"Wherever I go I'm gonna be better because of you. You'll be in my heart. I promise I'm going to be the man that you thought I could be... I promise."
—Mon-El to Kara[src]

Mon-El is the former prince of Daxam, who crash-landed on Earth after escaping the ravaging of his home planet. Mon-El is also the son of the late king Lar Gand and the late queen Rhea, the ex-boyfriend of Kara Danvers and the husband of Imra Ardeen. While adjusting to living on his new home world, he begins to use the identity of Mike Matthews. After supergirl tried to persuade him to use his powers to become a hero, but then later called her out saying she was not a hero, and he did not want to be a hero.

Later Mon-El was ubducted by his parents and was almost forced to marry Lena Luthor. Then Mon-El was exposed to Earth's atmosphere filled with lead, he was forced to leave both Kara and Earth to find a habitable environment for his physiology, while entering a wormhole in the process. He arrived on Earth during the 31st Century, where he was cured of his lead allergy and later worked with the world's governments to form the Legion, a team of superheroes that followed in Supergirl's image.


Early life

Mon-El was born on the planet Daxam to his parents, King Lar Gand and Queen Rhea.[1] He was raised as a prince to his people and spent most of his life indulging himself in all the benefits of his privileged position, becoming known by many as the "frat boy of the universe". In the fulfillment of his political duties, he went to many different planets; among these was Maaldoria, a world from which his family regularly bought and sold slaves, though he did not personally agree with this practice,[2] and Warworld, where he oversaw a battle featuring the powerful gladiator Draaga, during which the aforementioned was injured by a sword to the right leg.[3]

At some point Mon-El took a girl to the Bismuth Mountains on Sedenach, presumably for romantic reasons.[2] He has also had encounters with fifth dimensional Imps, and grew to both dislike and distrust them, firmly believing the only way to deal with them is to kill them quickly.[4]

Daxam's demise

Mon-El during Daxam's destruction

Mon-El looks on as Daxam is destroyed before his guard takes him to safety.

The day Krypton was destroyed, the debris from the planet showered on to its sister world, Daxam, causing immense destruction and an immeasurable number of casualties. Mon-El was in his room with a girl when his guard barged into the room to tell him that he had to evacuate. He took a moment to look out the window to see the devastation before the guard pulled him away, telling him to leave the girl he had been with and to come with him. He rushed out of the palace to see that many of his people were hurt and dead around him but the guard told him to forget them as he had to get to safety. They made it to a Kryptonian pod from a visiting delegate who was trying to use it to leave the planet. Mon-El watched his guard angrily kill the delegate in cold blood in retribution for what Krypton had been doing to Daxam before the prince was put in the pod. He then activated it and made his escape from the planet.[1]

Landing on Earth

Mon-El in the pod

Mon-El is found by Supergirl

The pod traveled past the Well of Stars, a region in space where time is ceased, and got stuck there for decades. This kept him from aging and he remained there in suspended animation until the pod broke free and then eventually found its way to the planet Earth[5] where it crash-landed on the outskirts of National City.[6]

Comatose alien

Mon-El in a comatose state at the D.E.O.

Supergirl quickly discovered the pod, and she and J'onn J'onzz took the man to the D.E.O. to run some tests. However, they discovered that he had skin that could not be penetrated by a needle and so the man remained comatose. Because of the pod and his apparent vulnerability, both Supergirl and Superman believed him to be a fellow Kryptonian. In his coma, he began to drain some of the nearby energy to help regenerate himself as he was being exposed to Kryptonite.[5]

Escape from the D.E.O.

Mon-El attacks Supergirl after he awakens

Mon-El panics and attacks Supergirl after he wakes up in the D.E.O.

He eventually came to and in his shock choked Supergirl and threw her across the room. The D.E.O. went into high alert and he started to panic and look for an escape. When he was confronted by guards, he was surprised by his new strength and speed before he escaped into the city. He started to ask around for a place to make deep space transmissions and eventually found his way to a satellite station in hopes of sending a signal to his planet. The signal was detected by Winn and Supergirl, and upon finding out he was from Daxam and fearing that he was behind the attack on President Marsdin she rushed to confront him. The two quickly brawled against one another until Supergirl managed to temporarily incapacitate him.

Kara confronts Mon-El

Kara accusing Mon-El of attacking the President.

He was thrown into a cell where he was confronted by Supergirl who he quickly realized was a Kryptonian due to the glyph she wore. They argued a little about their respective views on the other's people before she asked him why he had attacked the President but Mon-El had no idea what she was even talking about as he was only trying to send out a distress call. Supergirl didn't seem to believe him and he quickly gave up explaining himself as he knew that she wouldn't believe him because of him being a Daxamite while she was a Kryptonian. The next day, she apologized for her prejudice after realizing she was wrong in automatically thinking that Mon-El was behind the assault on the President because he was from Daxam. When he asked if she could help him contact his home she told him that Daxam had become a wasteland, as a result of the planet's moon being struck by Krypton's debris that disrupted Daxam's gravitational force. He then realized his only option was to remain on Earth.[7]

Adjustment to living on Earth

In the following days, Mon-El is placed under the D.E.O.'s custody while they begin processing him. Mon-El claimed that he was a guard to the Royal Family and had escaped when the prince gave him his place in the pod when Daxam was being destroyed. As he and Winn begin to gauge his powers, he is given a break where he stumbles upon Kara speaking with her mother in a hologram. He makes a suggestion of going out to check out the city but Kara insists that he needed to remain at the D.E.O. for safety though Mon-El wasn't sure why he wouldn't be safe.

Mon-El in shock of accidentally hurting humans

Mon-El realizes that he is a danger to humans.

Later, he managed to talk Winn into going out with him to a bar where they spent the night playing drinking games with the attendees. Mon-El then was challenged to an arm wrestling match where he accidentally broke the wrist of the man that he was playing against. Another guy then went to punch him but broke his hand on contact with Mon-El's face. Winn then quickly went to take Mon-El back. He then was confronted by Kara where he realized that the reason he had to stay at the D.E.O. was because it wasn't for his safety but for the safety of others. Kara speaks with him about her own beginnings on Earth as well as her parents and what they were. He then told Kara that he heard about what happened at the fight club and informed her all about Draaga's weak spot. Later she comes to him and, after she apologized for having treated him harshly in the days before, Kara tells him that she was sent to Earth to protect and educate her cousin, but she was unable to fulfill this mission, so now she will be his mentor and train him. He says that nobody would have thought it possible for a boy from Daxam and a girl from Krypton to work together and tells Kara that he is in her hands.[3]

Kara and Mon-El at CatCo

Mon-El (as Mike Matthews) and Kara at CatCo.

Soon after, Kara asked Winn to make Mon-El a fake ID as "Mike Matthews", and arranged him a job as a CatCo intern. While Kara tried to coach him in human customs and work ethics, he resisted the boring lifestyle of a desk job, refusing to do any work and almost engaging in office sex with Eve Teschmacher. Kara and Mon-El dance at Lena's party while James and Winn wondered if Kara could be into him. Mon-El attempts to help Supergirl fight the thieves that crash the party and gets temporarily knocked out. Eventually, he was fired from CatCo, then Kara, under Alex's advice, tells him that she will not force him to live as she sees fit and that he can find what he likes.[8]

Mon-El found new work as a loan enforcer, to which Kara is oblivious. Eventually, however, she caught him attacking an alien for his employers. In the heated conversation that followed, she told him she was disappointed and that he was no hero, and in turn, he told her she was not really altruistic, but rather an attention seeker. The exchange left both disheartened.[9]

Path to heroism

Mon-El stops a car

Mon-El stops a car.

Soon after, Kara was seriously injured after a battle with Parasite. After seeing her unconscious and still thinking about what was said during their conversation, he became overcome by guilt and left. Mon-El was found by Alex drinking alone at the underground alien bar. Alex appeared to belittle Mon-El and saying that she believed he was a coward but reminded him that Kara, who constantly put herself in danger and was hurt by Parasite, sincerely believed otherwise. Moved by this, Mon-El took off alone to battle Parasite, however, he was no match for the rampaging monster. In the midst of the destruction, however, Mon-El performed his first heroic deed by saving a by-standing child. With the help of Guardian and a recovered Supergirl, they managed to defeat the threat. Seeing Mon-El redeem himself, Kara thanked him, while also noting Guardian's contribution.[9]

Kara and Mon-El imprisoned

Kara and Mon-El imprisoned by Cadmus.

That night, Mon-El wandered the streets. Approaching what appears to be a sick homeless man and asks him how could he help him as he wants to be better. He was then subdued by the Cadmus agent in disguise. He was transported to a Cadmus facility, where he manages to escape from his cell. Believing that J'onn's live is in danger, he agrees to return to his cell to protect him. Supergirl was then baited to rescue him. After threatening to kill him with lead, Lillian Luthor succeeded in forcing Supergirl to overload her powers, despite his pleas for Kara not to do it. Cadmus then proceeded to obtain Supergirl's blood for the purpose of obtaining information on "Medusa". Left in the cell, Mon-El and Kara bonded and discussed their fears, and what happens if they do not live through this ordeal. Mon-El was about to tell Kara something about Daxam but he was interrupted. Fortunately, they were rescued by Jeremiah Danvers, who had access to Cadmus IDs, and chose to remain behind for unknown reasons.

Kara, Mon-El and friends celebrated their return in Kara's apartment. She told Mon-El he was brave throughout the ordeal. He replied any courage he had, he learned from her. He then asked Winn and James if Kara was "mated to anyone" and explained that in Daxam they had arranged marriages. Winn says that in Earth people chooses their own mate and Mon-El asks if she has chosen. James replies that she has not. Mon-El says that he only asked because he was studying Earthly customs but is looking at Kara lovingly.[10]

Kara prepares to toast at Thanksgiving

Mon-El spending Thanksgiving at Kara's apartment.

A few days later, Mon-El is invited have the Thanksgiving dinner with Kara's family and friends. Later, that night, after a rough fight with Hank Henshaw outside the alien bar, he entered the bar again trying to help and as a consequence of that Mon-El was exposed to the Medusa Virus, which was deadly to all alien species except for humans and Kryptonians. Mon-El was then quarantined at the D.E.O., where he soon collapsed from being infected by the virus. Kara risked her life trying to save his life. Once he was stable Kara spoke with him and apologized as it was her birth father who created the Medusa Virus. Mon-El told her that he didn't blame her or her father and then moved to share a kiss with her before he passed out, saying that she was beautiful. Eliza Danvers was able to extract a sample of the virus to create a cure. After he recovered, Kara wanted to speak about what happened he told Kara that he had no memory of his time being sick, so they didn't discuss him kissing her.[11]

Mon-El bartender

Mon-El as a bartender

In the aftermath of the incident involving the virus, Mon-El became a bartender at the alien bar due to many aliens having been killed. Kara came to bar to speak to Maggie about investigating the disappearance of Izzy Williams. Mon-El later visited her at CatCo and then decided to help her. The two pretended to be a couple of millennials and visited a clinic linked to the disappearances that was offering money rewards for blood tests. Soon they discovered the personnel there are in fact aliens and Kara pursued them through the portal that connects Earth to their planet. Despite being told to go get help, Mon-El immediately followed her and saved her from an alien that was ready to fire her. After realizing the new planet they landed on had a red sun, depriving them of their powers, the two were ambushed by a harmless hermit alien and Mon-El realized they were on Maaldoria, the "Slaver's Moon", a hub of sentient trafficking. Kara and Mon-El were able to infiltrate the slavers' fortress by feigning surrender, and afterward, they encountered Roulette, who was partially behind the operation. They also discovered the missing humans, and with them were soon sold to a Dominator.

Supergirl stands up for the other slaves

Mon-El witnesses Kara standing up for people without her powers.

After Mon-El had a talk with Kara about heroism, the slavers ordered the group to start moving. Kara, despite having no powers, attempted to block them from taking the others, only to be hit with electric shocks. Mon-El tried to help but was hit back. As the slavers repeatedly tortured her with their weapons, Mon-El and others, seeing her in agony, were moved by her sacrifice; the group seized the opportunity to disarm the slavers and moved together to escape. Mon-El helped to hold their pursuers off with a gun but was disarmed. He then saw that one of them was aiming a blaster at Kara and moved to shield her. However, a Dominator stopped the guard before he could fire and insisted that Mon-El must not be harmed before bowing to him in respect. Mon-El slightly nodded at this before escaping with Kara. They were then helped out of the fortress and taken to the portal by Alex and the strike team that she had assembled. Later that night, Mon-El went to Kara's apartment and told her he had decided that he wanted to join Kara in her work to help the Earth keep spinning. He told her that he wanted to be a superhero on Earth just like her.[2]

Feelings for Kara

Mon-El training

Mon-El beginning his hero training.

Kara started Mon-El's hero training at the D.E.O. and after a few trials, it seemed like he might be ready to head out to the field. At that time, Livewire had escaped from prison and Mon-El was excited to help Kara track her down. When the police were attacked by two people with Livewire's powers he and Kara went to stop them. Kara told Mon-El to stay and protect the officers while she fought the Livewires. Mon-El shielded them from the lightning but when he saw that Kara was starting to be in trouble, he left the officers to try and save her. He accidentally deflected a lightning blast to one of the officers but luckily Guardian had been there to absorb most of it with his shield. After the Livewires retreated, they saw that Guardian and a policeman were hurt, and discovered that Guardian was really James Olsen.
Mon-El, Supergirl and Guardian

Mon-El, Supergirl and Guardian fight together.

James told Kara that the only reason that Mon-El wanted to be a superhero was her, because he cared about her and nothing else. Kara later confronted Mon-El with abandoning the officers and Mon-El defended himself stating that he saw she was in trouble. However, Kara asked if the real reason that Mon-El was doing this was for her, which Mon-El did not answer. She left saying that she could not trust him. Later, it was revealed that Livewire had been kidnapped by a scientist to make Livewire soldiers. Mon-El overheard Winn calling James and telling him that he knew where Livewire was even though he told the others that he didn't. Mon-El followed after James and Winn and arrived to stop the Livewire copies from attacking Guardian. However, the scientist who created them subdued them both. Winn phoned Kara and she then arrived to help free them and Livewire and together the four stopped the scientist and his soldiers.

Mon-El visited Kara at her apartment and confessed that he remembered kissing Kara when he was sick and that he did it because at that moment her eyes were shining like comets and he thought that it was okay that he was going to die because he got to kiss her. He also told her that he saved her during the attack because he cared about her. He also said that he was not there to change her mind and that he knew that she did not feel the same way about him, and then asked Kara to keep on working with him as partners and help him become a hero, and she agreed. He then left the apartment with the both of them awkward and flustered.[12]

Kara ran into Mon-El as he was working in the bar where he apologized for being so honest with his feelings as he had heard that men on Earth weren't supposed to do that. Kara, however, told him that she was glad he was honest and said that she agreed that the two of them weren't a good match and that she didn't have time for relationships anyway. She also said that even if she had time, it wouldn't be with someone like him, because the way he was. Mon-El appeared to be hurt and moved off to another part of the bar.
Mon-El went on a date with Eve

Mon-El went on a date with Eve.

Kara told Alex that Mon-El liked her and she said that she was not surprised. She later had a conversation with Alex and she told her that maybe she didn't want to think about her feelings about Mon-El and maybe he was worth a shot.

Mon-El went off for Catco and Kara was happy to see him because she wanted to talk to him but then saw that he had been there to meet with Eve Teschmacher for lunch. When Eve left to get her phone, Mon-El asked if she was okay as he had heard about the attack at the D.E.O. by the White Martians and Kara assured him that everyone was fine. Kara then asked if the lunch with Eve was a date and Mon-El told her that she had rejected him so he was trying to move on. Eve then came back and Mon-El left with her while Kara left disheartened.[13]

Mon-El served Kara and her friends their drinks when they went to the Alien Bar to meet Alex's boyfriend though it was revealed that she was dating Maggie. Mon-El expressed surprise at people on Earth not supporting ladies loving ladies, as on Daxam it was the more, the merrier. Mon-El and Kara felt a little awkward around each other especially when talk of Eve came up between them, with Mon-El saying that everything was great between them. Also, Kara said that she had been seeing less of Mon-El lately because she had been busy with hero work. He later went to the D.E.O. where he saw Kara venting out frustration on blocks of concrete due to the mounting suspicion towards Lena Luthor. Kara asked if he also thought that she shouldn't believe in Lena and he said that she had a habit of giving people the benefit of the doubt when others said not to. At first, Kara thought that he was trying to add to the mistrust of Lena but told her that he was referring to the faith she gave to him and that this faith meant a lot to him. Kara admitted that she had been avoiding Mon-El not because of work but because she was mad that he had been dating Eve. He then realized that Kara knew that they had gone on one date but it didn't end well as Mon-El had talked about Kara the entire time. Mon-El was confused as why she would be angry when she said that she didn't like him but Kara didn't want to answer to this.

Kara confesses her true feelings to Mon-El

Kara confesses her true feelings to Mon-El.

Kara later asked Mon-El to visit her in her apartment where the previous year she thought that she could not have it all: being a superhero, having a job and being in a relationship and that she had to choose and then she decided that she could not be in a relationship. Then he came along and she tried to write him off as thoughtless and selfish but he proved her wrong, so she had started to wonder if she could have everything after all, with him. They were about to kiss but were interrupted with the arrival of the fifth dimensional being Mxyzptlk, who said that he wanted to marry Kara because he loved her.[14]

Mon-El threatens Mxyzptlk

Mon-El threatening Mxyzptlk to leave Kara alone.

When Mxyzptlk started to show off his powers to Kara, Mon-El went and angrily grabbed the being and told him that Kara was already with him. Mxyzptlk laughed at Mon-El as he thought that the Daxamite wasn't worthy of her and then whisked him away to the D.E.O. in his underwear. When Kara returned, he and J'onn told her all about beings like him and how his powers were on par with that of magic. He also told her that on Daxam, they had a zero tolerance policy for beings like them because although they knew 'how to party' they could be very dangerous. Kara then pulled him aside and the two of them agreed that what was about to happen before Mxyzptlk showed up was nice and they both wanted to go back to that, especially as how it was the day of the Valentine, but this would need to wait until Mxyzptlk was dealt with. When Parasite seemingly appeared to be attacking National City, Mon-El went off to help Kara against him but they were surprised by the arrival of Mxyzptlk in a costume that looked like Superman's. It was then revealed that the imp had conjured Parasite as part of a scheme to try and show off his powers to Kara. Mxyzptlk began to mock him and Mon-El angrily suggested that he could rip him off in two with his hand or Mxyzptlk could just say his name backward and go back to his dimension.

Kara then asked Mon-El to leave so that they could talk in private as she felt he was starting to lose control. Back at the D.E.O. the two of them got into a heated argument. Kara was angry that Mon-El didn't tell her about the saying the name backward thing to banish Mxyzptlk but he told her that he didn't because it never works as the imp was annoying but not stupid. Kara said that he should have let her handle him as she told him to. He then started to accuse her of being blinded by the attention Mxyzptlk was giving her and getting dazzled by his power. He believed that they should just find a way to kill him but Kara argued against it. He said that she had double standards and she said that she expected much more from him and that he was jealous. He said that he had a right to be mad and she said that he had not changed and was still a macho egotistical Daxamite so their relationship was a mistake. Mon-El then stormed off to Winn, who asked him for relationship advice on women as they were throwing at him all the time. Mon-El, frustrated with his argument with Kara, said that that didn't happen with every woman. Everything that he could say was that things were much easier in Daxam when he objectified women and didn't care about anyone.

Winn then told him that he managed to find something that might work on Mxyzptlk and Mon-El swiped it without Winn's knowledge.
Mon-El and Mxyzptlk duel

Mon-El duels Mxyzptlk.

He then called out for Mxyzptlk and challenged him for Kara's hand to the death. Mxyzptlk accepted and transported them to a theater and got them pistols so that they could have a duel. When Mon-El received his pistol, he let out a shot immediately but it had no effect on the imp. Mxyzptlk easily overpowered Mon-El until he used the device from Winn to take away his powers. The two of them then fought on seemingly even grounds until Mxyzptlk got the device from him and destroyed it. He then suspended Mon-El in chains up above the stage and prepared to shoot him with a lead bullet but Kara arrived. She said that she would marry Mxyzptlk to the shock of both men. When Mon-El visited Kara at her apartment to ask her not to do it. He begged for another chance, admitting that he was jealous that he could not give Kara everything he wanted and promising that he would do better for her, listening to her and respecting her wishes. She told him that the two of them were just too different and weren't going to work. He then left the apartment brokenhearted.
Mon-El and Kara make out

Mon-El and Kara make out.

After Kara defeated Mxyzptlk, he visited her again to tell her that she was awesome and that he was very happy that she was okay and she was not going to marry the imp and attempted to leave. Kara asked him to stay and told him that she had said all that stuff to him so that he would let her go through with her plan to protect him. She told him that she didn't mean the part about them not being a match, though stressed that she was serious about his infuriating patronizing male ego. Mon-El admitted that he tended to go crazy when it came to her and said that his feelings about here were his Kryptonite as he had never felt like this about anyone. Once they realized that there was nothing stopping them, the two of them started to celebrate the rest of Valentine's Day by making out on her couch.[4]

Mon-El woke up after his night with Kara to find her missing from her bed. He then turned on the news to find that Supergirl had been doing heroic deeds all morning through the city. Kara quickly returned, feeling happy and bringing coffee and flowers for him. She asked Mon-El if they could keep their new relationship quiet as she didn't want to have everyone crowding around her like her last relationship. Mon-El agreed, though, as soon as they got to the D.E.O. Mon-El happily announced to everyone that they were dating, which Kara really didn't like. He said that in his culture they would celebrate new relationships with a party and she was lucky not to get a parade. Kara then went off on a mission with J'onn to hit a Cadmus convoy and they found that they had been transporting Jeremiah Danvers. Mon-El happily welcomed Jeremiah back in front of everyone and listened to Jeremiah's story as well as warning of Cadmus' new weapon using Kara's heat vision. He then pulled Kara aside and told her that he thought Jeremiah maybe wasn't telling the whole truth as it was to easy to rescue him and he had spent years with her enemies. Kara asked him to trust Jeremiah and to not be so suspicious of him as he saved their lives and had always protected her.

Mon-El facing Jeremiah

Jeremiah tells Mon-El that he knows who he really is.

Mon-El had been invited to the Danvers' family dinner celebration but when he heard that Jeremiah was going to be immediately given his old position back at the D.E.O. he started to protest it because nobody was trying to take precautions even if he spent years with the enemy because he was an old friend. He was then taken aside by Kara who was angry because he was being suspicious and in front of her whole family. She argued about how he would feel if his father returned and Mon-El told her that he would be worried as he wasn't a nice man. She said that what mattered is that he wasn't respecting her wishes on her desire of privacy about her relationship or his suspicions about Jeremiah and that that was a big problem. Kara thought that it was best if Mon-El left before he upset her and her family even more. Jeremiah then offered to walk Mon-El out. Mon-El tried to explain himself to Jeremiah saying that as a scientist he should believe in evidence but he told Mon-El that he knew who he really was. He also told Mon-El that Kara would likely not like the truth and then left Mon-El alone and a bit shaken. Mon-El then told Winn of his suspicions about Jeremiah and how he was worried because he spent years with their enemies and it had been too easy to find him after so long. He then asked him for his help in watching Jeremiah and Winn agreed though he asked for a favor in return.

When Mon-El asked what it was, Winn told him to be good to Kara. Mon-El said that he would and that Winn was a good friend. Later, he and Winn pulled Kara aside and told her that Jeremiah had tried to break into the D.E.O. mainframe as soon as he was alone which seemed to start giving some credence to Mon-El's suspicions but he said that he was trying to access files of his daughters' adventures because he had missed so much of their lives. Mon-El met with Winn later as he was hanging out with his new girlfriend and he confessed that he wanted to not be such a terrible boyfriend for Kara. Winn told him that he shouldn't try so hard with Kara as she didn't need someone to protect her or show her off. He just needed to ask her what she needed from him. But then Winn's program located Cadmus' new weapon and Mon-El went off with Kara, Alex and some D.E.O. agents to the site but they found that it was empty. It turned out to be a distraction as Jeremiah went off to hack into the D.E.O and copy files for Cadmus and had also been enhanced with a cybernetic arm.

Mon-El comforting Kara

Mon-El comforts Kara after Jeremiah's betrayal.

Later, Mon-El visited Kara at her apartment as she was crushed and feeling the weight of Jeremiah's betrayal. He then took Winn's advice and asked Kara what she needed from him and she asked for him to be there with her and wake up with her. He then sat and took Kara in his arms as she lightly cried into him. Winn then called and revealed that Jeremiah had taken the registration list of all the aliens living in the country. Mon-El asked what they should do and she told him that they should get up. He then seemed to be determined.[15]

When Kara was trying to find a way to warn people of what Cadmus was doing by abducting innocent aliens, Lena advised her to try and write a blog about it but wasn't sure if she would do it as this would make her be in trouble with her boss Snapper Carr. Mon-El asked Kara if she thought that warning the people with the blog was the right choice to do which she ultimately did and he told him that then it surely was because she was the most moral person he knew. However, it caused her boss to fire her as she had done it without his approval. Kara was later sad to have lost her job at Catco because she loved it and she helped people. Mon-El told her that Supergirl helped people too and that she had a lot to offer to the world and that she should not let anyone tell her otherwise. She then told him that maybe being Supergirl and having him would be enough. Mon-El appeared to be very happy of him being important to her.[16]

Prince of Daxam

Mon-El was hanging out with Kara, watching some television when he suggested that they watch a musical, which Kara was excited to do. She said that she was dopey-grin butterfly in the stomach happy and he said that he was happy she was happy. However, before they could do anything else, a message was sent through the television that asked for Mon-El of Daxam to be relinquished to some unknown people to prevent him to be taken by force. At the D.E.O. they found a new ship had entered the atmosphere and Mon-El said that he had never seen a ship like that before. Alex wondered why someone would want to get a royal palace guard from Daxam and Mon-El didn't replied. Kara went to investigate it but it began to attack her when she got close. When Mon-El saw that all of the ship's weapons had a lock on her, he quickly sent a message saying that he would give himself up to them. Kara asked him why he was giving himself to them but he claimed that it was his decision and that he would be okay.
Mon-El reunited with his parents

Mon-El reunites with his mother and father.

The ship teleported him to the ship but Kara grabbed onto him in order to go with him. He was shocked that she stowed away with him but they saw that all the people in the ship bowed when they caught sight of him. He then was unexpectedly reunited with his parents Lar Gand and Rhea where he revealed that they were the King and Queen of Daxam. Kara then realized that Mon-El was actually the prince.
Mon-El and Kara dine with Lar Gand and Rhea

Mon-El and Kara joining his parents for a tense dinner.

His parents set up a dinner between the three of them and invited Kara. He asked his parents how they were still alive and they informed him of fleeing to their ship and how they had to survive off-world after the Kryptonite rained down on Daxam after Krypton's destruction. They also informed him that they intercepted his beacon but it was incomplete which made them try to track him down. His mother informed him that they had their big break on Maaldoria where a Dominator ambassador told them that he had been there to free slaves and went to Earth. This sparked some debate between his parents and Kara on slavery before his father broke it off to ask of how Mon-El escaped. Kara wished to know as well as he had told her a lie and revealed the truth of his escape from his palace chamber, leaving the girl and other people behind, and taking the Kryptonian pod from the emissary that his guard killed. Kara excused herself back to Earth and Mon-El followed. When they returned to the D.E.O. Kara was angry that Mon-El lied about his identity. He tried to explain that he knew her opinion of Daxamites and thought that she wouldn't even talk to him if she learned that he was really the prince. He said that this didn't change anything between them but she said that it changed everything as he led and benefited from an awful society that preyed and oppressed people.

Later, Mon-El tried again to explain himself asking how could he fix it but Kara told him that he couldn't change the fact that he lied to her and that his mother had come to visit her. He asked her what she had wanted and Kara told her that she wanted him to go back to Daxam with them now that the planet's atmosphere had settled but Mon-El didn't want to.
Kara breaks up with Mon-El

Mon-El leaves after Kara tells him that its over between them.

Kara then told him that it might be for the best as before his parents arrived, he thought he was the only Daxamite left and he now knows that his parents, his people are still alive. She reminded him that Mon-El was a prince and perhaps it was time for him to act like one. Mon-El again spoke to Kara at her apartment because he wanted to offer her the truth she deserved before he lost her forever. He said that he was the former Prince of Daxam, a useless spoiled person that didn't knew that this was the case before he met her. He said that he loved being a hero because he could be with her and that he loved her with everything he had. Kara asked if he would have ever told her the truth and he admitted that he didn't know.

She then said that he wanted everything to be easy and that she couldn't be with him because she deserved better than being lied to. He begged another chance saying that she hoped her to see the good in him but she told him to leave and that their relationship was over. Mon-El then left brokenhearted. He returned to his parents' ship and told them that things were over between him and Kara. They believed that he was going to return to Daxam with them but he told them that he wasn't. He told them that he was tired of being served and primped up. He said that he was really ashamed of his past and that he felt sick when he thought about his life on Daxam. He accused his parents of not really caring about their own people and only concerned with their own power and told them that he was done being their prince. His mother accused Kara for his behavior but he defended Kara and said that even though they weren't together anymore, being near her made him want to be better and that she was the best thing that ever happened to him and the best thing he knew. He then demanded to be sent back to Earth and told them that they should leave the planet and never return.

His father then silently teleported him back to Earth. At the D.E.O. Mon-El gathered with everyone though Kara tried hard to not make eye contact with him while he was looking sadly at her. J'onn announced that they were receiving a new prisoner that was unusual from what they usually got and soon agents brought in the Music Meister. He smiled at all of them and locked eyes on Kara as he sent her into a trance. She was starting to collapse and Mon-El rushed to catch her before she fell. He watched as the Music Meister took her inter-dimensional device to create a breach as he told everyone that now he was off to find the fastest man alive. He then vanished leaving Kara in a comatose state.[1]

Kara is taken to S.T.A.R. Labs

Mon-El and J'onn take Kara to Earth One and meet Team Flash.

Mon-El and J'onn brought Kara to Earth One where they found themselves in Star Labs. He met with Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, H.R. Wells, Iris West and Wally West. They asked who he was and informed him that he was Kara's more than friend and that they had been kissing a lot. J'onn then mentioned that he thought that they had broke up. He and J'onn told them about the Music Meister and how they followed him to this Earth when he mentioned that he was going after Barry next. Mon-El asked for help as he was very worried about Kara. Barry promised Mon-El that they would find the Music Meister and bring Kara back. However, the Music Meister placed his spell on Barry too so that he was comatose as well.

Inside their shared dream world, Kara and Barry managed to find Mon-El's musical double, Tommy Moran who was passionately kissing Iris' musical double Millie Foss as they both were in love. Caitlin then informed them that both Kara and Barry were being drained of their power and that the Music Meister must be taking it for himself. When Cisco, Wally and J'onn managed to bring him in, the Music Meister told both him and Iris that if they wanted Kara and Barry back that they would have to go there and get free themselves but the two of them could help save them if their love for them was strong enough. When Mon-El saw that Kara seemed to be dying along with Barry, they said that they needed to save them and then Iris asked Cisco to help Vibe them into their minds where they found the two of them dying from being shot.

Kara forgives Mon-El

Mon-El is forgiven by Kara for lying to her.

Mon-El apologized to Kara for lying to her about who he really was but she told him that she forgave him. He gave her a kiss at the same time that Iris kissed Barry and the four of them found themselves back in Star Labs where they were in one piece. The Music Meister then revealed that all of this was to teach the superheroes a lesson about love and learning to be saved by love. They bid all of their new friends goodbye and Kara warned Mon-El that if he lied to her again then she would (literally) drop a mountain on him but she thought that they would be okay now. They all then returned back to Earth Thirty-Eight.[17]
A bounty is made on Kara

Mon-El and Kara learn that there is a high bounty out on her.

Mon-El was making Kara some breakfast and revealed that he had been learning how by reading cookbooks. Kara was impressed with how far Mon-El had come as they sat down. He said that as she was willing to take him back he was prepared to fill every moment of her life with joy and this clearly included providing her with coffee and food. Mon-El then mentioned that his parents hadn't left Earth and were still orbiting the planet in their ship. Their conversation was cut short because there was an alien attacking the city and Kara had to leave to handle it because Mon-El had not his uniform with him. Back at the D.E.O. both J'onn and Winn told the two of them that the alien had been a bounty hunter and they found a messaging device on him that announced there was now a bounty on Kara for 300 Quartz Crowns. Mon-El confirmed to Alex that it was a high bounty and it would draw in many bounty hunters across the universe to try and claim it. Kara was recommended to hide out for a while and while she argued against it, Mon-El, J'onn and Alex managed to convince her to lay low for 24 hours so they could find out who had placed the bounty. J'onn pulled Mon-El aside and told him to watch her and he promised he would though he had a lead that he wanted to run through first.

Mon-El with his parents in the Alien Bar

Mon-El meeting with his parents.

Mon-El went back to the Alien Bar to wait on his parents who he summoned to meet with him. His father and mother arrived and were surprised to find that he worked at the bar but he defended his work as a mixologist as something he had pride in. He then told his parents that he knew that they were the ones that issued the bounty on Kara. His father and mother denied that they did though Mon-El asked them that if they didn't do it then why were they still on Earth. His mother told him that they were hoping he would change his mind and return home with them. His father told him that his mother's strength was the reason that they were able to move on after losing him until they learned that he was still alive. His mother told a story about Mon-El's saying that when he was a child he used to grab her leg with both arms every time sheI tried to leave the room, and she would have to peel him off of me like some gangly little magnet.

Kara trying to restrain Mon-El

Mon-El under the bounty hunter's control as he tries to attack Kara.

Mon-El returned to the apartment where Kara was with James and Winn and she was feeling anxiety about laying low. Kara asked where Mon-El was and he told her about his meeting with his parents. He claimed that even though they denied issuing the bounty, he wasn't sure he believed them. Winn commented that they would be fast friends with his father and Mon-El said that he agreed. Soon after, Mon-El found that he was starting to lose control of his body as he couldn't move. Outside the apartment was another bounty hunter who was psychically controlling Mon-El's body and couldn't stop himself from attacking Kara. He told her Kara to run as he couldn't fight it and he was dangerous. Guardian moved in to try and stop him but Mon-El quickly threw him aside. He was about to be able to hit Kara when Winn found the bounty hunter and bluffed him with a threat to shoot him when he was really holding a stapler. Back at the D.E.O. J'onn interrogated the prisoner and learned that Mon-El's mother was the one that issued the bounty. Mon-El admitted that he was almost starting to believe his mother's innocence. While Alex suggested that they retaliate, J'onn informed them that President Marsdin gave orders to not engage the Daxamite ship as attacking them could spark a war.

Mon-El proposed that he and Kara run away from Earth but Kara said that she wouldn't run from anyone, which he wasn't surprised.He said that he was inspired by the story he was reading, Romeo and Juliet, and learned that it hadn't a happy ending. He didn't see any way out of their predicament as he felt his mother wouldn't stop until getting what she wanted. She then proposed that the two of them try to talk to his mother. While Mon-El was against it, she convinced him to try nonetheless because people could change and he was the proof as he was now someone better.

Rhea towering over Kara and Mon-El

Mon-El trying to protect Kara from his mother at the Fortress of Solitude.

They went off to the Fortress of Solitude where his mother beamed down to meet with them. Mon-El informed her that they knew that she issued the bounty and asked to call it off. He told his mother that he found happiness being on Earth, and with Kara, and if she wanted to still have a relationship with him then she had to stop what she was doing. That only seemed to infuriate his mother as she told him that he could not dictate their relationship. Kara then moved in to try and reason with Rhea but she told Kara that whatever he and Kara had found in their 'tryst' was a lie and was over. Kara then started to feel weak and Rhea then revealed that she had Kryptonite weapons hidden and she struck at Kara with them. Mon-El moved to stop her but she tossed him aside. When his mother was about to fatally stab Kara, Mon-El sped off to hold her off and quickly shouted that he would return to Daxam as long as she spared Kara. Kara tried to talk him out of it but Mon-El told her that it was the only way and that he would do it as long as she would be safe. Mon-El was brought to the ship and his father was happy to see him again. Immediately, Mon-El demanded his mother remove the bounty and she quickly did, to his father's surprise. Mon-El then moved to watch the Earth alone from the window when he was joined by his father. He told Mon-El that he was doing the right thing by choosing to return to Daxam with them. Mon-El told him that he knew it was the right decision because otherwise Rhea would've killed Kara. Lar Gand tried to explain that he would always be Rhea's top concern but Mon-El returning to Daxam was the best thing for their people.
Mon-El with his father Lar Gand

Mon-El talking with his father about the future of Daxam.

Mon-El turned to look at the throne and told his father that if they were going to rebuild Daxam then things had to change. He said that if he was going to be king one day then he wanted to be the ruler of a new system where there was justice and fairness for everyone and get rid of rank. Lar Gand argued that it was ridiculous and not what their people needed. He claimed that their house didn't stand for centuries by giving everyone a say but Mon-El pushed that their house would've eventually have fallen. He pleaded with his father to rebuild Daxam to be better than before when his mother arrived and slapped him silent. She then commanded the guards to place him in a cell for their four year trip back to Daxam in order to try and stamp out his delusions.

Mon-El was in his cell when there was a flash of light and Winn appeared using the transmatter portal taken from the Maaldorians. Mon-El joked about Winn being too short for a stormtrooper. Winn freed him from the cell and hacked the security feeds on the ship to find that Kara and J'onn were fighting his parents and their guards. He saw that Kara was in trouble against her mother and her kryptonite and ran off for them. He arrived to see his mother ready to kill Kara and quickly took one of the guard's laser staffs and shot a hole in the window. The suction force pulled the kryptonite away before Lar Gand managed to close the opening. He then watched as his father gave an order to everyone to stop as he saw that Mon-El made his choice and allowed him and his friends to leave peacefully as he understood that they were his family now. Mon-El and Kara hugged each other and he was amazed that she had come after him. Kara promised she would always do. He then said goodbye to his parents and they left. He and Kara then went back to her apartment where Kara confessed that she thought she had lost him. She also apologized for not listening to Mon-El as he had been right but he said that Kara wasn't wrong. He saw that his father changed as he saw that he was happier on Earth and he hoped that his mother would as well. He also said that he tried to do what Kara would have done and that being a hero was very hard. He said that he admired her and that he was happy that they had saved each other. [18]

Kara and Mon-El investigate Spheer

Mon-El helps Kara look into Jack Spheer's files.

Mon-El was at Kara's reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone when she came back after just saving Snapper Carr from the Biomax swarm. She had lost two leads and didn't know where else to turn to get to the truth about Jack Spheer when Mon-El told her that Lena had called to ask her for help talking out of going on a dinner date with him as he was her ex-boyfriend. The two of them then quickly went to the restaurant to crash and break the tension. They sat with the couple and Kara started to ask questions. However, Lena clearly preferred to be alone with Jack so Mon-El took that as a cue to leave. Mon-El gave Jack a hug and told him that they should hang out sometime, because he had felt a man-nection, and left with Kara. However, he revealed that he had did that to swipe Jack's security card so that they could get into Spheerical to find Kara's answers to help with her journalism. Mon-El and Kara managed to get to Jack's office and into his computer to start to look through his files. They found a video file that showed that Jack had used the Biomax nanobots on himself. They then moved to save the file to a thumb drive. As they were transferring the data, Mon-El heard something and they found that the Biomax swarm was heading their way and they quickly ran out of the office before it materialized into Jack.[19]

After Kara helped stop some bank robbers who had taken hostages, she and Mon-El went to Maggie's apartment to join her and Alex for dinner. Mon-El made a comment about not needing policemen with his awesome girlfriend Supergirl around which sparked a small argument between Maggie and Kara about the ethics of dealing with normal, human criminals. He and Kara then left when the situation became awkward. The following day, they learned that Alex had been kidnapped by someone that wanted Supergirl to break a man named Peter Thompson out of prison within the next 36 hours or Alex would die. This person also seemed to know that Kara Danvers was Supergirl. Mon-El thought they should just break the man out to get Alex back but J'onn told him they couldn't do that or every bad guy out there would know Supergirl could be controlled and Maggie also knew there was no guarantee that it would get Alex back. They reviewed who might be the one doing this but couldn't come up with anything. Mon-El tried to support Kara emotionally through this experience. It was eventually found out that it was an old classmate of Kara and Alex's named Rick Malverne but Kara and Maggie were able to convince Peter Thompson to tell them where Rick would hide Alex and they found her in time to save her life. When Alex was brought back to the D.E.O. Mon-El told her that he knew that she would end up okay. He then amusingly watched as Alex gave Rick a hard punch in the face before he was sent off to have his mind wiped of the D.E.O. and Supergirl's identity.

Daxamite invasion and his arranged marriage

Mon-El sees his mother

Mon-El freezes as he catches sight of his mother still on Earth.

When a psychic alien launched an attack on National City, Mon-El and Kara went to try and patrol the streets to see if they could find a lead on what happened. Later that night, Mon-El saw his mother leaving a restaurant. Before he could look further into it, he was bumped by someone which made him drop his gaze and when he looked back, he found that his mother was gone. Rattled, he went back to the D.E.O. and asked Winn if he could track his parents' ship and how would he know if it was still in Earth's orbit. Winn told him that he tracked the ship and saw it left for Daxam weeks ago. He then checked again for Mon-El and they saw that it was nowhere around. Mon-El began to believe that he just imagined seeing his mother though he felt more distraught than relieved.

He went to Kara at Catco with food. She joked about the reason for this and he then told her about him seeing his mother and that he would've preferred to feel anger at the thought of seeing her but he didn't and he felt other stuff. Despite everything that she had done, Rhea was still his mother and he still cared about her. He hated to have these conflicting emotions and told her that on Daxam, they would drug themselves so they wouldn't feel. Kara told him that it was normal and okay to feel like this and that Rhea was still his mother. Soon after, the alien that James had brought to Catco, Marcus, who was the son of the alien from before, had started to unleash his psychic powers out of nowhere. Mon-El told Kara to go and get back as Supergirl while he stayed to try and help people including James or Eve not to get harmed. He and James watched as Supergirl took Marcus away to try and calm him down.

At the D.E.O., they discovered that a Phorian like Marcus and his mother could be affected by ionic energy changes in the atmosphere. Kara remembered that Lena had mentioned she was working on something like that and went to call her but Rhea ended up picking Lena's phone. Mon-El was shocked that he hadn't imagined his mother and listened as she told Kara that everything that happened to the Earth would be on her head. Mon-El told his mother that her anger was with him and to not take it out on the Earth. Rhea told Mon-El that what she was doing was to finally wake Mon-El up and she then hung up. When the D.E.O. managed to find where Rhea was, Mon-El was insistent on going to confront her. He told Kara that he just needed to pick up something first.

Mon-El pulls a gun on his mother

Mon-El holds a gun to Rhea and tells her to stop or he would shoot her.

When they arrived, they found that there was a giant transmatter portal active and Lena couldn't shut it down. Mon-El realized that his mother was using the portal not to send her away but to bring something to Earth. While Kara went to try and shut it down, Lena was knocked out and he watched J'onn attempt to stop his mother. But Rhea pulled out a device that she got from the White Martians which was used to trapped Green Martians in a mental state that kept them silently reliving a nightmare. Mon-El then angrily pulled out a gun with lead bullets and held it on her. He demanded that his mother stop the machine or he would shoot but Rhea told him that he wouldn't kill his own mother as he had become a hero of Earth and they don't kill their mothers. Rhea then talked about how he said that would always love her when she put him to sleep as a child. She then told him that his father Lar Gand (that was killed by Rhea because he let Mon-El go) had been so distraught when he abandoned them that he took his own life. Hearing those things made Mon-El break down and drop the gun. He then watched as ships began to come through the portal and his mother told him they were the hundreds of Daxamite ships that had the thousands of Daxamites spread across the universe. They were all arriving to Earth which she christened as their new home, New Daxam. They, along with Lena, were then teleported away to the main ship.

Some time after, Mon-El watched the invasion from above with great distaste and told his mother that the people of Earth weren't going to stand for this. Rhea then told him that they did indeed have to bridge the gap between their people and the humans and would through their customs of arranged marriage. Mon-El wondered who the unlucky human would be that would be forced to marry an alien invader and Rhea told him that he would marry Lena Luthor.
Mon-El and Lena confront Rhea

Mon-El and Lena Luthor confront Rhea.

Later, he and Lena moved to confront Rhea and told her that the two of them weren't going to get married. However, Rhea told them that there would be a ceremony and the two of them would produce an heir. Though Lena misunderstood the concept and still refused her, Mon-El told her that Rhea didn't need them to do anything for her as she only needed their genetic materials such as locks of hair to produce a child with their DNA. Rhea then brought up a children's hospital and told them that if they didn't agree to her request then it would only be the first of her targets and after the ceremony, she didn't care if the two of them spent their lives in a cell. Both of them then agreed to marry to spare the people. As they were in the middle of the marriage ceremony, it was interrupted by a video message from Cat Grant. Mon-El and Lena watched in good spirits as she called for the human and alien residents of National City to stand together and fight against the Daxamites. Rhea then ordered for them to be taken away while she went to oversee the quelling of the rising resistance now brewing in the city. Mon-El tried to reason with the guard to let them go but saw that it wasn't working so he moved to fight with him. Lena then took his blaster and shot the guard down which left the two of them teaming up to find a way to escape. While they worked together they told each other that they understood why Kara loved the other. As they were trying to leave, they ran into Supergirl, Lillian Luthor and Hank Henshaw, who had come together to rescue them. Mon-El and Kara looked at each other lovingly trying to act as if they weren't a romantic couple reunited after his kidnap because Lena had seen him with his girlfriend Kara Danvers. They then tried to leave through the portal that they used to sneak onboard but Lillian had rigged it to only transport her, Lena and Hank away and leave Kara and Mon-El behind before she could give the order for a Positron Cannon to fire on the ship.
Kara sends Mon-El to safety

Mon-El is sent away to safety by Kara so she could confront his mother.

Kara, however, wasn't surprised by Lillian's betrayal and told Mon-El that Winn had rigged to take control of Hank Henshaw to re-open the portal should she try to do something like this. Mon-El was ready to leave but Kara told her that she had to stay and try talking Rhea down. Mon-El told her that he didn't want to leave without her and that his mother was beyond help but Kara insisted that she try as, with the cannon, there was no chance of victory. He accepted her wishes and they shared a goodbye kiss before Mon-El was transported away to the fortress.

Leaving Earth

After Kara fought against Superman while he was under the influence of Silver Kryptonite and beat him, Kara collapsed. She began to dream that she was back in her apartment with Mon-El, waking up in their bed. She then told him of the time that she left Krypton when her mother gave her necklace telling her that she would never be alone as she would always be in her daughter's dreams. Mon-El then told her that she had to wake up as this wasn't real and she was at the Fortress.

Mon-El meets Superman

Mon-El meets Kara's cousin.

Mon-El was at the D.E.O. where he hugged Kara when she returned from the Fortress, which made Kara feel much better. He then formally met her cousin Superman who said that he surely was a good guy or she wouldn't be with him. They told him that they found something at the fortress that could stop Rhea and her invasion, Dakkam Ur. At once, Mon-El's eyes widened and he told Kara that it was a bad idea. Kara quickly contacted Rhea and formally requested to perform Dakkam Ur, or trial by combat. Should Kara win then Rhea and her invasion force will leave Earth but should Rhea win then Earth is hers. Mon-El tried to talk Kara out of it and even suggested that Superman take over the fight but he told Mon-El that Kara beat him which officially made her the champion of Earth and that she could win. Mon-El accepted it but told Kara that he was going to go along with her to be here. He told Clark that he was sure that he wanted to be there but Superman said that he would be a good second to Kara.

Later, Kara and Clark had visited Lena and Lillian Luthor as they had wanted to meet. They had a fail safe device to use to stop the Daxamites which would release trace amounts of lead into the atmosphere and make it toxic to the Daxamites killing to the ones staying on Earth. Unfortunately, they realized that this would mean that Mon-El would also be forced to leave the Earth and Kara as well. Lena asked Supergirl if she knew that Kara Danvers was dating Mon-El of Daxam, Rhea's son, who was an alien, but she didn't answer. She asked them to work on the device.

Kara and Clark returned to the D.E.O. to tell them about this plan and Winn said that this surely wouldn't mean that Mon-El would have to leave. Clark said that he would probably survive a bit longer because he had been exposed to the yellow sun for months but he would need to leave Earth to survive. Mon-El told them that if they had to, then he wanted them to use it as he wouldn't be the reason that the Earth would suffer but Kara told him that she would beat Rhea and they wouldn't have to use it. Winn was sent to help Lena with the device.

Kara talked to Clark saying that if she won the duel she could have it all but she was scared that maybe it was not possible. He said that it is but that she had to fight for it. He said that the people they loved were their secret superpower and that he was always fighting for Lois. He told Kara to keep Mon-El with her.

When it came time for the duel, he and Kara went to the meeting spot where Rhea appeared with a soldier. He told Kara that he was there for her. Mon-El watched as Kara and his mother began fighting but soon after they started, the Daxamite army began to attack the city.
Mon-El defending National City

Mon-El fights off the Daxamites attacking the city.

Mon-El told Rhea that she had just shamed herself in the eyes of the gods for not following their sacred law but she claimed that the gods only cared about her victory. Kara told him to go and be a hero so he jumped the building and left. Mon-El fought to protect citizens from the Daxamites attack along with Clark, J'onn, M'gann and her White Martian allies, successfully beating trained Daxamite warriors with armors and guns that were calling him a traitor. When Lena called the D.E.O. to tell them that the device was ready, he moved to get to Kara. They realized that the invaders were about to destroy the city so he nodded giving her permission to activate it. The lead was dispersed in the atmosphere and the Daxamites then started to retreat as they felt the effects and the ships began to leave the Earth and stranded Mon-El and his mother. Rhea begged her son to save her but he glared at her and angrily asked if he should save her like she 'saved' his father. He and Kara then watched as she succumbed and crumbled to dust.
Kara and Mon-El saying goodbye

Mon-El and Kara tearfully say goodbye.

Mon-El started to cough and wheeze and feel the effects of the atmosphere change. Mon-El said that it was worth it and that it was okay. Kara asked Alex what to do and she said that they probably had some minutes before he had to leave Earth. Kara then quickly took Mon-El to his pod so that he could escape. He was coughing and wheezing. Before he left, he told Kara that wherever he went he would be a better person because of her and that he promised that we would be the man that she thought he could be. She said that he had made her very happy and gave him her necklace saying that it would keep him safe. She also said that she loved him and that she should have said it before and he said that he loved him before they shared a final kiss goodbye. Mon-El then went into the pod as the effects worsened. He took one last sad look at Kara while clutching the necklace over his heart before he went and left the planet.

After his departure, Kara is clearly heartbroken about Mon-El. She told Alex that they should be happy as their world had been saved. Clark told Kara that if he and Lois had been in her and Mon-El's position, he wouldn't know if he could've made the same choice. When Kara met with Cat, she explained that she had lost her boyfriend whom she loved and it hurt like hell. She then went to fly with tears in her eyes.

Mon-El flies into a wormhole

Mon-El's spaceship flies into a wormhole.

While traveling in space, Mon-El gave a long sad look at Kara's necklace before a wormhole unexpectedly opened up right in his direct course. He barely had any time to react to this as his pod flew into it and he was whisked away to an unknown space. The wormhole then closed up behind him.

Traveling to the future

The wormhole that Mon-El travelled was actually what is known as a 'disturbance' which propelled him forward in time. He arrived back on planet Earth but in the 31st century. There, he was administered a cure to his allergy to lead which was developed by L-Corp about 400 years after he had left. He met Imra Ardeen as well as other aliens and powered individuals as he tried to find some way to return back to the 21st century. During that time, all he did was speak of Kara and not even look at another woman. However, over time, he gave up and accepted that he would never return to his time.

He saw the chaos and problems that the Earth was having in the 31st century and used Kara as inspiration to rally all the powered people he met into a group of heroes and led them in their mission to protect the Earth and beyond. They went on to call themselves The Legion. After a time, he fell in love with and married Imra.

As a member of the Legion, he went on to lead them against many foes from other worlds that threatened the peace. The Legion fought against many hybrid aliens that were bred in labs to be combat efficient. The Legion also went up against Zod, whom was resurrected and hunted down Kryptonite fragments on Earth to use against him.

Returning to the 21st century

Mon-El and his friends learned of a world that was dying and they retrieved the data to save it against the dark threat it was under and hid it in their DNA for safe keeping. They then took off in their ship to save that world but got hurled into a wormhole and they ended up thrown back in time and crashed on Earth over 12,000 years in the past. They could not find a way to return to the future and realized that their only choice was to enter hypersleep and wade out time until they returned to their proper century. They waited out in the bedrock and set the ship's system to wake them from their cryotubes when it was the right time.

Mon-El is reunited with Kara

Mon-El meets back with Kara on his ship.

When the ship's defences were activated, Mon-El awoke and quickly saw that there were intruders. He took a blaster and fired a warning shot while yelling at them in Saturnian. He then saw that it was Kara, J'onn and Winn. He was taken to the DEO where everyone was surprised that he was breathing normally despite the air still being toxic to Daxamites. He gave vague answers to all of them about where he had been and what he had been doing on the ship until Kara shooed everyone away so that he could get time and space to rest. Kara told him that he had been gone for seven months which shocked him.

After he had rested enough, he snuck out of the med bay to get a power source from the DEO storage room but was confronted by two guards. He immobilized them but was quickly attacked by Kara and then thrown in a cell. She began to wonder if it was really him and Mon-El told her that it was. She wondered what had happened to him and he responded simply with a lot. Kara tearfully told him that she couldn't sleep as she had been tortured with the fact of not knowing what had happened to him all this time and wanted nothing more than to have him back. However, she couldn't understand how he had changed so much and started to beat herself up for hoping as a human would, which he absorbed all in silence.

Mon-El asks Winn for his help

Mon-El asks Winn for his help to get back to the ship.

He was then visited by Winn, and though he expected not to get any answers from Mon-El, he told him that he was trying anyway. Mon-El told him that he needed Winn's help as a friend to return to the ship. Winn initially refused but Mon-El quickly told him that if he didn't get back then a lot of people, including Kara, would be in danger.

Mon-El reveals he went to the future

Mon-El tells Kara that he was sent to Earth in the 31st century.

Winn freed him from the cell and went with him back to the ship with the power source he had tried to steal before. He checked the other pods to see if they were still working but they were stumbled upon by Kara. She wondered why Mon-El was so different after only seven months but he informed her that he was gone for seven years. He explained about his trip to the future and that he had been living on Earth in the future. Kara accused Mon-El of forgetting about her even though he was still wearing her necklace. But an alert sounded that the life support to the pods was failing. He managed to reroute power to all but one of them. He saw that it was Imra's pod and that she was drowning. He rushed to break it open but couldn't as it was pure dwarf glass. Kara moved to break it and free Imra and Mon-El saw that she was still breathing. they quickly brought her to the DEO to be healed.

Imra was brought to the medical bay where he explained that Imra was from Titan. Kara asked him just who she was but Mon-El didn't answer. He simply asked to be notified when she woke up.

Mon-El and Kara went out to the terrace where he explained that he never forgot her and kept the necklace to remind him of all he had learned while he was with her and everything she had done for him. He then told her that he thought he would never see her again and tried to move on.
Mon-El and Imra kiss

Mon-El is reunited with his wife Imra.

He explained that he had been secretive because he didn't want to hurt her but he now remembered that she didn't need him saving her. They then shared a small laugh at a happy memory they had together and Kara told him that she missed seeing him look so happy. However, their time was interrupted by Imra who had awakened. He was happy to see her and moved to embrace and then kiss her to Kara's surprise and shock. He then introduced Imra to Kara and told Kara that Imra was his wife.

When Kara went off to fight against a Dominator, he went to try and check on her but Alex told him that she was fine because she is Supergirl. She then left him with that.

Mon-El and Imra informed his friends of how they had wound up back in the past and asked if there was a chance that the D.E.O. could help them fix their ship. J'onn informed him that they would do all they could to help but, for now, they would have to settle in. Kara invited him and Imra to her house for a Christmas party but Mon-El told her that he and Imra couldn't make it as they had to focus on working on the repairs.

Mon-El then took Imra off to the Alien Bar where he introduced her to ribs. They were having a good time before Kara and Winn surprised them. Imra tried to strike up some pleasant conversation but Mon-El and Kara were tense and tried to not look one another in the eye. When Winn took Imra away, the two were left and started talking awkwardly with one another. Kara was then called away.

Mon-El went to Kara and told her that Imra informed him that she tried to talk with her but only seemed to upset her. Kara told him that Imra was a great person and though she was beautiful, she couldn't find herself hating her as she was a good person. She also told him that the three of them were just in an awkward situation but at least two of them could be happy. Kara also told him that of all the scenarios she pictured of the two of them meeting again, this was the worst of them as Kara couldn't take the fact that Mon-El would now look at her with no love in his eyes for her. That left him staring after her in sadness.

Mon-El went to train with Imra and she took a surprise shot at him, to his amusement. He then went to playfully entrap her in a hold as the two of them laughed together. They were both unaware that Kara was watching them having their moment from above.

Mon-El and Imra went to see Kara as she was brought into the D.E.O. beaten and injured from her battle with Reign.

When Kara had slipped into a coma, Mon-El went to wake up his fellow Legion member Querl Dox in order to help her. They put Kara in one of their suspension chambers in the Legion ship as Querl plugged directly into her mind through a neural implant. He told Mon-El and the others that Kara seemed healthy but couldn't wake up for some unexplainable reason.

When Reign started to terrorize the city, Winn pointed out that they had Mon-El and his friends to help but he quickly told them that they couldn't interfere. He told them that it was complicated but did inform them that history shows that Kara does come through and Reign does eventually leave. J'onn then revealed to them that the D.E.O. had a contingency plan in case Superman ever turned against them that they could use on Reign instead.

When the J'onn's plan failed to stop Reign and Alex had been hurt, Mon-El revealed why the Legion couldn't help. They explained of the world in the future that was dying and of the data in their DNA they were protecting. Should one of them die, then the data would be lost and that world would be doomed in the future. After analyzing Reign's pattern, they saw that she would go on to target the National City prison to kill everyone there, both the inmates and the guards. After speaking with Imra, Mon-El decided that though their mission for the future was important they couldn't just stand by when there were people then and there that needed them. He, Imra and Querl then went off to don their legion rings and head into battle.

Mon-El and Imra flew over to the prison while Querl piloted the ship. Reign met them in the courtyard where they went into battle. While Querl was firing on her from the ship, Mon-El and Imra tried to bring her down with force but she was able to fight through their efforts. She used her freeze breath to trap Mon-El in a block of ice before she went to attack Imra. But Kara was able to awaken from her coma and quickly joined the fight but was still too weak. However, they managed to inject a tranquillizer dart full of Kryptonite into Reign which made her retreat.

Back at the D.E.O., Mon-El approached Kara and told her that despite their situation he still cared about her very much. Before he left, he said that fighting with her again was great and he had missed it, which she agreed she did too.

While going over a strategy to defeat Reign, the team discovered that an inmate of Fort Rozz would have vital intel on her, however, Fort Rozz was currently orbiting a blue sun. Mon-El knew that he couldn't go on the mission as a blue sun's radiation was toxic to men. Kara and Imra decided to go but were bringing in Livewire and Psi. When Livewire was brought in, she immediately remembered him as the one that tried to save her and he reminded her that he had. After Psi was brought in, he watched the four go off to the Legion ship to take off for Fort Rozz.

When the D.E.O. lost communication with them, Querl had a small nervous breakdown as he found the technology they had to primitive to be of any use. Mon-El dragged Winn away as he said it was best to leave him alone for the moment. As they try to find a way to re-establish communication with the Legion ship, Mon-El watches as Winn and Querl argue with each other until Winn gets an idea from him to use a Voyager satellite to bounce a signal off of to get to them.

When Kara returns to Earth, Mon-El goes to her to help her through losing Livewire. He tells Kara that it wasn't foolish of her to try to look for some good in Reign as she managed to find some good in Livewire and gave her something fight for in the end.

The team gathered at the D.E.O. to discuss what they have discovered about Reign and the other World Killers from Kara's trip to Fort Rozz. After trying to track Reign by heat vision signature, they were only able to detect Kara and her cousin which made them believe that Reign and the others weren't normal Kryptonians, Mon-El deduced that they could be hybrids that were created from a lab as he and the Legion had battled similarly modified warriors in the future. He also guessed that the World Killers probably arrived on Earth in what were thought to be meteor showers along with Kryptonite as he told them of the Legion's experience in battling Zod.

When Lillian Luthor began attacking Kara with her son's battle suit, Mon-El quickly left the D.E.O. to aid her and told Winn to hack Lillian's attack drone. He flew over and quickly threw something at her to get her attention away from Kara, who had been injured by the suit's Kryptonite weaponry. As he flew and diverted her attention, Kara healed enough to attack her with her heat vision. When Winn hacked the drone, Mon-El flew it over and used its laser weapons on Lillian and forced her to ground, separating her from the suit. He and Kara then landed next to Lena and Guardian. He said hello to Lena, who was shocked to see Mon-El again and not suffering from the effects of the lead laced atmosphere.

Back at the D.E.O. he ran into Kara and she commented that he seemed to be everywhere these days. She was happy that he was there to have her back against Lillian and impressed of his move with the drone, and he told her that he did something similar with Querl's help in the future. He told her that he'd learned a lot in seven years. Winn then found them and said that he'd found four matches to people that might be the other World Killers. Out of the four, Kara pointed one of them out, a young woman, that she knew she was one of them.


Prior to his arrival on Earth, Mon-El used to be a selfish, spoiled, party boy and womanizer, which was probably a trait shared with most Daxamites elites according to their reputation of hedonists. He was also largely ignorant to most what was going on Daxam. Despite these negative traits of his at the time, he at least cared about the welfare of his people during the destruction of the planet, Mon-El was reluctant to leave his people behind, he only did it because his bodyguard was very insistent; despite this, he felt guilty and undeserving of having survived while his people died.

Mon-El is light-hearted, cheerful, carefree, laid-back and fun-loving. He hates being locked indoors and loves to party. He usually tries to make negative feelings go away with jokes, fun and activities he loves, although he is learning to share them with Kara. Like all Daxamites, Mon-El disliked Kryptonians due to their arrogant and self-righteous traits, although he later warms up to Kara Danvers.[3] Mon-El also possesses good morals, as he shows guilt and remorse for his actions, admitting for example that he tricked Winn to let him go to a bar. He is respectful of women in power positions, including his mother and Kara and has a very open mind about sexuality.

Mon-El kept his status as the prince of Daxam secret from Kara, as he was afraid of how she would react, as he was fully aware of her dislike towards Daxamites. Some people see Mon-El as a coward who runs away at the first sign of danger. He has expressed that he thinks that this is the clever thing to do as this is a dangerous universe and probably was something that he was taught as the crown prince of Daxam. He initially had no desire to become a hero. However, inspiration from Kara and words from Alex, make Mon-El begin to warm up to the idea[9].

Since Mon-El is new to Earth, he is naïve to how things work on the planet, as well as expressions, holidays, jobs and dangers etc.; when he attempted to have sex with Eve Teschmacher (before this was prevented by Kara) she asked him if he took protection; Mon-El took this as an expression for a weapon like a sword, unaware that it actually means a condom; he also mistakenly brought over mattress stuffing for Thanksgiving dinner.

Despite this, Mon-El is very intelligent, as he is getting used to earthly customs in a few months, being mostly successful. He is also intuitive, correctly identifying Jeremiah as a potential threat and his parents as the ones who hired the bounty hunter. Mon-El is displayed to have more knowledge about the universe than Kara does, as he is aware of how Fifth-Dimensional beings could be banished back to their dimension by getting them to say their name backwards, due to the fact he was already an adult when he left Daxam at the time of its destruction, while Kara was in her early teens during Krypton's. He probably has been taught about other planets because he was the crown prince of Daxam.

When it comes to his feelings for Kara, Mon-El tends to not think straight and loses control of his emotions. Despite this, he has no blind spot when it comes to the people that Kara cares about, when Kara's adoptive father, Jeremiah Danvers was rescued from Cadmus, Mon-El was immediately suspicious of him, due to the fact that Jeremiah was Cadmus' prisoner for years and so he felt that this may have succeeded in turning his allegiance, as it turned out Mon-El was right about his concerns the entire time.

Mon-El loved both his parents, Lar Gand and Rhea (at first) very much, however, their relationship become strained due to the fact that he had become a different person, despite the fact that he believed his father was not a good man, he still loved Lar Gand and was devastated on learning that his father had (supposedly) committed suicide, because he chose to stay on Earth; leaving them.

However, when Rhea began the high invasion of earth, upon realizing that his mother had gone too far, Mon-El was willing to kill her with a gun full of lead bullets and is only deterred when she lies by telling him that Lar Gand was so upset with Mon-El leaving them that he took his own life. Kara later informed Mon-El that Lar Gand did not commit suicide, but was murdered by Rhea - and so - enraged and disgusted by Rhea's actions, Mon-El finally saw his mother for who she truly was; an irredeemable and immoral monster, who bore no guilt, shame or remorse for her actions. Thus, in her final moments, when Rhea asked Mon-El to save her - he refused and coldly asked if he should save her the way she "saved" his father; and he allows her to die.

After 7 years of being in the future and being part of the Legion, Mon-El has greatly matured and become a calm and stern leader. He also has great wisdom as he was able to help Kara through bouts of emotional crisis during her times against Reign.

Mon-El cares about his wife Imra Ardeen, however, it was later revealed to be an arranged marriage, although the two later did (genuinely) fall love with each other, however, Mon-El's romantic feelings for Kara; are stronger then his romantic feelings for Imra.

Powers and abilities


  • Daxamite physiology: Normally, like all Daxamites, Mon-El's capabilities are no greater than a normal human of his physical conditioning. However, once charged by the energy of a yellow sun and metabolized into his body, he becomes able to perform various inhuman feats. While generic for his race (as well as for Kryptonians) it is unknown if Mon-El will developed other powers as well.
    • Solar energy absorption: While Mon-El's powers are dependent on the energy spectrum from a yellow sun, his body is able to constantly and passively absorb such energy while exposed to it, essentially keeping his reserves fully charged near-constantly. Direct exposure to sunlight will also accelerate his recovery from any injuries he does manage to sustain.
      • Accelerated healing factor: Mon-El's solar charged metabolism accelerates his healing and allows him to burn calories at a fast rate, making him resilient to weight gain. Upon being shot by a bullet made of lead which penetrated the skin of his arm, when the piece was removed he healed instantly.
        • Electrosynthesis: Mon-El's cells harness and absorbed the electrical energy surrounding him, manipulating it to regenerate himself at a cellular level and manifest his own energy source when he was comatose.
        • Contaminant immunity: Mon-El has an immunity to all forms of disease and contaminants on Earth. He also has shown himself to have a particularly high tolerance to alcohol, even those of alien origins.
        • Kryptonite immunity: Despite having a similar physiology to Kryptonians, Mon-El is immune to the radiation effects of Kryptonite; such as Green Kryptonite, Red Kryptonite and Silver Kryptonite.
        • Longevity: Presumably like Kryptonians, Mon-El's lifespan is considerably longer than a normal human and likewise ages much slower.
      • Super leaping: Mon-El is able to perform incredibly high jumps in a single bound. He demonstrated this power during the attacks of the Daxamite invaders on National City, when he leaped from the ground level to the top of a nearby skyscraper, only barely bending his knees to build up momentum for the jump. This allowed him to hopscotch over the roofs of numerous buildings to get a bird's-eye view of the city's destruction.
      • Invulnerability: Mon-El is essentially invulnerable to all Earthly weapons, with needles unable to penetrate his skin. He has sustained damage from meta-humans such as Livewire and recovered with little to no effect on his person. However, his durability has proven to be somewhat weaker than that of a Kryptonian's and its full extent is unknown. This is probably due to the fact that Kara Danvers has spent more time under the Earth's yellow sun than Mon-El has.[5] After being cured of his lead weakness, it is likely that his invulnerability now spreads to him also being bulletproof. He even survived a RPG exploding at close range without even any bruises.
      • Super speed: Mon-El possesses the ability to move at incredible speeds, far greater than that of any normal human. He was able to run through the halls of the D.E.O. in a split second, seen as a blur to the naked eye. [7] Despite this, he is not as fast as speedsters such as Barry Allen and Wally West respectively.
      • Super strength: Mon-El's strength is enhanced under a yellow sun, enough to easily kill a normal human if he were to attack them directly. He was able to hold his own against Kara and easily choke her when they first met. Despite this, Winn states, his strength is still not as high as hers.[7] This is probably due to the fact that she has spent more time under the Earth's yellow sun than Mon-El has.
  • Lead immunity: After taking a cure when he traveled to the 31st century, Mon-El is no longer vulnerable to lead and can easily withstand Earth's lead-contaminated atmosphere.
  • Abilities via Legion Ring: Each member of the Legion is granted a special ring that serves as a form of identification, along with granting each member several other capabilities.
    • Flight: The ring has been seen to enable Mon-El the ability to fly through unspecific means. It seems to be activated through a telepathic suggestion, as no thoughts or movements were taken to activate it. It appears that it allows Mon-El to fly in a more hover-like stance rather than the typical vertical form of flying found in Martian Manhunter or Supergirl.
    • Telepathy immunity: The ring has been seen to give Mon-El the ability to resist telepathic abilities such as when M'yrnn J'onzz loses control in the D.E.O. and cause everyone to display violence towards each other.


  • High-level intellect/Expert tactician/Leader: Mon-El has a very high intelligence due to him growing up in an advanced civilization as well as having knowledge about other alien species, their abilities and heritage. He has also become more calmer, focused and significantly wiser. He is also capable of utilizing futuristic technology without any doubts, confusing and hindrance. As a former member of the royal family of Daxam, Mon-El is a capable leader and tactician; as he founded and leads his own team of heroes known as the Legion. He can also analyze the fighting styles of Reign to determine her strengths and weaknesses in order to determine when she is at her strongest and when she is most vulnerable.
  • Eidetic memory: Mon-El seems to have an eidetic memory as he remembers the exact details on the day when he was forced to leave Daxam.
  • Expert combatant: As a member of the royal family of Daxam, Mon-El is a capable unarmed fighter. Training with Kara further improved his fighting skills. He was able to defeat Guardian and almost was able to kill Kara, though he was being controlled. His fighting skills have greatly improved to the point where he was able to take on and defeat several highly trained Daxamite soldiers with armors and weapons with relatively ease. After returning from the future, he has shown tremendously improved combat abilities, utilizing his reflexes and strength with extreme focus and technique, even learning how to fight with a cape allowing him to easily overpower Supergirl. He would later teach her how to fight with one. He was however easily beaten by Purity and even with Imra Ardeen's help, they were beaten by Pestilence. But together with Supergirl, using the capes from their suits, they could fight Reign to a stalemate.
  • Expert stick fighter: As a member of the royal family of Daxam, Mon-El is a capable stick fighter. His fighting skills have greatly improved to the point where he was able to defeat highly trained Daxamite soldiers with little effort.
  • Expert marksman/Firearms: Mon-El has proved to possess a certain level of knowledge on the use of firearms.[2]
  • Multilingual: Mon-El is capable of fluently speaking English and Saturnian.


  • Extreme energy: Extreme amounts of energy, such as Livewire's electricity, while she is at her peak, can be enough to kill Mon-El.
    • Electricity: Despite his invulnerability, Mon-El seems to be vulnerable to large amounts of electricity. This was seen when fighting against Livewire.
  • Red sun energy: Mon-El is powerless when exposed to the energy of a red sun.
  • Blue sun energy: Mon-El is powerless when exposed to the energy of a blue sun, its radiation is also fatal to him as well as all men.
  • Magic: Because his abilities stem from his natural physiology and not supernatural means, he is vulnerable to mystical power as any mortal or Kryptonian.
  • Beings of greater power: Mon-El can be overpowered and injured by beings that are more powerful than him.

Former weaknesses

  • Lead: Weapons made from lead will penetrate Mon-El's skin; if lead stayed in his system for too long, he will die from the poisoning. Due to him having spent a few months exposed to Earth's yellow sun-enriched atmosphere, Mon-El is able to endure it's poisoning effects for much longer than most Daxamites. Later, with science provided in the 31st century, Mon-El was cured of this weakness completely.


  • Old Legion suit: After Winn Schott fixed his old Legion suit, Mon-El started wearing it to help Kara Danvers train. It carries a hollowed out House of El symbol in the middle of the chest, likely in regards to Supergirl, with a cape that's made of a special kryptonian material.
  • Legion flight ring: Mon-El's legion ring allows him to fly.

Former equipment

  • Legion suit: Mon-El wore a black suit that protected him in battle. After Winn Schott repaired his old suit, Mon-El stopped wearing this suit.



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  • Mon-El has similarities to Oliver Queen; they were both initially selfish spoiled brats, rich playboys and womanizers, but they ultimately change their ways after a near-death experience. They also both love cooking for their girlfriends.
  • Despite his name ending with "El", Mon-El is not actually a member of the House of El.
  • In the seven years that passed for him in the future, Mon-El matured into a capable leader and taught the Legion to follow Supergirl's example as a hero. He also taught them some pop culture.8

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Mon-El (alternatively spelled as M'Onel) is the alias of Lar Gand, a Daxamite superhero inspired by a young Superman. He has been also known as Valor.
  • In the DC comics, Lar Gand was an amnesiac who was given his famous alias of "Mon-El" by Superman. The name is derived from the day he arrived on Earth, Monday (Mon), and Kal-El's own Kryptonian family name (El) as he had believed him to be not only a fellow Kryptonian but his brother before his Daxamite physiology was revealed.
  • Alternatively, in the post-Zero Hour version, Lar gets the name "M'Onel", which is the Martian word for "Wanderer". Moreover, in real life, Monel is the name of a group of nickel alloys.