An unnamed woman was the daughter of Amaya Jiwe, the wife of an unnamed man, and the mother of Kuasa and Mari McCabe.


After Eshu, the local warlord came to raid the Zambesi village, the woman fought back with the Anansi Totem, knocking him out momentarily. However, forced to choose between fighting to the death or fleeing with her child, she fled,[1] accidentally only taking her daughter Mari.[2] She left the baby with the Anansi Totem, which was later given to her by her foster parents.[3]

Powers and abilities


  • Anansi Totem: The woman harnessed the life force of animals through the use of the totem, in essence harnessing their abilities.[1]


Former equipment

  • Anansi Totem: The woman was in possession of the totem, utilising it when the warlord Eshu came to raid her village, eventually passing it on to her daughter, Mari.[1]



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