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MacGregor's Syndrome is a terminal disease.


William Tockman, a former bank robber, suffered from MacGregor's Syndrome. However, rather than using the money he stole, he gave it to his sister. His plans were eventually stopped by Felicity Smoak.[1]

Francine West was also diagnosed with the disease, being given until the end of 2015, at most, to live. Due to this, she sought to reconnect with her estranged daughter.[2]



Season 2

The Flash

Season 2

Known victims

Behind the scenes

  • The fictional disease first appeared in the 1994 cartoon Batman: The Animated Series as a disease contracted by the supervillain Mr. Freeze's wife that forced Freeze to put her in suspended animation. The disease was not however named until the 1997 movie Batman & Robin. Mr. Freeze was working on a cure for his wife Nora before the accident. Later in the film, Alfred Pennyworth is revealed to also be suffering from the early stages of the disease.


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