his accolades in music, including being invited to play in Carnegie Hall when he was just 13 years old, although he was invited with a band.[2]

In 2015 Mrs. Ramon was briefly introduced to Caitlin Snow on Dante Ramon's birthday which Cisco reluctantly attended.[2]

In February 2015 Mrs. Ramon cooked turkey enchiladas which Cisco gave to Shawna Baez, who was at the time illegally inarcerated in the pipeline. [1]


The Flash

Season 1

Season 2

The Chronicles of Cisco

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics Cisco and Dante Ramon's mother was unnamed as well.


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