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The Merlyn family is a prominent, wealthy family that primarily lives in Star City. As of "Sacrifice", most members of this family are deceased, or officially so at least.

Known family members

  • Jasper King (Malcolm's father, Saracon, Tommy and Thea's paternal grandfather; status unknown)
  • Malcolm Merlyn (Rebecca's husband, Saracon, Thea and Tommy's father)
  • Saracon (Malcolm's illegitimate son, Tommy and Thea's paternal half-brother)
  • Rebecca Merlyn (Malcolm's wife and Tommy's mother; deceased)
  • Tommy Merlyn (Malcolm and Rebecca's son, Saracon and Thea's paternal half-brother; deceased)
  • Thea Queen (Malcolm's illegitimate daughter, Saracon and Tommy's paternal half-sister)


  • Although Thea is not a Merlyn by name, she is a Merlyn by blood as Malcolm is her biological father.

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