Madison Danforth is the daughter of Jessica Danforth.


Early life

Madison was born to Jessica Danforth. Her father's identity is unknown. At a point in time she had become good friends with Oliver Queen and his half-sister Thea but had not been in contact with them in years.[1]

Kidnapped by Lonnie Machin

Madison went to Thea's loft, having lunch with Oliver and Thea. Oliver asked her how things were at school and she explained that circumstances were good and that she would be graduating in May with a degree in ancient philosophy. Thea asked Madison what happened to her dream of being J.T's back-up dancer and she sarcastically stated that this remained her plan B. When Madison's mother Jessica Danforth, revealed that she was going to run for mayor of Star City, Madison didn't express any enthusiasm. She instead emphatically stated this to be insane, due to the fact that the last three mayors of Star City were killed, as well as the fact that Moira Queen; a candidate for mayor was also killed.[1]

Madison was later kidnapped by Lonnie Machin, despite being under police protection.[1]

Lonnie pretended to release Madison but instead tortured her. Madison was soon rescued by Team Arrow. Madison was then reunited with her mother at the Star City Police Department. Oliver arrived and inquired as to her well-being, to which she replied; "A few bumps and bruises, probably the world's worst case of insomnia". She then left with her mother after Jessica decided not to run for mayor of Star City.[1]



Season 4


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