Michael Ancona is an alcoholic who was frequently abusing his girlfriend Erica Vendel, until he was arrested by the Star City Police Department. According to Laurel Lance, he has 8 assault charges against him in Starling City, and got other warrants out on him as far off as Coast City; that the crimes he had committed are assault and battery.


When Laurel Lance was in an AA meeting she was listening to a woman named Erica disclose suffering physical abuse by her boyfriend, Michael, who already had a total of eight assault charges laid against him. Laurel informed her father of Erica's plight and explained that the situation was worsening. However, Quentin, explained police-intervention in response to a confession made in the AA would defeat the purpose of the anonymity of AA. Thus, without Erica laying a formal charge, they were impeded from responding. Laurel was dissatisfied with this handicap and thus, deciding to take justice into her own hands, she followed Erica's boyfriend and assaulted him with a baseball bat (disguised in a ski mask and her sister Sara's jacket). Laurel managed to get a few hits in at first, however, due to her lack of combat skill, she was soon overwhelmed and beaten severely. The perpetrator is later seen in the custody of the Star City Police Department. When Quentin enquired as to the reason for his arrest, he is informed the basis was that of outstanding warrants for assault and battery in Coast City and an anonymous tip that the accused was in Starling City (it has been hinted that the anonymous tip came from Laurel). It may be surmised that Michael would be sent back to Coast City to face trial and justice for his crimes.



Season 3