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Manu Bennett (born October 10, 1969) is a New Zealand-Australian actor. He portrayed Slade Wilson/Deathstroke in a recurring role in the first season, as a series regular in the second season, and as a guest star in the third season of Arrow. He is confirmed to reprise his role in the final episode of the fifth season.




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  • According to an interview with Manu Bennett, he thought he was auditioning for a character[1] named Halloway.[2]
  • Manu is the first actor from the TV series Spartacus to have a role on Arrow, followed by Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Katrina Law, Nick E. Tarabay, and Liam McIntyre.
  • In mid-2016 Manu stated on Twitter that he will probably never be on Arrow again, dissatisfied with the direction the show has taken since his departure. Many fans actually supported his view.
    • However, Manu is confirmed to reprise his role in the Season 5 finale[3], along with Nick E. Tarabay and Katrina Law.


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