"You saved innocent lives. You saved me. Pulled me back from crossing that line."
"Well, I've been pulled back from that line a couple of times myself."
—Dick Rory and "Sergeant Shwarzenegger"[src]

Dick Rory (died 1990) was the husband of a late unnamed woman and the father of Mick Rory. He served in Vietnam as a Green Beret and had PTSD from it. Just like Lewis Snart, he was an abusive father to his own son up until his death.


Early life

Dick Rory served in Vietnam, where he massacred an entire village. Due to this he would suffer from PTSD, and would use his anger on his son, Mick Rory. One day when Mick was playing around with his father's lighter, he lost control of the fire and caused the fire to burn the house, killing his father and mother, though he has no regrets killing his father.[1]

Changed timeline

When an anachronism occurred in Vietnam, when Dick was there, he met Nate Heywood and his future grown up son, though he had no idea who he was. He bonded with Mick, showing a different side of him to Mick, making Mick regret killing him. When they attack an village which houses the anachronism, Gorilla Grodd, Dick decides to get revenge for the deaths of his men, by massacring the village, but he is convinced by Mick to stop, though Mick knocks him out because he always wanted to do it. He later thanked Mick for what he did, in saving his soul. It is unknown what happened to him after Vietnam, whether or not he was a different man when he came back, and his treatment of Mick.[2]


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