Michael Staton (1981 – 2009) was the fiancé of Helena Bertinelli. Michael was killed by Nick Salvati, upon orders from Helena's father, believing he was the one gathering evidence to send him to jail.


During teaching a class, Helena came to visit Michael. He had them open their books for her, asking her to marry him. They left that afternoon and Helena mentioned how she'd called her father, who wanted to hold an engagement party for them. However, they were interrupted by a woman carrying out an unconscious student, who was carried away in an ambulance. Michael was shocked that someone would sell drugs to a student.[1]

At the engagement party, Frank congratulated them and expressed his hope that Michael would join the "family business", before he went off to dance with Helena.[1]

Sometime later, he came home expecting Helena, but found Nick Salvati, who shot him dead, after they suspected that he was talking to the feds. Helena arrived home later to find Michael's body on the floor, lying in blood.[1]



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Behind the scenes

  • Michael Staton shares a last name with Joe Staton, one of the creators of both the Helena Wayne and Helena Bertinelli versions of the Huntress in DC comics.


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