Esi is the daughter of Amaya Jiwe, the wife of an unnamed man, and the mother of Kuasa and Mari.


Original timeline

The night that the ceremony for the Anansi Totem being passed down to her from her mother was supposed to commence, Esi fled and didn't show up for it. She went to hide out in the plains close to her village, feeling underserving of inheriting her mother's legacy. The following day, Benatu Eshu, the local warlord, came to raid the Zambesi village, killing her mother and husband. Whilst looking for Kuasa, Esi was confronted by Eshu, who demanded the totem. Esi fought back, knocking him out momentarily. However, forced to choose between fighting to the death or fleeing with her child, she fled,[1] accidentally only taking her daughter Mari,[2] believing Kuasa to be dead as well.[3] She left the baby with the Anansi Totem, which was later given to her by her foster parents.[4]

Current timeline

As Esi was staring at the stars, she was visited by a younger version of her mother who had time travelled to 1992. She told Esi she was a distant cousin that came for the ceremony but Esi glumly told her that she was sorry to have disappointed her. Amaya asked Esi what was wrong and Esi confided that she didn't want to be a totem bearer as she felt that she wouldn't be able to live up to the legacy that her mother led. She told her that she doubted herself while her mother never doubted or wavered in her duty to protect the village. Amaya told her that wasn't true and every totem bearer started with doubt, even her mother. But, she told Esi that danger was coming for her village and her people would need her to stand up for them when it did. Esi heeded her words and went to receive the totem from her mother. The following day, Esi moved to defend her village from the warlords with the blessings of both her present and past version of her mother. She fought the warlords off but her victory was short-lived as Grodd arrived to destroy the village to keep the timeline intact. Esi moved to fight off Grodd but the gorilla managed to freeze her in his telepathic hold. Her mother moved to try to help her but was struck away by the gorilla. Esi and her mother were then saved by the arrival of Nate Heywood as he used the power of the Earth Totem to banish Grodd away and keep the village safe.

Because of Esi defeating the warlords, the village was never destroyed, which led to her raising her two daughters, Kuasa and Mari. They went on to share the mantle of Vixen as well as the Anansi Totem.

Powers and abilities


  • Anansi Totem: All of Esi's powers come from her necklace, which allow her to harness the life force of animals, in essence harnessing their abilities.[1]


Former equipment

  • Anansi Totem: Esi was in possession of the totem, utilizing it when the warlord Eshu came to raid her village, eventually passing it on to her daughters, Kuasa and Mari.



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