"With the eradication of the vermin, Mars is a paradise. The way it was intended to be. The Greens have been silenced. The ones who thought they were better than us. We are now one pure hive."
Armek on Mars[src]

Mars is a planet that orbits a yellow sun, located not far from Earth.


Earth Thirty-Eight

The planet's Green Martians were enslaved by the White Martians and placed into camps, before eventually being wiped out, leaving J'onn[1] and M'yrnn J'onzz as the only survivors.[2]

M'gann M'orzz, a rogue White Martian, eventually returned to Mars, where she found a number of other White Martians who wished for peace. She invited J'onn back, accompanied by Kara Danvers, in order to get information regarding the Staff of Kolar out of his father, who they had rescued. They eventually got this, using the staff on a number of White Martians. However, they determined that it was too powerful for anyone to wield, giving it to their Earth-bound allies.[2]

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Earth Thirty-Eight

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