"I've always known that you were brought to me for a reason, Michael. That you were ready for great things, but you won't accomplish anything by wallowing."
—Mary Xavier to Rip Hunter, her foster son[src]

Mary Xavier is the head of "The Refuge", the orphanage of the Time Masters, and an adoptive mother of Michael, a boy who would become the rogue Time Master Rip Hunter. She raised Rip since he was ten and stayed a friend of his adult-self even after he rebelled against the organization she was affiliated with, the Time Masters, helping Rip Hunter's team when they were hunted by an elite Time Master assassin, the Pilgrim.


When Rip Hunter and his team docked the Waverider, Mary greeted him, as Rip introduces her to his crew as his mother. She informed the team her loyalty is to her children first, not the Time Masters, and that their past selves would be save at the Refuge. She then spoke with Rip privately, discussing his ten-year-old self for a brief time, before Rip wondered if he's being selfish with his whole mission to save his family. Mary assured him that saying things like this was "a load of old codswallop", and that wallowing helps nobody.[1]

When Rip concocted the plan to give his younger self to the Pilgrim, Mary was present, refusing to leave the "neutral ground". After Rip Hunter's team destroyed the Pilgrim, she took young Michael back to the Refuge.[1]


Mary is very protective and loving to her children, but, according to Rip, she is also very strict. She is confident and not afraid to put herself in harm's way, as she allowed the younger selves of the Team to stay with her even though the Time Masters ordered them erased from existence and she stayed with the Team when they confronted the Pilgrim. Mary possessed a sense of humor that appeared mockingly judgemental, "chastising" Mick Rory for his younger self being "a naughty one".[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • Although she is listed as "Mary Xavier" on IMDB and was credited as such in pre-production, the character wasn't actually called by name on screen, and was known only as Rip Hunter's adoptive mother.


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