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Lyla Michaels
Lyla Michaels
Occupation Army special forces (formerly)
Member of A.R.G.U.S.
Member of the Suicide Squad (formerly)
Status Alive
Family John Diggle (ex-husband; fiancée)
Sara Diggle (daughter)
Actor Audrey Marie Anderson
Alter ego Harbinger
"Sometimes bravery isn't enough; sometimes the world requires us to be bold."
—Lyla to Oliver Queen[src]

Lyla Michaels, known under the code name Harbinger, is a high-ranking member of A.R.G.U.S. Lyla is also the fiancée of John Diggle, and the mother of Sara Diggle.


Early lifeEdit

Lyla and John met in Afghanistan, where both were serving as soldiers, and then got married. At the end of John's second tour, they rotated back Stateside where their marriage couldn't adapt to a civilian life and they divorced. John went back to Afghanistan for a third tour, while Lyla entered ARGUS.

Season 1Edit

In "Unfinished Business", John met with Lyla rather than helping Oliver, and gave her information on Deadshot. She was shocked, as they weren't even able to find his name, and he just explained that it was for something he was working on, a lie which she could easily see through.[1]

In "Home Invasion", when John visited the main A.R.G.U.S. building, Lyla spotted him. She scolded him for trying to use her to hunt down Deadshot, and told him to do otherwise. Sometime later, Lyla was to meet with Floyd Lawton and bring him in. However, Floyd did not show and tried to snipe her from a distance. Lyla was saved by John, who attempted to follow Floyd but was knocked unconscious.[2]

Season 2Edit

In "Crucible", she meets with John and flirts with him when she discovers he is single again. She gives him information about military-grade weapons being stolen. She then reveals that she is single as well to him. They part ways soon after.

In "Keep Your Enemies Closer", Lyla is missing in Russia, having been captured during an intel operation in a Russian gulag. John is recruited to break her out, because A.R.G.U.S. does not have sufficient resources for the op, and the political masters already consider her disavowed and dead to them. John arranges to get arrested and sent to the prison, where he finds Deadshot, whom he teams with to break Lyla out of jail. Returning to the United States, John and Lyla rekindle their relationship.[3]

In "Suicide Squad", Lyla and John are enjoying a romantic interlude when they are sent on a mission by A.R.G.U.S. to lead the Suicide Squad in capturing and destroying a nerve gas in the possession of Gholem Qadir. During the mission, Amanda Waller kills Shrapnel when he tries to flee. This causes a rift between Lyla, who accepts Waller's methods, and John, who objects to their brutality.

Later Lyla poses as John's bodyguard to infiltrate Qadir's party. She removes a tracking device from Deadshot in order to evade an A.R.G.U.S. drone, and she and John reconcile their differences. 

In a flashback sequence, Lyla is shown serving as a soldier in Afghanistan. She captures Gholem Qadir and is seen meeting John for the first time.

In Unthinkable, Lyla freed the Suicide Squad to stop Amanda Waller from destroying Starling City. During this coup, Amanda revealed that Lyla is pregnant with John's child but kept it a secret from him.

Season 3Edit

Sara Diggle

Lyla's daughter, Sara.

In "The Calm",

In "Corto Maltese",

In "Draw Back Your Bow",

In "The Brave and the Bold", Lyla was tracked down by Digger Harkness aka Captain Boomerang. Digger attempted to kill Lyla for her failed attempt of detonating his bomb located in his neck during his time in Task Force X. Lyla is hit by a boomerang and The Flash took her to the hospital where John Diggle proposed.


Lyla is kind, caring, intelligent, calculating, and has good morals, she is more loyal to her principles and the people she cares about, than A.R.G.U.S.; if Amanda Waller had not called off the drone strike planned to bomb Starling City, Lyla most definitely would have gone through with killing her.


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a former soldier and an A.R.G.U.S operative Lyla is shown to be in top physical condition.
  • Extensive military training: Lyla is well-trained in the armed forces disciplines, and she was once a part of Special Forces. She has considerable experience in live combat, having done two tours in Afghanistan.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Lyla is a skilled fighter, having developed her skills during her time as a soldier.
  • Weapons proficiency: Lyla can handle most types of firearms, having been trained in the army. She is proficient enough in handling small caliber to high caliber firearms such as a rocket launcher or an assault rifle.
  • Expert markswoman/Firearms: As a former soldier and an A.R.G.U.S operative Lyla is shown to be skilled with firearms. In "The Brave and the Bold", she also used a flechette as an improvised weapon.
  • Bilingualism: Lyla is capable of fluently speaking English and Arabic.


  • Guns/Firearms: Lyla primarily makes use of a pistol, wielding it quite effectively. She also is proficient in using assault rifles and rocket launchers.



Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit



Arrow: Season 2.5Edit


  • Lyla used the codename "Harbinger" during an A.R.G.U.S. operation to capture Floyd Lawton. In the DC comics multiverse, Lyla operated as a superhero under this name and was a central figure of the massive DC Comic book event known as "Crisis on Infinite Earths".


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