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Max Fuller is the owner of Poison, a night club in Starling City.


Oliver Queen slept with Max's fiancée at their rehearsal dinner, shortly before she and Max Fuller married.[1]

Season 1

5 years after Oliver's excursion with Fuller's fiancée, Oliver and Tommy were approached by Max after entering his club. They were pulled aside and beaten up by Max's thugs. However, Laurel was able to intervene and save them. The three were then permanently banned from the club for life.[1]


Max is arrogant to the point where he goes and picks fights he can never win, for no apparent reason. He is shown to be a coward when he had two of his goons hold Oliver for him so he couldn't fight back, though before he had a chance to punch Oliver in the face, Tommy intervened. He had all three of his goons beat up Oliver and Tommy but he himself did not participate in the fight, and when Laurel intervened, he was left humiliated. He then banned the three of them from his night club for life out of spite.



Season 1


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