"Martin Somers. Laurel's target the worst of Starling City, so it's no surprise his name is on my father's list. The city's police and DA can't stop him, or won't. Laurel thinks she's the only one willing to bring him to justice. She's wrong."
—Oliver Queen[src]

Martin Somers is a businessman and the former CEO of Starling Port.


Murder of Victor Nocenti

Taking bribes from the Chinese Triad to smuggle drugs into Starling City through his port, Somers had Victor Nocenti's throat slit when the latter threatened to tell the police of what had been going on. Nocenti's daughter Emily, later filed a civil suit against Somer's, taking him to court, represented by legal aid attorney Laurel Lance.

At his port, Somers was attacked and captured by the Starling City vigilante, who demanded that he testify in the trial, and confess to having Victor Nocenti killed, telling Somers that there wouldn't be a second warning. Afterwards, Somers denied that he had been attacked by the vigilante when interrogated by Detective Quentin Lance, calling the situation a conflict of interest as the detective's daughter was suing him. Somers later contacted Chien Na Wei, making it clear to her that he didn't get paid enough to get arrows shot at him, and that the vigilante was a bigger threat to their operation than Victor Nocenti ever was. Though Chien Na Wei made the point that the problem was now Emily Nocenti, and that they could take her out, as, unlike the vigilante, they knew where to find her. Somers, however, shot the suggestion down, because if they killed Emily, her attorney Laurel Lance would never let it go, prompting Wei to suggest they kill Laurel instead, which Somers agreed to.

Martin later tried to leave Starling City, as Chien Na Wei had failed in killing Laurel Lance, and as such Somers knew that the Triads would erase every piece of evidence of their smuggling operating, including him. While gathering his things to leave, the vigilante made his presence known to Somers. Though he tried to escape, Somers was cornered by the vigilante, where he was forced to confess to having Victor Nocenti killed. The confession was recorded, and given to Detective Lance, giving the district attorney enough evidence to prosecute Somers.[1]



Season 1




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