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McKenna Hall
McKenna Hall
Occupation Police detective (formerly; temporarily paralyzed)
Status Alive
Family Unnamed (sister)
Actor Janina Gavankar

Detective McKenna Hall is a temporarily-former police detective of the Starling City Police Department. She is also an old friend and the ex-girlfriend of Oliver Queen, an old friend of the late Tommy Merlyn, and the sister of an unnamed woman. When Oliver needed help to take down Vertigo, he went to her for the police's file on The Count. She later went on two dates with Oliver and shared a kiss with him. She later began a romantic relationship with Oliver. McKenna at the same time was chosen by Quentin Lance to be his partner in uncovering the Hood's identity. This romantic relationship, however, ended after she was shot by Helena Bertinelli, and became temporarily paralyzed. Due to this, she had to move with her sister to Coast City, which she claimed has the best physical therapy facility in the country.


She has a history with Oliver. Prior to Oliver's shipwreck on Lian Yu, she was a fellow partygoer of Oliver's. She was once banned from a bar for taking off her clothes. She mentioned that there was no signs around saying that she could not take off her clothes. While Oliver was supposedly dead for 5 years, McKenna became a police officer.

Season 1Edit

In "Vertigo", Oliver encounters Mckeena at the SCPD station. Happy to see each other Oliver notes his amazment that she has, become a cop. He talks to her trying to find info about The Count. Mckeena gives him what little Information the police have on him. Later when Oliver is doing a deal with The Count, McKenna along with Lance disrupt the deal with the Count escaping. At the Queen Mansion Lance and Mckeena confront Oliver about the incident with her revealing that she spotted Oliver at the scence. When the Hood nearly overdoses the Count Lance and Mckeena arrive with Lance telling him that his actions prove that he is what he always thought he was: a murderer. Mckeena contacts Oliver the next day and tells him the news saying It was good seeing him again.

In "Dodger",

In "Dead to Rights",

In "The Huntress Returns", As Oliver's club Verdant is opening, Oliver asks McKenna to be his date for the night. McKenna and Quentin arrest The Huntress as she fell for the trap they set which was sending two empty vans, making Oliver and Helena believing one of them carried Frank Bertinelli. McKenna and Quentin ask Helena who The Hood is, she tells them it's Oliver Queen but the two don't believe her. During Helena's pursuit for her Father, McKenna calls for backup and approaches Oliver and McKenna. McKenna tells both The Hood and The Huntress to hold their ground and surrender, the Huntress fires her shotgun at her. Though McKenna was wearing a vest, she was still harmed by a bullet. She tells Oliver she is leaving the city, though Oliver says he will follow her, McKenna tells him to stay.


McKenna is a very honest person and is very passionate about her work as a police detective. She is also not very tolerant of vigilantes.



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  • McKenna Hall is possibly named after a character from Batman comics, Melody McKenna of the Gotham City Police Department, who also has a similar dislike for vigilantes.
  • The last name of Hall is a popular named used amongst DCU characters, amongst them Carter Hall and Shiera Sanders Hall, also known as Hawkman and Hawkgirl.
  • At the San Diego Comic Con, it was revealed that McKenna Hall was originally planned to be killed off, but kept her due to how audience members took to her. She was also mentioned to possibly come back to Starling City in the second season, however this never happened.

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