"Miranda Coburn" (died 2166) was the alias of a former Time Master lieutenant. She was the wife of Rip Hunter and mother of the late Jonas.


Resignation as a Time Master

During a simulation of being boarded by Time Pirates, Miranda had Gary open the hatch. Miranda was complimented for her decision. Later the two were caught sharing a kiss, but, because love was forbidden among Time Masters, they were sentenced to a disciplinary hearing. During the hearing, the two were reminded why they were assigned new names when they were appointed as Time Masters. Miranda and Rip were given an additional hour to consider their response to the council.[1]

Miranda assumed responsibility for the affair and resigned as a Time Master. When Rip later told her he was going to resign, Miranda told him she couldn't let him. Miranda then told Rip she couldn't be a part of an organization which hides love and turns its back on the truth.


Miranda and her son, Jonas, witnessed the fall of London in 2166 firsthand, caught up in the heart of the invasion of Vandal Savage and his forces. She was murdered by Savage while protecting her child.[2]


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