Mesi Natifah (born c. 1997)[1] is a former member of the League of Assassins, and a former prisoner of the extremist sect Onslaught. After her capture by Onslaught, she was found by The Canary and Nyssa al Ghul, who took her to Nanda Parbat where she was renamed Talibah (which translates from Arabic as "seeker of knowledge", or "student").


Mesi was captured by the extremist sect Onslaught at her school in Kahndaq. She comforted a fellow student Kamilah as the leader of the Onslaught Khem-Adam entered the cave they were kept in in the Ahk-Ton Desert, and made an announcement via recording.[2]

Sometime later, a Kahndaqi general was allowed by Khem-Adam to pick a wife from the group of women. Though he initially picked Kamilah, Mesi intervened, suggesting that she was more suitable.[3]

The two left and made camp elsewhere in the desert. Mesi proceeded to pray to Allah, though the general entered and branded her as blasphemous. He ordered her to stop, though she instead clubbed him with a boulder. Stealing a key from him, she set off through the desert. Before long, she became dehydrated and collapsed. However, she was quickly found by The Canary and Nyssa al Ghul, who promised that they were there to help.[4] They took Mesi and a tied up Khem-Adam to Nanda Parbat, Nyssa's home.[1]

Mesi was brought before Ra's al Ghul, who dubbed her "Talibah" and assured that she could learn more in Nanda Parbat, without the persecution she has previously received. He brought forth Khem-Adam, allowing her to seek vengeance on the mere mortal man. He handed her his sword, which she swung at Khem-Adam.[5]

Training as an assassin

She soon began her training as part of the League. During one such training fight, she lost her footing and had a sword held to her throat. Ra's approached, giving her advice, before returning her sword to her and returning to Oliver Queen.[6][7]

Coup against Malcolm Merlyn

While Malcolm Merlyn was out of Nanda Parbat, Talibah helped Nyssa break out of captivity along with a few loyalists. Later, Talibah followed Nyssa to Japan in search for the Lotus.[8]


  • League of Assassins training: Mesi had gone through the same training all league members did.
  • Master swordswoman: As a member of the League of Assassins Mesi is a master swordswoman. She was seen able to subdue several members of the League using his sword.
  • Master archer: As a former member of the League of Assassins, Mesi is a very skilled archer, capable of shooting several arrows with great precision and killing several members of the League.
  • Multilingual: Mesi can speak Arabic and English fluently.



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