"Mixed Signals" is the second episode of the fourth season of The Flash, and the seventy-first episode overall. It aired on October 17, 2017.


When Barry, Joe, and Cisco report to a crime scene, they discover remnants of a mysterious code.

Cisco presents Barry with a technologically advanced suit, intended to facilitate his activities.

He tests it out, trying to save someone from a haywire car, caused by metahuman Ramsey Deacon. 

Gypsy arrives on Earth-1 for a date with Cisco, who is forced to cancel it so as to focus on Deacon.

Acting on a suggestion from Caitlin, Iris signs her and Barry up for couples therapy to sort out their relationship.

Deacon kidnaps a witness, who was previously a member of a tech team who sold him out of his idea. Barry and Wally go to save him, but Deacon uses his abilities to send Barry's suit haywire.

On Iris's instructions, Barry throws lightning at himself, shorting out his suit. He then incapacitates Deacon, who is locked up in the meta wing of Iron Heights, revealed to be part of the Thinker's plan.

Cisco finally goes out with Gypsy. Wondering how Deacon gained his powers being absent during the particle accelerator incident, Barry and Joe learn from Deacon that there are "others".



  • Barry watches a sped-up version of all of his favorite shows in order to catch up. Amongst these shows includes Jon Snow from the TV series Game of Thrones dying and coming back to life, which occurred in the episodes "Mother's Mercy" and "Home", respectively.
  • Cisco likens Deacon's revenge spree to Richard Hendricks from the TV series Silicon Valley killing everyone in his company, Pied Piper. Barry suggests that he's more like Bertram Gilfoyle, though Cisco believes him to be more Erlich Bachman than Gilfoyle.
  • Cisco uses the expletive "frak" from the Battlestar Galactica franchise when Deacon locks him out of his own programming.
  • When Barry and Iris said the names of the people they lost, one of the names Iris mentioned was Laurel. However, Iris never met Laurel on-screen.
  • Cisco mentions how Earth Nineteen has Saint Shaquille O'Neal's Day, referencing the popular retired basketball player.
  • At some point in the episode, Barry finds a newspaper article that reports about the discovery that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow. This is a reference to the twist at the end of the Arrow episode "Fallout" (which aired one week before this episode), when there was a report on the news about the discovery.
  • The video game being played by Sheila Agnani before Tim Kwon enters the room was Dying Light.
  • DeVoe claims to have completed Schubert's unfinished eighth symphony.
  • Barry's HUD display is brought up by lenses that go on his eyes. In the comics, when Wally was the Flash, he also had lenses similar to this. However they were white.
  • This is the fourth episode of the series not to feature Tom Cavanagh.
  • In Barry's new Flash suit, there is a feature called Babel protocol, which is a self-destruct mode created by Cisco, defending its creation on the grounds that they have already faced one evil version of Barry. This could be an Easter egg reference to the popular storyline JLA: Tower of Babel, in which Batman is revealed to have studied the weaknesses of his teammates, including Flash, and planned methods to take down each of them, in case they went rogue (although in Batman's case his protocol for stopping the Flash was a 'vibro-bulllet' fired at Wally West that caused him to experience seizures at lightspeed).